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Comparing the two versions

Author: vandwedge from NY
5 November 2005

If you're like the me from a couple of days ago, you're wondering what the deal is with there being two different versions of this movie on the DVD. You're wondering what the difference is between the two versions, which is better, and if either are worth watching. And you're also wondering why no one else on IMDb has commented on this yet, and why not even has much info on it. Well I can answer all of those for you!

The two versions on the DVD are the original version and the Tromatic version. The original version is awful. The bad reviews on this website so far all describe the original version, and they're all correct. There's almost nothing worthwhile in the original version. It's clichéd, slow-paced, nonsensical, and just generally an abomination of film-making. And this is coming from a fan of low budget horror films.

Now, the Tromatic version is a brilliant piece of work and is highly recommended. But what is it? It's *not* an entirely new film -- it's a re-cut version of the original with newly filmed scenes added in. And, I must stress this point heavily, all of these changes are made specifically to make fun of the original version. The Tromatic version is a *parody of the original*, and a damn good one at that.

After sitting through the original film, I was miserable. I was thinking, I need some way to vent my frustrations after sitting through an hour and a half of such junk. It turned out that the Tromatic version filled that role perfectly. It adeptly (and hilariously) points out all of the (many) flaws of the original film. And it even adds additional comedy not related to anything. The Tromatic reedit of this movie is truly a brilliant piece of work, salvaging what seemed at first to be a completely unredeemable film. Lloyd Kaufman is a genius.

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Sick and cheap...but well worth a watch

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
10 September 2005

This is Troma film-making at his purest: an amateurish splatter-movie with an ultra-thin and ridiculous storyline but with twisted characters and nasty make-up effects everywhere. When watching "Parts of the Family", you pretty much get the idea that this was filmed without a script (coincidentally or not, nobody actually is credited as the writer) and the absurd plot-twists seem to be improved on the set. The movie opens with a bank robber who flees from the police. The chase ends in front of an old mansion where he takes a yummy young girl hostage and entrenches himself in the house. The hostage turns out crazier than the robber as flashbacks illustrate that she once was the mansion's housekeeper who butchered the entire family that lived there. Things get even more messed up near the end, when zombies start to appear from the cellar and the girl transforms into a blood-drinking, corpse-licking witch. "Parts of the Family" was entirely made by Troma's loyal Belgian department that previously delivered "Rabbit Grannies" (a guilty pleasure of mine) and "Maniac Nurses". The film is not dubbed and all the Belgian actors speak their lines in English. They do a reasonably good job although you can clearly hear that English isn't their native tongue. Especially in the second half, the gore and sleaze is really outrageous! Zombies (wrapped up like mummies) break out and still their hunger on the police forces that surrounded the house. The legendary Lloyd "Keeper of Crap" Kaufman has a supportive role as police commissioner and he too has his eyeballs ripped out by severely decomposing zombies! I bet his fan – and enemies – will love to see this happen. Overall, this isn't exactly a film you HAVE TO see before you die but it's good entertainment. Definitely better than "Maniac Nurses".

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not the sum of its parts

Author: movieman_kev from United States
26 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Led to believe that Ron Jeremy, Stan Lee & Debbie Rochon were in this (they're in the Troma re-edit, but not the version that I saw via Netflix on the xbox 360), I decided to give this one a go. It's about Elle (Cecilia Bergqvist) and how she gets taken hostage one day by a failed bank robber who holes up in her house while the police (one of which is Troma's Lloyd Kaufman, always energetic). have the place surrounded. he hostage is far from helpless though and has a few plans up her sleeve to turn the tables.

Part cop drama/part slasher/part zombie movie, this film is all over the place and as such never truly decides what it wants to be. It's a schizophrenic experience, yet not one without merit (little as it may be) There are some parts that shine, but the film as a whole lacks a cohesiveness to make it a good film sadly.

Eye Candy: Cecilia Bergqvist gets topless at length multiple times

My Grade: C

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No budget Belgian gore flick

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
23 April 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

PARTS OF THE FAMILY is a Belgian horror flick made on a very low budget. The plot twists and turns are over-obvious and the story is simplistic, beginning with a massacre before moving on to a hostage situation with a twist or two. It's basically an exercise in grubby gore, with a big set-piece involving gut-munching which is sure to delight horror fans. The rest is trashy in the extreme, featuring an unconvincing lead actress and a cheap filming style which means it's never disturbing despite the content. I have to admit that the bandaged zombies do look pretty cool, however.

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All I ever wanted was to be part of the family.

Author: lastliberal from United States
5 August 2008

Action starts off hot and heavy with a thief running from the police while Ella (Cecilia Bergqvist) is showing her magnificent body while dressing. Soon, the two converge as she is taken hostage.

During a flashback to the history of the house they are hiding in, we get to see a lot more of Ella. And, also hear her great screaming voice. It was the best pair of tits I ever saw wielding an ax and a pitchfork. Amazing! Then, the thief discovers Ella's secret. And, what a secret it was! This where things gets really disgusting in true Troma style.

I never did see Debbie Rochon, although she is listed as part of the cast, but Cecilia Bergqvist more than made up for her absence. Oh, Yeah!

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Another unfathomable mess from Troma & the director of Maniac Nurses!

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
14 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Parts of the Family is set in Belgium where a bank robber named Jason Goodis has just killed three people & is on the run from the police, he takes an attractive young lady named Ella (Cecilia Bergqvist) hostage at gunpoint. Goodis forces Ella into her house as the police helplessly watch on, Goodis demands that he has a getaway car with $1,000,000 stuffed in the boot or Ella dies. Head cop Carl Ressler (Lloyd Kaufman) agrees to his demands but says it will take time to arrange. Goodis has some time to kill but Ella obviously doesn't want to spend it with him so tries to escape & gets a nail in her foot for her troubles, as the time passes they begin to talk to each other & it soon emerges that Ella isn't exactly whiter than white herself. In fact it turns out that she used to be the housekeeper for the family that lived in the house & she ended up killing them all, bringing them back to life as flesh eating zombies who she now feeds men that she lures back to the house. All of a sudden Goodis doesn't feel quite so secure or in control as the flesh eating living dead begin to rise once more...

This American Belgium co-production was financed by Troma studios & in it's original form was directed by Leon Paul De Bruyn, unfortunately when Troma saw it they choked on their French Fries as it was so terrible so some new footage was shot by Lloyd Kaufman & Gabriel Friedman & Parts of the Family was re edited using these newly shot scenes. Troma has since released a DVD which contains both versions & I should say at this point that I will be commenting on the original untampered cut that actually runs for a few minutes longer than Troma's re edit so I'm assuming while they added footage they also removed a fair amount. Got that? Still with me? Good. For all it's faults & believe me Parts of the Family has plenty of them I actually thought it was quite good fun in a crap sort of way, if that makes sense. The film is split into two, the first half is a standard hostage thriller while the second half turns into an all out zombie film. I thought it moved along at a fair pace & wasn't as boring as most of the crap Troma produce, there wasn't any childish humour in this edit either so forget about any fart, snot, pee, disabled or racist jokes & gags. The story makes no sense, it doesn't say how people come back to life & if this film is anything to go by the police in Belgium are the worst in the world but on a basic level it entertained me.

Director Bryun doesn't do anything special & some of the film-making decisions are questionable to say the least. Why dress the zombies up to look like mummies? One of the reasons I liked Parts of the Family was Bergqvist who plays Ella, she is one hot babe who gets her breasts out at regular intervals & at the end turns into some kick-ass zombie killer who uses drills, acid, hacksaws & poles to dispose of the rotten zombies. There's a fair amount of gore, there's some graphic cannibalism, eyes are poked out, a high heeled shoe is shoved into someone's eye, faces are burned, brains are exposed & crushed under Ella's boots, drills in heads, someone slashes their wrist in graphic close-up, lots of blood & guts, axe's stuck in people & a cool gore scene in which someone falls back onto a spike which sticks through their throat & fountains of blood spurt of of the wound as a result.

I'm pretty sure the budget must have been low, it's not that well made & the special effects vary from OK to very poor. The acting isn't up to much but I thought Bergqvist did alright & she is the single most watchable aspect of Parts of the Family, she's hot looking & I loved it when she developed a real attitude.

Parts of the Family has lots of things against it, it''s poorly made, silly, has a largely unexplained story & it doesn't know what sort of film it wants to be. Having said that I thought it was watchable, there's some OK gore, Bergqvist is easy on the eye & great to watch violently killing zombies & it's nowhere near as bad, stupid or juvenile as most Troma films are. I still can't really recommend it to the average film-goer though so I won't.

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Gnarly gore in not quite so gnarly movie

Author: t-birkhead from United Kingdom
7 March 2007

I saw the original version of this movie on telly and it went down pretty nicely for me, although the bottle of wine I had to myself while watching probably helped. The plot isn't terribly compelling and I'm pretty sure the acting wasn't great. However, I instantly warmed to the hot female lead character and as soon as she got down to gory business I was practically cheering. The gore is the key feature of this movie too, with an awesome gut munching (It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside) scene standing out, as well as a spot of eye violence and lots of other blood spattered craziness. The zombies looked a little two much like bandaged mummies daubed with green paint, to the extent that I spent some time after wondering if thats what they really were. Apparently not but thats the kind of film this is. Anyways, I'd say this one is worth watching despite its noticeable technical shortcomings, mainly because its an attractive lady doing a lot of the blood letting and some of the gore is ferocious, perhaps even kinda like Fulci. Basically, this is probably one for gore hounds only, but they should be quite pleased.

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Very entertaining release by Troma

Author: Hastor from FL
6 September 2005

I bought this movie direct from Troma at a convention, I'd wanted to see it since Troma first ran previews on their dvds for it years ago. It has taken a while to come out, and was available at this convention, but still not released to regular outlets. Lloyd Kaufman's appearance in it made it even better. The DVD contains two different versions of the movie by two different director. I just watched the "original" version and have yet to watch the "tromatic" version, so maybe I'll comment again after that. I have 7 other Troma movies to watch though from that convention. I'd recommend this one though, especially if you are familiar with Troma releases. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Get familiar. I'd suggest starting with Tromeo and Juliet, The Toxic Anvenger (parts I and IV), and Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, those are all Troma in-house productions though, where Parts of the Family is simply distributed by them. As far as distributions, I'd say check out Cannibal: The Musical.

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Hmmmmmmmmm yawn boring film!

Author: Adnan22 from Sweden
12 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Okay now this is a true crap film! It starts with a sexy girl sitting in an old house half naked brushing her hair in front of a mirror. The house is quite filthy and dirty. Than we see a man running and being chased (He is a criminal) by the police, they chase him up to the house, he takes the girl hostage and demands a lot of things from the police and the police cheaf (lloyd Kaufman....or was it Michael Hertz......ummmmmm no't the fat guy!) What he doesn't know that this sexy young (By the way she is damn sexy!) girl has killed the previous owners of the house she was the maid.

Okay to make things short, this film SUX! Acting is horrible, Belgian actors trying to speak English/American/Slang in a cool way.....that just sounds stupid. The only two people who acted good are the girl and the criminal (The criminal had some lousy moments) but the girl was very good! Special effects are childish, it looks very very fake! I don't know Troma films usually try to be comedic but this one is supposed to be a little more cerious than Toxic Avenger, yet it get's much more silly because of the crappy effects and poor acting! lll

The only disturbing scene which i enjojed very much! Is when the girl walks up to a corpse (A man lying on his back with his torso blown up and intestines showing) she than get's down on al four and starts to lick his guts! She takes out the guts from the torso and eats them with blood running down her face! Disgusting........but it is not worth getting the movie just for this scene!!!!!!!

Overall if ya wanna good troma movie go for Terror Firmer or Toxic Avenger! But stay away from this, it is so corny!

I give it 2/10

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