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Season: 1
Year: 2001 | 2002

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Don't Forget Me

31 August 2001
When Danielle and her family move into their new house, she doesn't know that her annoying younger brother Peter hears voices calling in the basement. And she thinks his acting like he has trouble remembering simple things while their parents are away is just a joke after she tries "hypnotizing" him to turn him nicer. But when he continues to do it, and she starts forgetting things too, she wonders if something else is going on. All she knows is, when she finds everyone denying they know about him and he appears from the cracks in the basement floor covered in slime with a bunch of other kids, that they may both be in danger.

Amanda Bynes ... Danielle Warner

Romy Windsor ... Mrs. Warner (as Romy Walthall)

Jim Meskimen ... Rick Warner

Daniel Hansen ... Peter Warner

J. Evan Bonifant ... Chris

David Stifel ... Stranger

Jennifer Griffin ... Constance

Ivy Malone ... Little Girl (as Ivy Cheyanne Malone)
Louahn Lowe ... Secretary

James Avery ... R.L. Stine (voice)

Season 1, Episode 2: Scareful What You Wish For

31 August 2001
Dylan is moving into his sister's old room and packing away all his toys from over the years. Then he is approached by a mysterious younger boy who calls himself Buddy and acts as if Dylan already knows him...and seems responsible for his best friend's being slipped an allergen in his sandwich. Buddy looks and sounds exactly like Dylan's old doll Buddy, and Dylan's other good friend is attacked. The doll continues to approach and torment Dylan, not accepting that this part of Dylan's life won't include him.

Season 1, Episode 3: The Howler

29 September 2001
Supernaturally-obsessed Spencer, his friend Vanessa, and new kid Charlie decide to try out a gadget Spencer bought in a novelty shop, The Howler, which is supposed to contact the dead. But it's when they're not using it that they see three figures in the light it sends off, saying something unclear. They think they're kids who disappeared in an abandoned hangout construction site, "The Pit". and get a message in their cereal prompting them to go there to communicate with them. When they do, a beam of light goes toward each of them, though the only effect seems to be on Vanessa, who's suddenly is eager to try it again. She has really been trapped in the machine while her body is inhabited by one of the ghosts who wants to let her friends into Spencer's and Charlie's bodies. It isn't until they get a warning from Vanessa the next night that they realize it, but the ghost in her body lets one of the others take over Charlie. Spencer has to hurry to think of how to save himself, and the others.

Season 1, Episode 4: Tangled Web

6 October 2001
When Josh tells the substitute math teacher unfamiliar with his excuses that his homework was stolen by unique robbers along with his entertainment system, Mr. Farber seems to believe him. Afterward, Josh finds the science snakes he told scornful bully Patrick were in his backpack actually there, is robbed just like in his story, and a menacing boy shows up claiming to be his older military-school dropout brother Frank - a character he made up to threaten Patrick. Everyone suddenly believes that the things happening are the truth even when he admits they're not, and his excuse of why his parents can't be told of his getting in trouble lands them in Hawaii. Everything he says comes true, which creates problems when he has to deal with Frank, ninja mercenaries, Sting Borden attacking him, and a mummy coming to life...

Justin Berfield ... Josh Ryan (as Justin Tyler Berfield)

David Naughton ... Mr. Ryan

David Carradine ... Mr. Farber

Steve Borden ... Steve 'Sting' Borden

Conni Marie Brazelton ... Ms. Hornbeck

Erik Aude ... Frank
Mitchah Williams ... Adam (as Mitchah Solomon Williams)

Ron Fassler ... Castello's Teacher

Briana Cuoco ... Nikki
Michael Lawrence Morgan ... Castello (as Michael L. Morgan)
Chachi Pittman ... Patrick Keegan

Dwight Hicks ... Cop

James Avery ... R.L. Stine (voice)
Peter Jarvis ... Mummy (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 5: Fear Games

13 October 2001

Lindsay Felton ... April (as Lindsay Marie Felton)
Roger Lodge ... Don Marks

Tippi Hedren ... The Witch / Tippi Hendren
Kuigi Amodeo ... Ricardo

Ty Hodges ... Anthony (as Eric 'Ty' Hodges II)
Lauren Petty ... Pam

Huntley Ritter ... Marlin

Lena Cardwell ... Kristen

James Avery ... R.L. Stine (voice) (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 6: School Spirit

20 October 2001
Dex, Freddy, Todd, Alexis, and Janet have detention with stern Mr. Langley, who leaves them alone after a blackout, unsure of what they're doing there since they don't have him and never knew him well. After a while, four of them try to leave and find the school locked, and Freddy sees writing appear on the blackboard - then is confronted by Mr. Langley and disappears, leaving a note implying the others will soon follow. Dex does leaving behind a similar note after finding out more about Mr. Langley, and Alexis vanishes as the others discover he is a ghost. Janet learns why all of them are being haunted except Todd, who is next, and Mr. Langley doesn't show any sign of letting her go long enough to find out how to appease him.

Season 1, Episode 7: Full Moon Halloween

27 October 2001
A cart crashes near Freddy, Janet, Dex, Todd, and Alexis and turns out to be holding invitations for them to come to an old creepy house. It turns out to be Freddy's new home, where he's invited them for a special Halloween party full of props - and an accusation that one of them is a werewolf who's been attacking people in town, including his brother. He's determined to use this full-moon night to discover which one of them it is, with the help of some special werewolf-catching creatures...which themselves may be a reason to panic.

Season 1, Episode 8: Four Eyes

1 December 2001

Josh Zuckerman ... Jeremy Clark

Lynsey Bartilson ... Cindy Harris

John C. McGinley ... Dr. Young
Scott Gerbacia ... Mike (as Scottie Gerbacia)

Charles Noland ... Principal Hunt

Debbie McLeod ... Mrs. Harris
Joyce Guy ... Secretary
Lisa Marie Russell ... Teacher (as Lisa Duvernay)
David Rogers ... Boy
Hassan Nicholas ... Boy

Philip Michael ... Alien

James Avery ... R.L. Stine (voice)

Peter Aylward ... Principal Hunt Alien (uncredited)

Holly Marie Combs ... Girl (uncredited)

Stephen Silberkraus ... Alien (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 9: Locker 13

8 December 2001
Superstitious Luke is miserable at the end of Friday the 13th when his until-then-perfect locker breaks, and he is assigned #13 instead. In it, though, he finds a mysterious charm with a picture matching a face he sees in the locker's mirror, saying it will give him good luck forever. He does win at wrestling against strong, tough Gomez, gets a congratulatory kiss and party-invitation from a girl he admires, and manages to win a radio-contest. But then he is dragged into the locker to meet the Fatemaster, who reveals that the luck from his charm must be repaid by life. Luke must either give the charm to his best friend so he will temporarily be lucky and then weaken as Luke has since he found it...or, if he refuses to let the Fatemaster enslave Jeff, he will continue to suffer the short time until his own life-force is finished.
Brandon Gilberstadt ... Luke Greene

E.J. De la Pena ... Jeff (as E.J. De La Pena)

Ken Foree ... Coach

Mary Stein ... Mrs. Falca

Angus Scrimm ... The Fatemaster
Boris Cabrera ... Gomez
Shanie Calahan ... Laura

Carole Gutierrez ... Secretary

James Avery ... R.L. Stine (voice)

Season 1, Episode 10: Dear Diary, I'm Dead

2 February 2002
When Alex gets a new desk, it opens up to reveal a journal with the following day's date in it - and a recount of something that actually happens to him the next day. When he tests it by reading the next day's entry and it comes true for him again, he plans to get rich betting on the future. But he finds it's harder to predict or control than he thinks when his showing off in gym causes others to cheer him results so the bleachers fall apart and his best friend breaks an ankle, his trying to flee wood-cutting in shop almost sees the teacher cut, and he is hit by a truck. His friend Tessa eventually figures out why he's acting so strangely and steals the diary, but when he sees it again he reads a page where the first-person writer's words are coming from beyond the grave, and doesn't know if he'll have a chance to save her.

Season 1, Episode 11: My Name Is Evil

23 February 2002
On good-natured Morgan's birthday, he and his friends go to a carnival where he is made a fool of by his pretty classmate Kristin...and declared evil by a fortune-teller. The next day, when his friend Jason is revealed to be going out with Kristen instead and she says she asked him before Morgan asked her, Morgan is angry and feels his arm itching just before Jason has an accident, and Kristin gets Jason to believe Morgan was responsible. The same thing happens when Jason sinks through the ground after beating him at track-team tryouts, but Kristen turns every student, even his and Jason's friend Justin, against Morgan. The fortune-teller reveals how the whole thing started innocently, but Morgan seems to have grown an uncontrollable power to lash out at others with, at the cost of others' trust.
Marco Gould ... Morgan Gray

Audrey Wasilewski ... Nurse

Josh Jacobson ... Justin
Shan Elliot ... Jason Sellman

Kaley Cuoco ... Kristin Ferris

Pamela Gordon ... Madame Zora

Katie Fountain ... Wendy Sloan

Amanda Barfield ... Kristin's Friend
André Carthen ... Coach
David E. Johnson
Andrew Holick

James Avery ... R.L. Stine (voice)

Penn Badgley ... Student (uncredited)

Seth Bailey ... Carnival Clown (uncredited)

Beth Broderick ... Real Madame Zora (uncredited)
Melody A. Johnson ... Brit (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 12: Camp Nowhere: Part 1

9 March 2002
Russell is reluctant to go on Camp Hawkwood's seniors' experience "The Haunted Cabin", especially since he's heard stories of campers' disappearing there. The night before, a message warning against going is somehow engraved in his and Dave's cabin's floor. The night Russell, Erin, and Charlotte, and Dave go, Dave is trapped in his sleeping bag and almost sucked through the floor. The next morning the door opens then shuts on its own with a message heralding doom, and after they play a trick on Ramos, the counselor they know plays pranks for the Haunted Cabin, they find the landscape changed, leading them to a camp with unfamiliar people who react strangely to them...

Season 1, Episode 13: Camp Nowhere: Part 2

16 March 2002
The director of the camp, "Uncle" Brian, explains it's another neighboring Camp Hawkwood and invites the group to stay while contacting theirs. But everyone but Dave is troubled by how the campers act as though they know of nothing from less than before thirty years ago. Charlotte and Erin start to be warned by a camper named Drew about something before he is interrupted by a counselor, Will, and they're led back to camp. Russell hears Drew locked in a barn, but he's unresponsive when Will investigates, but only indirectly. And Will's lied to Erin and Charlotte about calling Ramos; Uncle Brian admits to Russell he severed the phone from the wall. The four eventually learn that this Camp Hawkwood is cursed by the Indians who lived on the spot years before, and it now exists one weekend a year as opposed to not at all. But if any of the original campers leave or further damage the trees or grounds, everyone there will all pay, and Drew is desperate to be free...

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