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The Jersey: Former Disney Star Michael Galeota Dead at 31

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Actor Michael Galeota has died at the age of 31. Galeota's last and biggest role was as Nick Lighter on The Jersey TV series. Featuring a magical sports jersey that transforms the wearer into a pro athlete, The Jersey ran on Disney Channel from 1990 to 2004. The show was a sequel to the 1998 Disney Channel TV movie, Magic Jersey, in which Galeota played the same character.

In 1996, Galeota played the title character on the Bailey Kipper's Pov TV series. The show aired Saturday mornings, until it was cancelled by CBS after 13 episodes. Gaeleota's other TV roles include parts on ER, Ally McBeal, and The Nightmare Room.

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R.L. Stine’s 10 Most Essential Goosebumps Books

Prolific author R.L. Stine has many Ya horror series under his belt, from Fear Street, to Mostly Ghostly, to The Nightmare Room, but none are more iconic than Goosebumps, with over a hundred in number and 350 million copies sold worldwide. Columbia Pictures will release the Goosebumps movie this October 16, with Jack Black playing Stine to…

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Raimi & del Toro to create family horror films

The idea of creating family friendly horror has been around for years. The 90's saw one of its biggest emergence with the highly popular Goosebumps and Fear Street book series and television series such as “Are You Afraid of the Dark” and the short lived “The Nightmare Room.” However, it was rare to see horror films that were considered family friendly without being combined with other film genres. Films like Ernest Scared Stupid combined the comedic with horror and Monster Squad combined the action, making these films suitable for younger film audiences. But what ever happened to straight out horror? More importantly, can a true horror film exist for younger audiences? This may be properly answered in the next few years. Two of today's well known directors have created film companies that will produce family friendly horror films soon to be seen in theaters or directly to DVD. Director Guillermo del Toro,
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