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Season 2

22 Apr. 1997
Mind Hunters
How psychological profiling can be used to catch criminals.
24 Mar. 1998
Camera Clues
How crime scene photos can provide valuable clues during an investigation.
Double Helix
DNA can be used to convict or exonerate a person, identify criminals and victims, and can be collected in a variety of ways.
Faces of Tragedy
Forensic sculptors use skulls and clay to create models of victims' faces.
Without a Trace
Modern technology is used to convict the killer of a teenage girl, linking a bloody shirt, a broken watch, and blood in the wheel well of the suspect. The second case starts with fragments of a skeleton found buried at a Boy Scout camp. Falsely believed to be Caucasian, the skull proved to be of Mongolian descent; a forensic reconstruction circulated on TV, etc., led to a bizarre story--including a body kept in the freezer before burial. The last case involves a parent abduction and computer "aging" of a child's picture which restored them to the custodial parent, ...
Burning Evidence
How forensics can find clues even in charred remains.
Short Fuse
Finding clues in explosions.
17 Jun. 1997
Death Grip
In San Diego a serial killer who strangled 35-40 prostitutes, put them in garbage bags wrapped with tape, and disposed of them in dumpsters was not found until a Canadian lab was able to get prints from a plastic bag 6 years later. A Hollywood cold case file was solved by computerized fingerprint ID (AFIS), convicting a killer over 30 years later! A man in Vermont was skewered to the floor by a ski pole; the murderer had left bloody fingerprints on a door frame and a palm print on the pole, but raising them took an expert. The suspect was convicted--delivered into the...
Signed in Blood
Handwriting analysis can determine mood, motive, and many other psychological traits.
Witness to Terror
Flight Data Recorders can hold valuable clues to the last minutes of a doomed aircraft.
Trial of the Century
What forensics uncovered during the O.J. Simpson murder trial.
Deadly Target
How ballistics can help identify cause of death, guns, and killers.

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