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A lot of this goes down surprisingly well, even if Panettiere, through no fault of her own, is saddled with phony precocious dialogue that makes her sound like an ancient sage.
Boston Globe
The cop-out is mitigated by Allen's ability to impart a comfortable, lived-in quality to his roles, this one included.
Charlotte Observer
For all the story's bland familiarity, it has winning moments. Allen's no actor, but he projects a likeable personality.
Entertainment Weekly
It turns out that Joe ends up liking the old Joe better too. Who just so happens to be the kind of average-Joe character that continues to make Allen such a tidy, non-Joe bundle.
San Francisco Chronicle
An odd picture, a rumination on depression and self-discovery that's couched as an office comedy.
Miami Herald
The best scenes in the movie belong to James Belushi.
Baltimore Sun
This is harmless fun for the holiday season, but Tim Allen doesn't give movie the punch it needs.
Chicago Sun-Times
It's a simple, wholesome parable, crashingly obvious, and we sit patiently while the characters and the screenplay slowly arrive at the inevitable conclusion. It needs to take some chances and surprise us.
New York Daily News
An unimaginative schoolyard-bully comedy.
If "American Beauty" were a bland comedy, it would be Joe Somebody.
New York Post
The demands of formula eventually stifle anything that even looks like inspiration or honesty.

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