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Has its moments .....
ericjg62312 June 2003
Probably the cheapest laugh in all of comedy is putting a guy in drag, hell, they were probably doing it in ancient Egypt to get Pharoah to bust a gut when nothing else worked. And in this case they've got not one but three, the first two of which are barely passable as girls and the third looking like the spitting image of the big redhead that Arnold disguises himself as in "Total Recall".

The whole plot is based on three members of Kappa Omicron Kappa (not exactly a subtly acronym) getting kicked out of their fraternity after they were set up and accused of stealing the alumni party funds. They need to sneak back in their old house to recover a videotape that will prove their innocence. Their first scheme is to dress up as girls and get in during a party, but they quickly get ejected by the "dog catcher" whose job it is to get rid of ugly girls. While still in drag, they are invited to pledge the ultra-feminist Delta Omicron Gamma sorority (another non-subtle joke) and, since they've no food, money or lodging, they accept. The rest of the movie is about their awkward attempts to keep up their ruse and fit in with a bunch of sorority girls, all the while scheming to get back that tape. Naturally, much of the laughs come as the "girls" are forced to adjust to their new roles and dealing with stuff like leg shaving and walking (badly) in heels, although in the process these formerly crude horndogs learn to start appreciating women as more than just object to either lust after (if they're hot) or make fun of (if they're not).

Fortunately, they don't get too heavy on the feminist "message" stuff, at least not enough to get in the way of the humor. And there's a fun little love twist in which one of the boys starts falling for the sorority president, Leah. Her character's a bit of a modern movie cliche, like Julia Stiles in "10 Things I Hate About You" she's supposed to be this bitchy, angry, ugly man hating feminist but is simply too good natured and good looking to really fool anyone. Of course, the twist is, as a boy (in her Women's Studies class) she hates him, but as a girl, she starts to develop feelings for "her". Naturally, once she learns the truth she's initially outraged, but seeing as this is a simple comedy and not something like "Chasing Amy", she quickly relents and all ends well. This is by no means a great comedy, it's definitely a "rent, don't buy" kind of movie, but considering I had no real expectations other that to get about 90 minutes of shut-off-your-brain entertainment, I must say it wasn't bad.

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Good Sorority Humor
funky_cherry8622 April 2006
I was excited when Sorority Boys came out on video and DVD it's one of the funniest comedies of 2002. Barry Watson , Harland Williams and Michael Rosebaum were hysterical in their roles. Most thought it was another mindless sex comedy , but actually I found it to be more better than some of the other gross out college comedies.

When best friends Dave (Watson), Adam (Rosenbaum) & Doofer (Williams) are accused of stealing money for an end of the year party they are kicked out of their fraternity Kappa Omicron Kappa . With no money left and nowhere to live they disguise themselves as women and are accepted into Delta Omicron Gamma D.O.G.. A sorority made up of girls who didn't make it into other sororities. Now the boys are experiencing a whole new life, learning about how badly they've treated women over the years. Meanwhile Dave finds himself falling for Leah (Sagemiller) while at the same time being a gal pal to her. Sorority Boys is one of those films that make you laugh harder than before 7/10
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Funny Movie...If taken for face value!
c_p_c24 February 2003
I have read a few other reviews for SORORITY BOYS in which the reviewer states that the movie is horribly written, cheesy acting, lame gags, etc... My only response to those comments is, "What were you expecting?" A moving piece of great proportions, likely to be nominated for 10 Oscars???

This movie is nothing more than an attempt to make some money off of those who are fans of "teen sex romps." Those who walked into this movie expecting a sophisticated film, you missed the point!!! This movie is about cross-dressing guys, it's supposed to be cheesy and lame; and that is what makes it so funny.

If taken at face value and appreciate it for what it is worth, SORORITY BOYS is a laugh riot. It is a usual sec comedy, but it is funny and clever at some times. While it is definitely not the milestone movie for the 2002 year, it is funny and worth the time (if you like these types of movies).

Lesson Learned: Do not go see "teen" movies expecting to be moved, these movies are made for one reason and that is to make money off an audience. For some good laughs, SORORITY BOYS rates a 6/10.
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Bloody Brilliant!!!!!
sharynd14 November 2002
This was a great movie. So funny, I laughed and I laughed. I know its not that original but hey, those guys were good. Michaels legs make any woman envious. I give them all thumbs up for being brave in pantyhose. Hip Hip hooray.
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I was pleasantly surprised!
IceBoxWoman5 April 2002
After reading several comments on Sorority Boys, I prepared myself for a really lame gross-out comedy with plenty of dick and fart jokes and a wide array of breasts. Fortunately I was very much wrong! While the movie does have a couple of moments that reminded me of There's Something About Mary and more than a couple boob shots, it was all done in good fun. I never once had the urge to look at my watch and found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. It was great to see how typical guys would react to being in a woman's shoes (physically and emotionally) and maybe learn a little something about how they should treat a woman in return. All in all, it was a feel-good comedy, and by the end of the movie you saw a lot of character development. I can't say that I have made a *completely* unbiased evaluation of the movie, because my main motivation for seeing it was a certain Sexy Lexy of televisions "Smallville", but all in all I found it well worth my six dollars and hour and a half. However, I don't recommend that *everyone* go see it. There are many people who are far too critical of movies and don't believe that they can be just for fun (you know who you are) but think they should have some deep philosophical meaning. If you're one of THOSE people don't go see this movie!! For those of you who can enjoy a movie at face value (and then some in this case) go check it out! And if you're interested in seeing adorable shots of the main cast in drag, stay for the credits!! I gave it a 9 out of 10.
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If you need a good laugh
BWrin15 June 2006
While the movie may be predictable, it is, I found it in many scenes, a laugh out loud movie. Ya, while ya wonder why nobody notices that they are guys, and Barry's love interest doesn't recognize that it's him, even though she is his study partner by day and they are "girlfriends" by night, but overlook that and enjoy an entertaining movie. The 3 guys really are funny. The football game scene's could have been a little more realistic. I mean, come'on, girls knocking guys out on the field is a little far fetched but it's a know.. make believe! Barry Watson and Harland Williams are great but to me Michael Rosenbaum stole the show. His expressions, falling off his shoes, the fight scene with Barry Watson, he just cracked me up. And looks like he could be Chevy Chase's son, which I checked and he's not. If ya not looking for an Academy Award winner, and ya just want to be entertained and have a good laugh, this is the movie.
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Walk a Mile in Their Heels
bkoganbing23 May 2009
Sorority Boys is a meeting of Animal House and Some Like It Hot. Sad to say the mix didn't benefit the film. Even Animal House looks like Hamlet by comparison.

Barry Watson, Michael Rosenbaum, and Harland Williams are a trio of shallow fraternity boys who have the sexist attitudes so prevalent in college fraternities. They're in the creme de la creme fraternity and of course get only the best looking women on campus. It also follows that they treat the women in the feminist sorority like dogs. In fact the female fraternity is Delta Omega Gamma.

But when they are accused of pilfering the fraternity funds and drummed out of the place, they realize that place's taping system where they record their sexual encounters might just contain evidence of who really did it.

Our three lugnuts decide to go back in drag to the fraternity house for evidence, but when they get thrown out for not meeting fraternity standards, they have to keep up the pretense, especially when Melissa Sagemiller takes pity on them and invites them to the Delta Omega Gamma sorority. Our boys still in drag bond with the women in ways they never expected.

You know the thing that struck me here is that Barry Watson has a nice growth of chest hair which was on display a few times on Seventh Heaven and other films. He shaved it here to keep the drag illusion going. Was this film worthy of that sacrifice Barry.

Sorority Boys is strictly for the crowd that likes American Pie, Porky's, and Animal House. If you aren't into those films, don't bother.
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Love the movie.
Marlinsfan18818 February 2006
" ohhhh, look at this little handbag, this would go perfect with my shoesies!" -Doofer/ Roberta

Each character was so hilarious with all their roles. I loved Doofer/Roberta the most out of the three guys that went to the DOG sorority house, I also loved Jimmy (the guy that hit on Adina. I don't think it received that good of rating which is a shame because the movie was hilarious. I loved the awkward part in the end when Adam and jimmy are sitting at dinner together after everything has transpired and Jimmy knows what he had done to his best friend, the look on his face was priceless! Anyone who hasn't seen this movie needs to.
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Michael Rosenbaum is kind of pretty
eily9 December 2002
This movie is probably for 12 year old boys and people who like the actors. I like Michael Rosenbaum and Harland Williams so I wasn't that disappointed. Of course, after seeing the trailers I was expecting a D movie so it was actually better than I thought it would be. There is quite a bit in the movie to offend people who like to be offended. Personally, speaking as an ugly girl who would be kicked out of frat parties (although why any girl would want to be at a frat party in the first place is beyond me), I wasn't offended because I'm too apathetic to get worked up about the messages in a badly written movie. What bothered me a lot more were the dropped plot points all throughout the film. There are too many to mention so I won't. It is also much easier for me to ignore the fact that the guys looked like guys and no one noticed- suspension of disbelief in favor of going with the main plotline- than it is for me to ignore the fact that they wore dresses and pumps and carried little purses to college classes. Or that the president of the "cool" fraternity was such a complete dork. Long story short, there are just SO many things wrong with this movie that if you aren't the type who can shut off the critical or easily offended portions of your brain and just enjoy Michael Rosenbaum looking pretty in a mini-skirt and heels (or skinny girls in wet t-shirts for some of you) then you don't want to watch this movie.
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stargaser20 October 2002
For those New Yorkers who are frugal and would rather not spend a minimum of 10 bucks to see a movie, then this is a movie to rent. Better watched at home than on the big screen, this movie is light and very funny. I guarantee that you will laugh at least a couple of times. The humor is at times twisted and at times offensive but it's not too perverted. You'll enjoy this funny look at the world of women seen through the eyes of the men. However, if watching with children, please note that the movie does contain nude scenes and foul language.
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skate_e_chick20 April 2002
sorority boys is sooo worth seeing!!! Its hilarious for both sexes who may be watching it and a good laugh is guaranteed! The cast was excellent too with my favourite being the gorgeous jimmy played by Tony Denman! Please go and see it because you wont regret it. :)
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"I have a fat aaaass!"
Brodie_Henter3 June 2005
The way that he says that, has to be one of THE funniest spoken lines in film history, it's just the way his mouth opens so wide to say it and.... OK.

Sorry. Barry Watson, feeling the role of the woman a little too much there I think. Got into it very well! He seemed quite good as a woman, really is a pretty boy.

Good laughs in this film, it's cute, rude, funny, and just idiotic and I loved every minute of it - do it again!, do it again! I will not say anything about the plot of the film, I just wanted to acknowledge those couple of bits of acting technique - haha! "I love it when you braid my hair."
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DOGs are OK in this movie
MLDinTN9 May 2003
DOG, which are the letters for the geeky girl soriety on campus, show they can outdo the tri-pis. In this movie, 3 guys join DOG because they get kicked out of their fraturnity for theft. They need to get back into their frat house to get a video tape that will prove they aren't the ones that stole the money. So, in order to get in the house, they think dressing in drag will do the trick, plus they get free room and board at the DOG house. Of couse, the president of DOG, is a really hot blonde, who is supposed to be geeky because she wears glasses. Like we haven't seen that before.

So, the few laughs come from the guys in drag in awkard situations. Such as when one guy takes a shower with the hot blonde who can't tell he's a guy because she isn't wearing her glasses. As if! And of course, the uncomfortableness of them wearing dresses. And being hit on by some of their frat brothers. But, one thing I can't get over with movies like this is that the 3 guys are obvious male and not women, but everyone they see falls for the drag get-up. I mean, you can see their beards.

And you know how it ends, the 3 guys who didn't think much of the DOG girls, think they are OK, and not such geeks after living with them. And the hot blonde ends up with one of the guys.

FINAL VERDICT: It's OK. There are some laughs. I recommend it if you are wanting some semi-raunchy fun, but it is no where near as good as raunchy comedies like American Pie.
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Fine Holiday Fun.
steelslip9 April 2002
I'm one of those chicks that can appreciate a good movie for what it is. Lately I've been done to death by movies like "Beautiful Mind" and "Monster's Ball". Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good drama from time to time, but my tear ducts were begging for a vacation. Sorority Boys is a perfect mental margarita for the person who has had enough drama. It's kind of brainless and stupid at times, but it's also really funny watching guys trying to be girls. I was particularly taken with the performance of Michael Rosenbaum, who not only stole the show, (when the job was obviously Harland Williams') but made it more than fun to watch. Speaking as a female of the species, I was surprised that some women were offended by this movie. So there are a lot of gratuitous boob shots, so what? Personally, nudity doesn't offend me, the fact that none of the men are naked offends me. If a woman truly considers herself a feminist, she must demand equal rights and not be afraid to back those beliefs up. Where are the naked men? Harvey Keitel isn't doin' it for me. Really, all that Sorority Boys is saying is we should all be a little more tolerant, considerate, and have fun. The best of both worlds. I enjoyed it, and I may just check out smallville as a result.
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Vulgar and delightful!
Mick (Sees All)2 April 2002
I thought this movie was a scream. It's an interesting variation on the old fish-out-of-water plot. Three college guys temporarily pose as girls and join the Delta Omicron Gamma (DOG) sorority for free rent. Of course they have to endure the indignities of rude remarks and unwanted sexual advances, the discomfort of wearing high heels, the misery of not being pretty, etc. But there are several unexpected turns that keep the story interesting. It's silly and preposterous, but made me laugh all the way through. It's a fascinating movie on many levels, too. What are the values that this film espouses? I never thought I'd ever see a politically correct gross-out movie. It all so has its own sense of slyness that I quite enjoyed. The film pokes fun at sexual stereotypes in some unexpected ways that will no doubt provide food for thought. I loved the music and thought the cast was delightful. I especially liked Michael Rosenbaum as the jock in drag and Tony Denman as the little guy determined to score with him. Harland Williams grew on me. In the powder puff football game sequence, he became my favorite character. I thought he was a riot. If you want Citizen Kane, this is not the flick. If all you're looking for is laughs, this one will do the trick. I enjoyed this movie far more than I thought I was going to. I'm a middle aged person who usually goes for `Art' films. I liked this movie a lot.
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It is bad
jgdemail8 December 2002
THESE ARE BOYS DRESSED UP AS GIRLS! The real girls are idiots, thinking they are girls. They look like guys in drag. And when the girl went in the shower with the guy thinking he was a chick, and I stress again: THEY LOOK LIKE GUYS! How can they be mistaken for girls, even from far away? Any movie with people in drag (with the exception of Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire) is really, really bad. Skip this movie if you want to save yourself 90 minutes.
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Better than I thought
mattysean8 April 2007
Of course it's childish, but the movie is a surprising gem. I wasn't expecting much from the movie. That could have been the reason I enjoyed it so much. But the goofy humor and the cheesy storyline was the perfect comfort that I needed on the hungover morning that I watched the movie. I'd recommend it just as something to watch while you're waiting to go out, or if you don't want to get out of bed. I'm not saying you should go buy it or even rent it, but if it's on TV don't turn the channel. It's definitely worth watching. Harlan Williams does a great job in this movie and is the real gem. Barry Watson's performance is decent but doesn't bring as much to the table as Williams. Join these college boys on their trip through young womanhood on an adventure that you won't soon forget.
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Crass, stupid, raunchy, and likeable
George Parker17 October 2002
"Sorority Boys" is about three frat guys who go drag and pledge a sorority for reasons which, like most of the plot, are unimportant. The flick, which milks the inane premise for all it's worth, is raunchy, crass, vulgar, generally uninspired, and what time it doesn't spend with its head between its legs it spend with its head up its a**. Not worthy of a recommendation for anyone except people like me who watch crap like this with the same kind of sick curiosity which makes motorists turn into lookie-loos when passing a traffic accident. (D+)
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Missed opportunity. 1/2* (out of four)
Movie-1228 April 2002
SORORITY BOYS / (2002) 1/2* (out of four)

Believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to Sorority Boys. I hoped it would be different from the recent explosion of aimless sex comedies considering the ample comic opportunities.

Unfortunately, five minutes into the movie, when a Jell-O dildo crashed threw a window, I realized my expectations were incorrect. At this point, I knew this would be 94 minutes of pure, aimless sex comedy. Sex can be funny, sometimes, but not as often as Hollywood likes to think. Am I the only person getting sick and tired of these pathetic attempts at humor?

The surprising thing about Sorority Boys is how much potential the story actually has. Harland Williams, Michael Rosenbaum, and Barry Watson play three members of Kappa Omicron Kappa fraternity who find themselves evicted from the KOK for stealing party funds.

Somebody has a video tape of the incident, but very few people know it exists, and their ex-fraternity pals will not allow them back inside to retrieve it. After learning that the Delta Omicron Gamma house needs new members, they disguise themselves in drag in order to stay somewhere and concoct a plan to prove their innocence.

Even with potentially funny situations directly under its brow, the movie's humor resorts to characters tumbling down staircases and silly lipstick jokes. The script, by Joe Jarvis and Greg Coolidge, desperately lacks imagination. The plot is so handicapped of ideas, it becomes wound up in a love story so out of place, even the actors involved look as if they think it belongs in a different movie altogether.

Although we've seen guys in drag before (in much better movies), this film is not without unique humorous intentions. In one scene, two characters sword fight with large dildos; in another, the men in drag lead the DOG members against the KOK's in a game of football-they are the first three to hit the bench due to injuries.

Again, these are funny concepts, but director Wallace Wolodarsky doesn't find a punch line. The idea of two guys fighting with dildos is funny, but watching them actually fight for five minutes is not. There is no moment when the audience identifies with the humor and laughs. The visualization of the jokes are so utterly stupid; the audience couldn't laugh at these sight gags if they wanted to.

Sorority Boys simply expects us to laugh at the utter stupidity of the characters. But that doesn't work when the movie is equally as stupid.
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This movie is definitely worth viewing
Jacksblackcoat22 December 2004
It is likely you have read other viewers' comments on Sorority Boys, so you will already know the plot summary. I would love to tell you why I liked this movie enough to go out and buy it. They say that you don't know a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes, and this movie takes that piece of wisdom quite literally! The three guys undergo some slow and subtle changes in their attitudes towards women after a few days masquerading as sorority girls. It is not a politically correct tale by any means, but who cares? Life is serious enough without getting bent out of shape over a movie, and anyone who takes serious offense at this one really needs to get a sense of humor. The talent is outstanding and thus one can overlook any flaws in the plot or script. The guys are hilarious, especially Michael Rosenbaum, who takes a break from playing Lex Luthor (Smallville) for a while and turns out to be an ace at physical comedy. The jokes are coarse at times, as is the language, but it is only what one would expect and the whole thing is a laugh a minute. Quite frankly, at times I laughed until I cried. I was thinking that once I had the movie and could watch it over and over, it would not be as funny, but this one just does not get old. The DVD includes a filmmaker's angle feature and a very funny behind-the-scenes featurette which shows the boy-to-girl transformation process (including leg waxing - hope the guys got paid extra for that). Sorority Boys - I loved it. Oh - and I am a female!
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I guess I'm just one of those uptight feminazis,
kenickie7 November 2002
Was anyone else bothered by the fact that a lot of the jokes in this film revolve around violence against women, and at several points, actual rape? Uh huh. That's what forcing (including drugging) someone and having sex with them is called. Seriously, the disturbing thing about this flick is that the same old stereotypes are being paraded around all over again. Even the details were so '80s: I mean, the old boys network offering a cruisy "We start at 10am" job to a undergrad - huh? Shame that such a talented cast got caught up in this garbage.
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I Would Be Lying If I Said This Didn't Make Me Laugh.
powermandan21 September 2016
Guys in drag has been done with much better results than this. And there's even college films out there than this. I'm not praising this and saying this was better than Tootsie, but it was actually really funny. My 10/10 may well be a sympathy vote, but who cares, the movie was hilarious and irresistible.

The movie stars Barry Watson from 7th Heaven and Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville star as Dave and Adam, two high-standing people from the KOK Fraternity. Them and the frat idiot Doofer (Harland Williams) are framed for stealing money for an important cruise and are kicked out with no place to go. They then dress up as women under the names Daisy, Adina, and Roberta and pledge the DOG Sorority, where all the ugly and weird girls go. I almost hate admitting this, but the lead actors were actually kinda cute as the women they were playing. Watson particularly looks hot as Daisy. What unfolds next is your run-of- the-mill gender-bender where the guys get a chance to see life in a woman's perspective and they help the other girls change for the better. That has been done many times before with much better results. But does better always mean funnier? Not necessarily. It has its moments of sheer hilarity. Aside from that, the movie itself is just simply fun and enjoyable. This isn't a must own or highly recommended, just the perfect movie to watch if you want to kill time or crave something simple-yet-funny.
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One of the Most UNDERRATED Comedies Ever!!!
vze3vhtf18 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Some movies live up to their hype, some do not, & some are actually better than expected.

'S.B.'s ' falls into the last category.

The title alone should make it clear this is not ' Citizen Kane '.

Yet it is a worthy successor to ' Animal House ', which is fitting, as the cast includes several ' A.H. ' alumni, in cameo roles.

This film is well-written, directed, and acted-

-And most importantly, it is really F---ing Funny!!!

(There are some great lines, such as, " ...My Name is Roberta, & I'm Addicted to Porn, and I Masturbate Constantly! ")

I honestly cannot understand why other inferior raunchy comedies (' Bridesmaids ', Etc.), are actually rated higher.

That's a mystery, and also an injustice. This movie is far more worth your time! :-)

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