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Mushu: I seems like only last month, you and me were fightin' off the Huns and saving China!

Fa Mulan: It WAS last month.

Fa Mulan: Mushu! What're you doing here?

Mushu: Hey, where ever you go I go, girl!

Fa Mulan: [laughs]

Fa Mulan: [to Mushu] You're my most trusted friend!

[hugs him]

Mushu: [starting to cry] Oh, that did it!

Captain Li Shang: [to Mulan] Will you do the honor of marrying me?

Mushu: I just got some exfolitating cream in my eye!

Captain Li Shang: My Lord, I love Mulan. And I don't care what the rules say. If she'll have me, I intend to marry her right here.

[Takes Mulan's hands]

Captain Li Shang: Right now.

Fa Mulan: What is it with men and asking directions?

Captain Li Shang: What is it with women and maps?

Captain Li Shang: [rubbing the back of his head and peeking his head in Mulan's room] Mulan? Seems your grandma invited someone to help us celebrate the engagement.

Fa Mulan: [making a face] Really?... Who?

Captain Li Shang: [both looking outside at a whole crowd of people in Mulan's front yard] China.

Crowd: Congratulations!

[cheers and applause]

Matchmaker: [to Ling, Chien-Po, and Yao] I've found wives for hundreds of men, but the Golden Dragon of Unity himself couldn't make love matches for you three! Come back where you get personalities!

Mushu: [about Mulan's engagement] Oh, what a happy, happy day! My little baby's gettin' married!

Fa Mulan: [singing] Like a cloud, you are soft. Like bamboo you bend in the wind. Creeping slow, you're at peace because you know... it's okay to be afraid.

Mushu: [doing a perfect voice imitation of Mulan on a dummy outside Shang's tent] General Shang? General Hardhead, that's what they should call him! Everything's got to have a strategy!

Captain Li Shang: [barely awake] Mulan?

Mushu: [still sounding like Mulan] The man won't brush his teeth without a backup plan!

Captain Li Shang: [awakening slightly] Huh?

Mushu: [still imitating] I blame myself. I fell for those broad shoulders. I didn't realize there wasn't much sittin' on top of 'em!

[the dummy's head falls off accidently, then Mushu gasps as he places it back on]

Mushu: Oh, except for that garlic breath...

[no longer imitating]

Mushu: Ooh-whee! That boy can peel paint! Oops!

[he covers his mouth]

Captain Li Shang: [Shang gasps and covers his mouth, then kicks off the blanket and marches outside, muttering] That's enough! Where is she?

Mei: Fa Mulan, it's love! Yao and myself, Chien Po and Su...

Ting Ting: And myself and Lingy Bear... I mean Ling.

Captain Li Shang: [storming over to Mulan] Mulan!

Fa Mulan: Why hello, General. Out on night maneuvers?

Captain Li Shang: General Hardhead?

[makes a silly yet glaring face]

Captain Li Shang: Brushing my teeth?

Fa Mulan: Is - something wrong?

Captain Li Shang: [scolding Mulan] I heard you, Mulan. Every word.

[covers his mouth]

Fa Mulan: Every word of what?

Captain Li Shang: Don't play coy; I saw you outside my tent!

Fa Mulan: What? I haven't left my post!

Captain Li Shang: And I suppose you weren't gossiping about me with the princesses?

Fa Mulan: Shang, did that dip in the river get you water-logged? And - why are you talking with your hand over your mouth?

Captain Li Shang: I wouldn't want to peel your PAINT!

[storms away while Mulan looks on, shocked]

Yao: [watching Shang leave] Changing of the guard.

Captain Li Shang: And next time, DON'T LEAVE YOUR POST!

Fa Mulan: Hmph!

Yao: What's with him?

Fa Mulan: [growls in frustration]

Yao: What's with her? Who'm I talkin' to?

Captain Li Shang: [after being asked about having children] As many as possible!

Fa Mulan: Oh, maybe one or two!

Fa Mulan: [after being asked if their wedding is going to be big] Absolutely!

Captain Li Shang: Oh ho, no! Blue!

Fa Mulan: Pink!

Captain Li Shang: Mild.

Fa Mulan: Spicy!

Captain Li Shang: Yes!

Fa Mulan: No!

Captain Li Shang: Now *this* is a battlefield.

Fa Mulan: What's our strategy, General?

Captain Li Shang: Divide and conquer.

[both laugh]

Captain Li Shang: No one should marry a person they don't love.

Fa Mulan: But I have another duty... to my heart.

Mushu: [hiding behind a wheelbarrow as Mulan and Shang come by on their horses] This is gonna be delicious!

Captain Li Shang: [to the Emperor] This mission does not call for force, but finesse. I know just the men.

Fa Mulan: China's most honored and noble soldiers.

[Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po tumble clumsily out from the matchmaker's house in the next shot]

Grandmother Fa: Isn't it wonderful? Sorry, it's sort of slapdash. Took us by surprise, you know.

Fa Mulan: An arranged marriage?

Mei: [about Yao; dreamily] Did you see the way he looked at me?

Ting Ting: Who? The gorilla with the bad eye?

Mei: Gorilla?

[Hugs a pillow]

Mei: He's more like a big, cuddly panda bear.

Su: But you didn't even talk to him.

Mei: A true romanric can tell. He may be... coarse on the outside, but on the inside...

Ting Ting: He's gross?

Mei: [Glaring] I mean under that.

Su: He smells?

[Mei throws a pillow at her]

Su: Ooof!

Mei: I can see past my nose.

[She crawls over to Su and Ting Ting]

Mei: Deep down. Deep, DEEP down, WAY down...!

[Grabs a pillow and hugs it]

Mei: There's something.

Su: [giggling] Oh! Ting Ting, I think she's in love!

Captain Li Shang: No, I'm the one who should be sorry. A good leader is opened up to new ideas. Forgive me?

Fa Mulan: [Mulan takes his hand and smiles] Ah, there's nothing to forgive.

Captain Li Shang: [to Mulan, surrounded by little girls] Is there someplace private we can talk?

Sha-Ron: [shaking his arm] We can go to my house!

Mei: How can you do that? How can you look right at someone, realize you share a special connection, and then just...

Ting Ting: I know where my duty lies, Mei. Do you?

Captain Li Shang: Your only duty is to the Emperor!

Fa Mulan: [singing] You have begun!

Children: [singing] Lesson number lesson number lesson number lesson number le-sson num-ber one!

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