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Season 2

13 Mar. 2002
Episode #2.1
As the new term starts Jenny and Simon face each other awkwardly after their fling. Two newly qualified teachers arrive,French teacher JP looking so young he is mistaken for a pupil and buxom Penny,who attracts Brian's attention. Newly divorced Susan asks JP for a date but he turns out to be gay. Brian has trouble with a girl called Kayla,who turns out to be Liz's daughter but Liz agrees to tell Carol that Kurt no longer wants to go out with her. Carol does not take the news well.
20 Mar. 2002
Episode #2.2
Unaware of JP's homosexuality Simon develops a jealous dislike of the younger teacher's popularity and,when JP suggests a karaoke evening,gets angry and ends up in the local with Bob. Drink breaks down the barriers between them and Bob confesses to not having had sex for over twenty years. At the karaoke Carol still refuses to believe Kurt has finished with her,singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' to him. Penny,told of Carol's psychotic tendencies,is not keen to help but Jenny steps in to give Kurt a passionate kiss.
27 Mar. 2002
Episode #2.3
The school engages educational psychologist Alec,whom Kurt finds helpful. Jenny however finds him more than that as he moves in with her for noisy love-making and nude walks around the flat,which gets on Susan's nerves. With JP also crashing at the bachelor pad Simon is keen to move out and suggests he take a place with Susan. Initially she is enthusiastic but,after Simon goes against Alec's advice and declares his feelings for her she quickly changes her mind.
3 Apr. 2002
Episode #2.4
JP comes out to his flatmates and the rest of the gang tease Brian over his lack of success with women,alleging that he is probably gay as well. This depresses him so much that eventually he gets revenge by pretending that he and JP are a couple and they want Kurt to move out. Jenny is annoyed that none of the others want to help her organize the Focus on the Future careers week and Simon is dismayed that his class only want safe desk jobs. However after he has convinced Curtis to take a year off to see the world he learns that an angry parent is coming to see him.
10 Apr. 2002
Episode #2.5
Susan gets more and more frustrated at how the once sensible Jenny is so loved up with Alec she is even missing school with fake illnesses. Other teachers have to cover for her which lands Simon in trouble after Penny has had a bad time with his sixth form group. Susan takes refuge with Kurt and Brian but even there they are disturbed by JP having sex with a one night stand. Later JP confuses his flatmates by bringing an enigmatic,platonic girlfriend back. Susan gets the gang to come to Jenny's to experience what she is going through but Jenny and Alec are not ...
17 Apr. 2002
Episode #2.6
When the others recognize that Penny is a weak teacher she decides to get Bob on her side by flattering him. Unfortunately he wrongly gets the impression that she fancies him and,to impress her,embarks upon a keep fit regime which lands him in hospital before Brian explains Penny's use of him. She is also in trouble when a pupil accuses her of flirting with him. Clare instigates an Open Surgery for the students to approach staff with their problems though Susan tends to be snowed under whilst JP has no takers and Brian realises that the troublesome Kayla,Liz's ...
24 Apr. 2002
Episode #2.7
Following the pupils' mixed reaction to sex education classes Bev,the girl who - almost - gave birth in class, is invited to give a talk on the dangers of unprotected sex and drawbacks of single parenthood. This has a strange effect on Susan,who feels unexpectedly broody,though she turns down the offers of Kurt,Brian and Simon to father her child. However after meeting the put-upon single mother of problem child Josh she soon goes off the idea. Brian finally gets one over on Kayla whilst Carol finds a kindred soul in plain,goofy lab assistant Errol.
1 May 2002
Episode #2.8
Jenny feels that she and Alec have got into a rut and gets drunk in order to dump him,after which she points out to the other teachers how boring their daily routine is. Then,when a student in Kurt's I.T. class finds a man with the same name as Kurt on the computer but who has done considerably more with his life, Simon suddenly sees that he is going nowhere in his job and wants an exciting change. So he buys an open-ended ticket to South America,leaving at the end of the week. His class are unimpressed,Clare calls him irresponsible and Susan accuses him of being ...
8 May 2002
Episode #2.9
Now free of Alec Jenny not only has a renewed energy for the job but throws herself into becoming one of the gang,leading a hedonistic life-style and buying drinks all round. With Simon's departure much of his workload has fallen to Penny and Liz takes great delight in her efforts to cope,having always seen her as a manipulator. Try as they may Kurt and Brian are also unable to avoid Clare's request that they help share the load and wonder how JP always manages to get out of it.
15 May 2002
Episode #2.10
The teachers attend the staff's annual end of term Christmas party where Susan ends up in bed with Brian and Penny with Matt,Simon's replacement,though she is less than thrilled afterwards to learn that he is married with children. Jenny tells Yvonne,Bob's wife,that he is popular with the ladies,which works in his favour - though Yvonne is none too happy and Kurt gets humiliated by Liz over the size of his tackle after they attempt sex. There is consolation for him in the pub afterwards when Carol,having dumped Errol,comes in and they are seen to reconcile.

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