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Mar. 2003
Labrant Dennis
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The cases of the Row Family, who were murdered by arson in Boise, Idaho in 1992; and 18 year old Nicholas Howard, who was strangled to death in Yolo County, California in 1997.
25 Mar. 2003
Lethal Encounter
In most cases, the killer and victim share a personal history. But when a victim is caught in a stranger's deadly grasp, a crime may go unsolved for years. It takes an arsenal of forensic tools to expose the killer behind a Lethal Encounter.
22 Apr. 2003
Crimes of Passion
When killers are driven by jealousy, rage and desire, their desperation is evident in both the crime and their efforts to cover their tracks. But forensic science can reveal even the smallest mistake to solve these crimes of passion.
27 May 2003
Material Witness
A woman's estranged spouse is often the key witness in a murder investigation. When the body of a missing person is found and identified, family members and friends can provide crucial information to the investigation.
Fatal Abductions
A woman is mysteriously abducted in Colorado, and it's not long before the police are investigating her murder.
19 Aug. 2003
Trial by Fire
A charred corpse is found at the site of a house fire. When investigators determine arson caused the fire but not the death, detectives are set on a hot pursuit to catch a cold-heated killer.
28 Oct. 2003
Hidden Obsessions
The Great Miami River washes up a torso leaving investigators baffled by where the remaining body parts might be or if the person was male or female. Also, a passer-by stumbles upon a human finger in a dumpster behind a local pet store and calls 911.
Blind Trust
Often, a killer will build the victim's trust before he or she attacks. In this episode, New Mexico police search for a missing teenager who disappeared from a local skating rink. Authorities suspect the two friends she was last seen with.
Out to Kill
Sometimes, cooperation from people who are not associated with a crime in any way is the only link between a criminal and the clues left behind for forensic experts. This episode examines cases in which good Samaritans provide tips to investigators to help solve these puzzling crimes.
3 Jul. 2003
Loved to Death
A Russian woman is killed in her home; police search for a box whose contents may prove a man guilty of his wife's murder.
14 Jan. 2003
Random Targets
Most victims are meticulously chosen by their murderer because of a connection or because they match an intricate set of criteria. The most terrifying cases of murder occur when the killer appears to choose victims at random, seemingly without an apparent connection or reason.
13 May 2003
Absent Witness
When murderers hide or destroy the remains of their victims, forensic scientists must reconstruct the scenes and prove murder for an absent witness.
8 Jul. 2003
Solving crimes may begin with intuition but advanced science provides investigators with irrefutable proof to uncover murder masked as an accident. When criminals go to great lengths to hide their crimes, skeptical investigators must step up the challenge and remain undaunted.

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