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28 Mar. 2000
A Federal Offense
When there's a difficult case to crack, agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are called in to help. These investigators have the means to tackle crimes involving drugs, arson and weaponry.
10 Oct. 2000
False Witness
Often, the eyewitnesses of a crime are also the main suspects. They're able to manipulate the truth to throw off the authorities. When a murder is committed and deceit clouds the evidence, investigators turn to forensics to uncover the truth, expose a murderous lie and capture the killer.
Nov. 2000
Scent of the Kill
In May 1996, Ray and Fleta Holladay were worried about their daughter, Kathy Beadle. She had checked into a clinic in Toronto, Canada for cancer treatment. That was six weeks ago and they hadn't spoken to her since.
21 Nov. 2000
In the Line of Fire
A sniper is brought to justice through ballistic tests; a missing woman is identified through her dental remains; a semen sample is tied to a gunman.
21 Nov. 2000
Approximately 1.8 million Americans are reported missing each year. Some are runaways who find their way home, but others simply disappear. When foul play is suspected, investigators turn to forensics to find the missing.
26 Dec. 2000
Left at the Scene
Police use trace evidence and paint analysis to track a killer of gay prostitutes; a husband is linked to his estranged wife's murder by saliva and ink found at the scene.
14 Jan. 2003
Random Targets
Most victims are meticulously chosen by their murderer because of a connection or because they match an intricate set of criteria. The most terrifying cases of murder occur when the killer appears to choose victims at random, seemingly without an apparent connection or reason.
13 May 2003
Absent Witness
When murderers hide or destroy the remains of their victims, forensic scientists must reconstruct the scenes and prove murder for an absent witness.
8 Jul. 2003
Solving crimes may begin with intuition but advanced science provides investigators with irrefutable proof to uncover murder masked as an accident. When criminals go to great lengths to hide their crimes, skeptical investigators must step up the challenge and remain undaunted.
Blood Money
Some people murder for love, others murder out of hatred. But sometimes people kill for the money. When greed is the motive, investigators must make every clue pay off in these murder-for-profit cases.
Buried Secrets
The elements of nature can reduce a body to bones in a matter of weeks. Combining art and science, forensic anthropologists can give victims a face long after they've been forgotten.
Coroner Investigator
Coroners play a vital role in piecing together the final moments of someone's life. Los Angeles County coroner Julie Wilson provides an in-depth look into the science of death, as well as the techniques and methodology used by coroner investigators.
Medical Examiner's Casebook
Some killers choose to hide their victims and investigators must then rely on forensic examiners to uncover proof of murder. From identifying remains to uncovering post-mortem clues, these medical examiners are integral in solving some of the most brutal crimes.
Murder by Numbers
For some killers, once is never enough. Often, cold and calculated serial killings are more difficult to solve than violent crimes of passion. For investigators, the challenge is steep when the killers murder by numbers.
Patterns of Guilt
Examines the double murder of Jose Trias and Julie Gilbert* and the murders of Carrie Love by Jesse Pratt in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Susan Bauer*. *Victims' pseudonyms.
Presumed Dead
What does it take to prove murder if the victim cannot be found? Forensic investigators must go to great lengths to catch the killer when the victim is only presumed dead.
Scattered Clues
There's never a good reason for murder but some killers are especially cruel - choosing their victims at random or with no apparent motive and then expertly covering their tracks. These crimes may seem unsolvable, but telling clues remain. It's up to investigators to follow the trail of evidence to capture these deadly killers.
Shattered Vows
A car crashes down an embankment in Northern California. Rescue workers scramble to save a couple trapped inside. Susan Moyer lay motionless while passenger Mitch McLees is barely conscious. An unexpected twist is revealed during a routine investigation.
Stolen Identity
When theft is committed, something valuable is stolen. But when a criminal needs a new identity, theft becomes lethal.
Tainted Trust
Poison is the subtlest murder weapon, and poisoners are sometimes the most brutal of killers, gaining their victims' trust and harming them over time to disguise the murder. Investigators must see through the unusual circumstances to bring these murders to light.
Web of Clues
The 'stars' of this episode are forensic entomologists who specialize in determining time of death by the development of insects found with the body. In Hawaii, a missing person case becomes a murder when a body wrapped in a blanket is found. An entomologist simulates conditions with a dead pig and watches fly development to pinpoint her time of death and convict her killer. In Tennessee, a dried-out wasp's nest in a dry skull helps identify a victim. William Bass, a forensic anthropologist, determines age and sex, as well as the length of time required for conditions...

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