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slick actioner

Author: MichaelM24 from California
13 May 2002

UC: UNDERCOVER was a very slick action-thriller that was heavy on complicated plots and very stylized cinematography. The first episode was a rollercoaster ride of action and excitement. The next few after that didn't quite live up to it, but once the season got going, things started picking up again. Oded Fehr was awesome as the team leader, displaying a terrific combination of mystery and coolness that made his character the most intriguing of the bunch. Jon Seda and the sexy Vera Farmiga were good as the team's pointmen, with Jarrad Paul and Bruklin Harris adding support as the information gatherers of the team. William Forsyth was a standout as Sonny Walker, the illusive criminal mastermind who always managed to elude the team. But my favorite episodes were the ones that dealt with the team going after other criminals.

As I had expected, NBC cancelled it before the season was even over, but I do have to give them credit for at least airing two final finished episodes, especially since one of them featured a story that closed the door on the Sonny Walker subplot and gave fans at least that much amount of closure. I now regret not recording any of them, but maybe they're show up again somewhere in reruns for awhile. My Sunday nights are definitely boring now.

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Let me guess, NBC canceled this already?

Author: Aussie Stud from Providence, Rhode Island
23 February 2002

Just about every new show that I bothered tuning into this past season got canceled, which is a really inconvenient nightmare for me because I shafted several of my regular television programs just to invest my time in the new pilots.

Yes, CBS's "WOLF LAKE", FOX's "PASADENA", ABC's "THE MOLE II" and now NBC's "UC: UNDERCOVER". At this point, I should be asking myself why I even bother watching new shows that never make it the full season. BECAUSE THEY'RE GOOD AND EVERYONE WHO IS ON THE NIELSEN SURVEY NEVER WATCHES THE SHOW AND IT GETS CANCELED! I'll bet there are million of viewers such as myself who watch these shows that get canned. I find it atrocious that there is a small handful of people in the U.S. who are surveyed and depending on what they watch - spells the outcome for the rest of us (and the world).

I really enjoyed "UC: UNDERCOVER", I thought it went well with "LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT" and besides, there was nothing else on at 10:00pm on Sunday nights for me to watch. I really enjoyed seeing Oded Fehr, William Forsythe, Ving Rhames, Vera Farmiga and Jon Seda on-screen together... not at the cinema, but on my television set! The story-lines were interesting and there was plenty of action and suspense in each episode. If anyone noticed, Angie Everhart and Donnie Wahlberg also made regular appearances on the show. We could have learned more about these characters but alas, this show is no more.

I don't even think "UC: UNDERCOVER" lasted a whole season. It mysteriously disappeared from the air without a word and I haven't seen it back on since. I don't know why this show wasn't a "hit" with our NIELSEN viewers. I honestly thought this was one of the best shows I've seen on television in the last five years.

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Tell me it isn't so!

Author: Myke from Miami, Florida
30 March 2002

I have really enjoyed this new series and especially Oded Fehr. I just read a rumor that the series was canceled! Please tell me it isn't so! I first saw him in the Mummy and was glad to see that he is getting more face time in the US. What can be done to save this show and give us a reason to watch TV next season? No more game shows please! Action-adventure rules!

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Author: Deana_1977 from United States
22 October 2001

This show is fantastic! I became a fan of Oded Fehr after seeing him as Ardeth Bay in The Mummy movies, and couldn't wait for this show to start! He's great! It's so neat seeing him in such a different role! This show is so cool, it's got an awesome score and neato plots! The actors are all great. Jon Seda is really good too. I hope this show last for years, it's definitely worth watching! (And taping!) Long live UC: Undercover! LOL :) Deana

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Brilliant, but...

Author: Firewalker220 ( from San Luis Obispo, CA
29 September 2002

This show was incredibly well done! Excellent casting resulted in characters who were believable as well as people that I was actually rooting for. The stories were engrossing and well written. It wasn't the case of the pilot suffering and the subsequent episodes being better. Every show was excellent from the writing, the cinematography, the acting, and the editing.

The one tragic flaw was not the shows, it was the restraints of shooting within a network, specifically on a network such as NBC. This show almost begged to use more, shall we say, colorful language only for the purpose of giving more emphasis. The violence was cut to the point that when someone was shot there was nothing. The persons clothes didn't explode, there was never any blood either before or after, etc. The constraints brought about by the censorship cut down the realism that the show offered! The other constraint was working on commercial television. In reality only about fourtie-two minutes of a supposed one-hour program ever makes it on the air. What they were able to do within this time was impressive but it did cut down on what they could have done!

Brilliant show, excellent concept, well done, just to many constraints on the creativity!

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Wonderful First Two Episodes

Author: LaFemmeCIE from Denison, TX
8 October 2001

UC:Undercover has been a rollercoaster ride the first two weeks, and I can't wait to get back on! It is wonderful to see Vera Farmiga again! She is a powerful actress, I loved her in "Roar"! And Jon Seda is really good, just like the rest of the team seem to keep pointing out while watching him in action! Great action, good plotlines. Finally, something with even *part* of the rush/calibur on Sunday Night to fill the vast empty space left by the end of La Femme Nikita...

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Great Show

Author: Platypus222 from Winston-Salem, NC
1 April 2002

I loved this show ever since it came on. But, it was on at the worst possible time. What was it, 10 PM on Sunday? Jeez! It really would have done a lot better at a different time. I'm only 14, and I stayed up every Sunday to watch this wonderful show. I don't really like dramas, but this one was absolutely great. NBC- Bring it back!!!

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Let's keep a good program going...

Author: sheilaj from Michigan
12 March 2002

I've watched this program from the beginning. The characters are serious about what they do, but still show their human side. There is an intensity that keeps me wanting to watch more and more. I hear the show will be going on an "extended vacation." I'm glad we'll be able to watch at least 2 more episodes.

Hopefully NBC will have a change of heart. The show has definitely been worth watching. More shows like this would be great.

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Excellent show with excellent acting - more episodes please.

Author: k9nodt from Ohio USA
12 March 2002

This was a show that, with its mini-movie format, obtained and held the audiences attention. No talking in the office - car chase - back to talking in the office routine here. The writing, direction and acting always made you forget you were watching your TV at home, rather making you believe you were out there in a wide screen setting, experiencing with the performers the drama and tension of working undercover, never knowing if at any moment, you might be recognised. Jon Seda, a brilliant young actor getting a chance to really shine, brought his already large following to this series from his previous films and other TV successes. Oded Fehr, another brilliant young actor, brought a new face to TV, together with his own audience following from his films. The excellent writing, direction, and the acting ability of the other cast members added weekly to the audience base that NBC could have expected to grow with each episode. This show suffered from lack of good promotion, and the misfortune of being frequently pre-empted by awards shows, film re-runs and other delays and postponements that caused the audience to wonder if this was actually a weekly series, and therefore caused the audience lack of interest and loyalty that NBC used as the reason for cancellation. It is hard to understand why NBC would consider cancelling a series with the potential of Undercover. We welcome the airing of the back to back episodes on March 23rd, and feel that, if NBC were to vigorously promote this, and air a number of re-runs, then they would see a more than satifactory return in audience numbers and ratings, and NBC could enjoy the reward of having yet another top-rating drama/action success.

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Great show in every aspect!

Author: dkmerrill from New Jersey
4 March 2002

I was hooked from the first time I saw UC. Everything about it is great. The acting, the music, the stories,etc. were all just wonderful. I can't think of another show on TV that I have looked forward to seeing as much as UC. And I also think that it was getting better and better with every episode.

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