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This is a very strange, yet charming little film. Find it!

Author: Donna Kleitchz ( from Watertown, MA USA
13 May 2001

This is a very strange, yet charming little film. I first saw it at a film festival years ago and I was so happy to see that it has been released through a reputable distributor (time to throw away those 10th generation bootlegs!) It is obvious that it is an effort by a new director, but I believe that to be a good thing. Technically, it's a bit crude, but it's underlying charm and wit shine through. The director of this film loves violence and gore...this is apparent from the opening sequences, but he loves it not for reasons of brutality or cruelty. He turns this dirty violent little tale into a story about something that countless films have heralded: true love. He is showing that even the sickest and most depraved maniacs need a little affection, and someone to relate to. This creates an atmosphere of happiness and gaity that makes even a man getting his heart punched through his chest seem fun. Maybe I'm reading too much into this short little film, but it really stuck with me . Try to find "Soiled Shorts: The Best of Tromadance volume 1" (the >tape that it's available on) . You won't regret it. Now if only someone would release "Red's Breakfast 3 : Die You Zombie Bastards!" we'd all be in for a treat.

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This is a SPLENDID romantic comedy... WITH CHAINSAWS

Author: haigd
12 April 2001

Funny, sweet, sick and repugnant. But -- above all -- ADORABLE. This summarizes the charm that IS Red and Violet (if that is even possible). In this movie they meet for the first time and it is truly love at first sight. A cinematic love that will endure. Trust me, you will LAUGH LOUDLY at their bizarre antics. It was a smashing success at the first TromaDance Film Festival and it is available on the smashingly good anthology volume "Soiled Shorts". This film will NOT disappoint. And on "Soiled Shorts" you get four MORE quality films. Such a deal. If you like the uproarious obscenity that is the Toxic Avenger then you'll LOVE this gunk. NOTE: not for the faint of heart and/or weak of stomach... a known fact is that during its premiere screening the projectionist VOMITED. You heard me: VOMITED.

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an eyesore

Author: movieman_kev from United States
28 December 2004

Red, the serial killer falls in love with fellow serial killer Violet. No real plot to speak of, they kill people, the dying people have a smile and laugh and for the most part have a funner time then the hapless viewer by far.Strictly amateurish in the absolute worse sense of the world. I truly feel more stupid having just seen it. Caleb Emerson, please do something useful with your life, not everyone can make movies well, you know. Furthermore, stop getting your friends and/or family members to write rave reviews of this junk on IMDb. Go watch "Psychos in Love" instead. This short can be found on Troma's DVD of Tromadance volume 1.

My Grade: F

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Our Culture's Slow Side Towards Depravity Picks up Speed

Author: Paul Nadjamabadi ( from 1428 Elm Street (the one with the bars on the windows)
15 April 2001

A truly horrifying film, though not necessarily for the reasons the filmmakers intended, "Dawn of the Red" presents a world so twisted that whenever two serial killers - the heroes of the movie, no less - slaughter an innocent victim, the victim invariably grins and laughs like being murdered is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Thematically this fits in with the film's tone, which is weirdly close to Romantic Comedy, but in an age where school shootings like Columbine are in the papers with depressing regularity, is this kind of "entertainment" really acceptable?

Perhaps most disturbing is a scene where serial killer Red Toole is visited by a Police Officer and a Ninja, who are investigating neighbors's complaints of loud screaming and chainsaw noises. Red evades suspicion by claiming to be an Ice Sculptor, then flicks them off as they leave. The whole thing paints Police Officers in a very unflattering light. Now I'm not a Police Officer myself, but a lot of my friends are, and let me tell you it is a thankless job. You're out there on the streets risking your life every night upholding the American Way - which includes Freedom of Speech, exactly the Amendment that "Dawn of the Red's" filmmakers are abusing when they make their filthy movies. In light of this and the repulsive "pro-murder" attitude the film takes,

I'm calling on all viewers to boycott "Dawn of the Red." Additionally, it contains possibly the most graphic punching-someone's-heart-through-their-chest s

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