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Entertainment Weekly
It's a mad cycle of arrogance and despair, and Bloody Sunday etches it onto your nervous system.
San Francisco Chronicle
A great achievement: tense and passionate, a film that one feels not just emotionally but also physically.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A bracing, unblinking work that serves as a painful elegy and sobering cautionary tale.
By re-imagining a pivotal, terrible 24 hours, Greengrass has made a must-see film that is timely - and timeless.
Chicago Sun-Times
One view of what happened that day, a very effective one. And as an act of filmmaking, it is superb: A sense of immediate and present reality permeates every scene.
The film is conducted in a delirious cinema-verite style; most of what you see has a brutal, you-are-there immediacy. You're not merely watching history, you're engulfed by it.
New York Daily News
Surges forward with barely a respite. It's like watching a propane factory burn, waiting for the tanks inside to explode, and when they do, we're right in the middle of it.
New York Post
An astonishing re-creation of the Londonderry massacre of January 1972.
Greengrass and his tremendously smart and emotionally agile lead actor, James Nesbitt, paint their portrait of a good politician without illusion or sentimentality.
Wall Street Journal
A harrowing lesson in unintended -- and intended -- consequences.
Miami Herald
What Bloody Sunday lacks in clarity, it makes up for with a great, fiery passion.

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