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When filming the scene where Deeds beats up Marty, Allen Covert got spun around by Adam Sandler, slipped on the sidewalk and his skull hit the concrete with no protection; he was unconscious for a minute.
When talking to Longfellow on the phone and still pretending to be a school nurse, Babe says that a boy named Billy Barty is in her office sick. This is a tribute to the actor Billy Barty who died in 2000, only three months before production started.
Winona Ryder broke her arm in the scene where she and Adam Sandler are riding bikes down the stairs.
The main helicopter used in the film is a Sikorsky S-92. At the time of production, the S-92 was not an FAA certified aircraft (still under development) and without much of an interior. No cast or film crew were allowed aboard the helicopter during operation, and all interior shots had to be faked.
Early posters and some of the newspaper ads feature an unnamed elderly butler instead of John Turturro's character. This character is never in the film.
Rob Schneider makes a cameo as the delivery guy from Big Daddy (1999).
The sign that says "Welcome to Mandrake Falls" and continues with a poem is from the original film, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936).
Extensive location filming took place in New Milford, Connecticut on its photogenic Bank Street. Noted for its beautiful New England town green, it's often used in television commercials and film shoots. New Milford is coincidentally the weekend home of film co-star Peter Gallagher.
When Deeds lands at Winchestertonfieldville they are really at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh NY. an Air Force base that was closed in 1970.
(Carikli Milyoner 1983) is the Turkish version to this movie
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Director Cameo 

Steven Brill:  the violinist at Madison Square Garden.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The location in the park with the large fountain where Deeds and Babe share stories and see the firetrucks they eventually follow was previously used for the scene when Kevin McAllister escapes from the "Sticky Bandits" in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992).
When Babe and Deeds are talking in a bar after a fake criminal act set by her, Deeds talks about how Stephen King visited his town, and how one guy lost 200 pounds after making eye contact with him, a reference to Thinner (1996).
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There are several allusions towards the sci-film Superman (1978):
  • a resident of one world leaves for another;

  • the antagonist is a powerful businessman;

  • a journalist falls for the title character;

  • Babe recites a poem, similar to Lois Lane reciting her poem;

  • and Lopez, like Ms Tessmascher, turns against his superior and assists in Deeds' victory.

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