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Season 6

Trails of Evidence
In criminal investigations, a simple clue can provide the missing link by placing a suspect at the scene of the crime. Dirt left on shoes, tires or clothes can pinpoint where the crime occurred. But it takes the skilled eye of a forensic investigator to follow the trail of evidence to find the killer.
17 Apr. 2001
Cold Blooded
Time of death is an important consideration in a murder investigation but when a killer freezes, burns or even grinds his victim, even the most expert medical examiner would be at a loss about how to calculate a time frame. Forensics has its own techniques to solving these grisly crimes.
12 Dec. 2000
For Love or Money
Investigators use forensics to solve relationship tragedies.
2 Jan. 2001
Invisible Death
Poison is an almost invisible form of death and is often interpreted as a heart attack or underlying health issue. But when foul play is suspected, toxicologists must look for hidden clues in blood and tissue to bring these murders to light.
To Kill Again
Some people do get away with murder, at least for a while. Thrilled by their success, they tend to kill again and again. But with each crime they leave behind more clues for investigators. In this episode, two serial killers are profiled: Faryion Edward Wardrip who murdered five women in Texas, and landlady Dorothy Apuente, who murdered seven of her tenants.
4 Dec. 2000
Written in Bone
At the scene of a murder, sometimes the only clues to the killer come from the victim. Forensic anthropologists use skeletal remains to decipher the clues written in the bones to bring the murderers to justice.
22 May 2001
Dead in the Water
Drowning deaths often look like accidents and over time water can destroy the few clues the killer may have left behind. Investigators must turn to forensic science to solve homicides in which the victims were found in bodies of water.

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