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Season 3

6 Aug. 2003
Episode #3.1
Six weeks into the new term Carol is pregnant and Jenny,Susan and JP have all left. New biology teacher Lindsay proves she is one of the lads by beating Brian in a drinking contest but Brian,egged on by Matt and Kurt,suspects Lidsay fancies him and tries to put her off,only to find she is not interested after all. Bob is sleeping in his car after Yvonne has taken up with the satellite TV man but trying to pretend all is normal while Penny and Matt continue their affair. He is wary and anxious to end it,especially as Liz,who has never liked Penny and sees her as a user...
13 Aug. 2003
Episode #3.2
Having been dumped by Matt Penny tells Lindsay about the affair and is less than pleased when,for an experiment involving breaking out of cliques,she is required to sit with him. Asking Liz if she can change things leads to a diatribe from the secretary,who in turn gets told off by Clare for swearing at the staff. As a result the lads hold a sweep to see who can get Liz to rail at them first but Liz is keeping very calm. Advised by Lindsay that she is thought of as selfish Penny decides to mend her ways and apologize to everybody she has ever used or offended. ...
20 Aug. 2003
Episode #3.3
Brian discovers that Bob is sleeping in the gym store room but has his own problems when pupils accuse him of having a boring voice. His colleagues persuade him that he is being victimized for being Northern but his attempt to get advice from Liz as a fellow minority group member goes wrong until finally he learns to accentuate his Northernness for effect. Kurt believes that Shelley,a single parent,fancies him and uses this as an excuse to give up smoking when his colleagues tell him he has bad breath. Shelley is only too happy to help him kick the habit but when Kurt...
27 Aug. 2003
Episode #3.4
Bob moves a bed and television into his office but his lack of hygiene is obvious and Matt draws the short straw,literally,as the one who must tell him. However Liz gets drunk with Bob at the Bonfire disco and they embark on a highly sexual affair,during which she cleans him up and gives him some of her husband's clothes. Unfortunately he misreads this as her wanting a permanent relationship when Liz was only using him for sex. Kurt and Brian are persuaded to be unusually sympathetic to him before he,eventually, finds a new home.
3 Sep. 2003
Episode #3.5
Bob is now happily ensconced with pub landlady Erica but Lindsay is not so happy. Her thirtieth birthday is coming up and when an adoring little pupil gives her flowers because he feels sorry for her and she asks if he likes older women she gets into trouble. She is determined not to have a birthday party but,as Matt's wife Jessica,is also thirty that day the party is at Matt's. Penny's presence unsettles him but he agrees to sex in the bedroom with her,only for her to dump him so he knows how it feels. Ultimately,after Jessica has to see to one of her children,the ...
10 Sep. 2003
Episode #3.6
After a record number of staff are off work with stress Clare assigns each teacher a 'stress partner' with whom they can share they worries. The pairing of Lindsay and Matt annoys Penny,who tells Lindsay all about her quickie with Matt at the party. Annoyed after Matt has told her off Penny puts it about that Lindsay is drinking too much and on the verge of a breakdown. Kurt and Brian's considerate response makes Lindsay suspicious and she and Matt decide to pay Penny back by pretending that she really is about to break down,causing Penny to feel guilty and tell the ...
17 Sep. 2003
Episode #3.7
After a year's journeying around the world Simon comes to see Kurt and Brian,complete with a full beard,but,due to a flu epidemic which has laid staff low,he is offered work as a temporary teacher,which angers Bob. Bob is not the only one. Brian takes a shine to dinner lady Eileen but,having followed Simon's advice to play hard to get,learns that Simon has had a one night stand with her. Kurt is also displeased when,having been fired up to travel around the world by Simon's example,he learns that Simon never left the country.
24 Sep. 2003
Episode #3.8
When Bob is rushed to hospital for emergency surgery Matt reluctantly steps in as head of English and immediately finds his loyalties torn between being one of the boys and an authority figure. When he decides to take an efficient,no-nonsense approach he falls foul of both Penny and Simon,who did far less work under Bob's regime but Simon gets no sympathy since his leaving opened the door to Matt's appointment.. Everybody then is pleased when Bob returns to work though Matt is unnerved when Bob tells him about the alienating effect of promotion. A weapons amnesty at ...
1 Oct. 2003
Episode #3.9
Christmas is coming but Clare has banned any celebrations so as not to be seen promoting Christianity. Instead she has brought in a swear box,which gets its money's worth from Bob. When the bank sends a card to Kurt and Briony the other teachers comment that Brian and Kurt are like a married couple so Kurt attempts to distance himself and find a new best friend though he still ends up with Brian. Simon is leaving for a permanent post at another school but has lost his class's homework. At an impromptu leaving party held by Bob in the pub for the teachers Simon finds ...
8 Oct. 2003
Episode #3.10
Following complaints from parents Lindsay gets a written warning and determines to transfer herself into a model teacher. Carol brings her baby to school,though she keeps leaving it behind in different places. Kurt is relieved when the father turns out to be Maths teacher Mr. Chong. In Clare's absence Bob and Liz vie for the position of power and Bob just about wins,gaining Lindsay's respect. However his new emotional approach to teaching,reading erotic poetry to his class and embracing a male student lands him in trouble.
15 Oct. 2003
Episode #3.11
Brian is still chasing after dinner lady Eileen and gets his chance to be in her good books after Bob complains about the canteen food and he sticks up for her. She agrees to go on a date with him which convinces him that he has found himself a long term relationship at last. Sadly this is not to be as Eileen is not really into 'needy' men but what makes it all the harder to take for Brian is that he never had sex with her even when it was offered to him.
22 Oct. 2003
Episode #3.12
When Kurt injures himself in a race with Brian Brian puts him in the recovery position whilst the ambulance arrives. But the next time Brian sees Kurt he is in a wheelchair,accusing his flatmate of twisting his spine. Kurt becomes dependent on others,except the selfish Matt who opts out,but,after he has been given a supposedly cushy job as a special education needs coordinator,which he finds trickier than expected,and done badly in the wheelchair race on sports day,he is not entirely unhappy when Brian twigs that he has been exaggerating his disability.Certainly ...
29 Oct. 2003
Episode #3.13
After a few drinks too many Lindsay and Matt start kissing. Next day they apologize and try to avoid each other though they find it difficult and end up locking lips again. Penny also has a new romance with young teacher Patrick but gives him up as he is too much like Kurt. Even Clare is feeling frisky and has a night of passion with Bob after he mends the light in her porch. Only Kurt and Brian are left out but,having learnt that the pupils of the eyes dilate when facing the person one finds attractive and trying out on female staff,they find that it only works when ...

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