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Goofy, pointless, and funny
Kazoo-29 June 2001
Ultra-silly low-budget comedy takes the usual oversexed teenage(?) boys, in unwitting possession of a hexed necklace, being torn from a crazy night of shenanigans with the babes for some mano-a-mano with machete-wielding nuts, loopy suburban ninjas, and doctrine-arguing, break-dancing Christian warriors. There's definitely a Monkees influence here, and the humor is often predictable, yet I found myself laughing out loud at several points. The dialogue is often hilarious, too. It's cheap as all get-out, but 42K scores frequently enough to merit a look and/or a rental, particularly if you have a sweet tooth for wacky humor.
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I want to die after seeing this film.
fear_the_robots19 November 2009
DISREGARD the other reviews, no really, its for your own good. This movie...imagine needing to take a massive dump ALL DAY, and then being chained just out of reach of a toilet. That, good people is the sensation this film instills in its audience/victims. There's...its...just...far out. I was in tears. AS IF there's no ZERO, half a star is being VERY GENEROUS. Seriously its like the crew confiscated the Ritalin and pointed the camera at the ensuing hi-jinx. The director has clearly lived in a box and learned his 'funnies' from a small rip giving him a glimpse at a kindergarten. ABYSMAL. WOEFUL. CRUEL AND UNUSUAL. I bet this was a big hit at Guantanamo Bay, or perhaps a cruel joke Death Row guards play on the poor fellows that find themselves there. I felt dirty for watching this film, the awkward silences and awful props, i think they must have sold their bodies to fund the film which would explain the absence of any indications the film had any budget to speak of. Seriously this film is an EXPERIENCE, it generates a VERY VERY bad atmosphere, and instant party-killer, you're friends will hate you and egg your house if you show them this film. It's not a personal dig at them, but the previous comments have done the impossible and presented an INCORRECT opinion. The box should have a sticker warning you of the psychological crucifixion you are about to endure.
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see this or die!....j/k..
chuckbronson4eva19 February 2005
Darren doane is a very good video director , he made some of my favorite music videos by some of my favorite bands, now he makes movies , i'm not to sure what' he's working on these days, but i should find out... 42k is a very overlooked film, i understand it's hard to find as it's first pressing was on a record label???, it's a well written movie with lots of improv (from what i can tell), but it all fits well, the jokes , the timing, and dammit the musical numbers area bit wearing for my taste , but you can't win them all... ninja vampires,nerdy ninjas , hip hop Christians,hot girls,hamburgers...this is how all Friday nights should be....
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Funniest movie EVER!!
thabearrocks20 September 2002
I really had no expectations when I bought this movie - I was purely going by someone else's recommendation. Since I buy almost anything anyone suggests, I shelled out the cash for it. I popped the tape into my VCR, and settled down on my couch, ready to be bored by another indy flick that tries to be funny, and falls on it's face. 2 minutes into the movie, I had to sit up because I was laughing too hard. Everything about this movie is absolutely fantastic. The actors are so relaxed and natural. The humor is slapstick, but in a realistic, "hey, that happened to me the other day" fashion. The story takes a classic creature, and puts a whole new myth into the legend. The characters are an insane mix. And those women... don't even get me started. Every person I've shown this movie to loves it. I'm not usually one to replay movies very often, but I watch this about once or twice a week, and it's still not getting old. I could honestly watch this movie every day, and I don't think I would be bored with it for months. If you want to laugh your friggin butt off, pick up this flick. It is seriously one FUNNY movie. 11/10
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