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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Soldier Stories

Forensic scientists uncover stories of the soldiers who went to war and never came back.

Season 1, Episode 2: Dead Men Do Talk

One case concerns a serial killer who phones police confessing he murdered someone; he is captured a few blocks from the pay phone. To convict him, they need to prove there's been a murder (a body would help), tie it to the perp, and motive might help. Led to the disposal place of one victim, a tool marks expert links the bone's cut marks to the killer. But is he sane? Second, a cold case squad is working on identifying the young woman whose bones and clothes have been discovered abandoned in a woody area.

Steve Altes ... Surveyor

Mary Jean Bentley ... Missy Humbert (as Mary Jean McAdams)

Patti Harris (as Patti Jordan)

Michael Stanton Kennedy ... Doctor
Robert McEvilly ... Auto dealer / husband
Steve Short ... Frank Graham

Season 1, Episode 3: Deadly Chemistry

Using forensics to solve poisoning.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

John S. Howell Sr. ... E.g. (as John s Howell Sr.)

Staci Robbins ... Doctor

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Mind Hunters

How psychological profiling can be used to catch criminals.
William Dean ... John Wayne Gacy (as Billy Dean)
Gene Galusha

Scott Rollins ... Policeman
G.F. Rowe ... Coroner
Rich Warren ... John Dell Carr

Season 2, Episode 2: Camera Clues

24 March 1998
How crime scene photos can provide valuable clues during an investigation.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator
Benjamin Mays ... Gary 'Ace' Donahue (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 3: Double Helix

DNA can be used to convict or exonerate a person, identify criminals and victims, and can be collected in a variety of ways.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 4: Labrant Dennis

March 2003

Jason Bartley ... Marlin Barnes

Jeremy Nichols ... Forensics Specialist

Season 2, Episode 5: Faces of Tragedy

Forensic sculptors use skulls and clay to create models of victims' faces.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator
Karen T. Taylor ... Herself

Season 2, Episode 6: Without a Trace

Modern technology is used to convict the killer of a teenage girl, linking a bloody shirt, a broken watch, and blood in the wheel well of the suspect. The second case starts with fragments of a skeleton found buried at a Boy Scout camp. Falsely believed to be Caucasian, the skull proved to be of Mongolian descent; a forensic reconstruction circulated on TV, etc., led to a bizarre story--including a body kept in the freezer before burial. The last case involves a parent abduction and computer "aging" of a child's picture which restored them to the custodial parent, thanks to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Mary Jean Bentley ... Missy Humbert (as Mary Jean McAdams)
Judith Floyd ... Herself
Robert Giles ... Himself
Patrick Lane ... Himself
Chester Pritchett ... Himself
George Schiro Jr. ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 7: Burning Evidence

How forensics can find clues even in charred remains.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 8: Short Fuse

Finding clues in explosions.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 9: Death Grip

17 June 1997
In San Diego a serial killer who strangled 35-40 prostitutes, put them in garbage bags wrapped with tape, and disposed of them in dumpsters was not found until a Canadian lab was able to get prints from a plastic bag 6 years later. A Hollywood cold case file was solved by computerized fingerprint ID (AFIS), convicting a killer over 30 years later! A man in Vermont was skewered to the floor by a ski pole; the murderer had left bloody fingerprints on a door frame and a palm print on the pole, but raising them took an expert. The suspect was convicted--delivered into the arms of justice by his own hands.

Season 2, Episode 10: Signed in Blood

Handwriting analysis can determine mood, motive, and many other psychological traits.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 11: Witness to Terror

Flight Data Recorders can hold valuable clues to the last minutes of a doomed aircraft.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 12: Trial of the Century

What forensics uncovered during the O.J. Simpson murder trial.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 13: Deadly Target

How ballistics can help identify cause of death, guns, and killers.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

John S. Howell Sr. ... Victim of crime

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Fatal Compulsion

The most famous serial killer (Ted Bundy), who may have killed 40 women, was only convicted because of an odontologist's being able to match his teeth with a bite mark on a victim in Florida. In the home of a Canadian serial rapist-turned-killer, tiny trace evidence was found. Videotapes convicted him, but his wife's participation in torture and sexual abuse was ignored because she turned state's evidence for a 12-year sentence before the tapes were found. A single bloody palm print led to the female serial killer Aileen Wuornos, who confessed to killing six middle-aged men.

Season 3, Episode 2: Bodies of Evidence

How murders can be solved even when the body is missing.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 3, Episode 3: Shreds of Evidence

Evidence as minute as hairs and fibers can be used to track killers and victims whereabouts.
Lisa Cafiero ... Michelle O'Keefe

Michal Sinnott ... Sheila

Season 3, Episode 4: Seeds of Destruction

A simple seed pod found at a crime scene provides the missing link in a murder by placing a suspect at the crime scene.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 3, Episode 5: Lethal Dosage

While drugs can cure diseases and ease pain, they can also be agents of murder. Toxicologists can examine blood and tissue to uncover cases where death is not as natural as it may seem.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 3, Episode 6: Tools of Death

Sometimes the same tool or weapon used to commit a crime can be used to solve it.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Scott Rollins ... Danny Rolling

Danny Scalf ... Det. Lou Reznik

Season 3, Episode 7: Out of the Grave

How new technological advances can solve cases even a thousand years old, and answer questions long unanswered.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator
Jayce O'Neal ... Detective

Season 3, Episode 8: Infallible Witness

Experimental techniques and computer analysis can give new dimensions to a case.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 3, Episode 9: From the Ashes

Arson investigators turn ashes into concrete evidence.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Ethan Marten ... Detective

Kwame Rakes ... Apartment Complex Resident

Season 3, Episode 10: Living in Terror

Terrorists, armed with bombs and other new technology, are disarmed through the same means.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator
Robb Curry ... Gun store employee (uncredited)

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Lethal Obsessions

24 November 2000
Blind ambition, rage, and desire can lead to murder.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 4, Episode 2: Traces of Guilt

17 November 2000
The smallest clues can solve a case.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 4, Episode 3: Electronic Witness

29 December 1998
As technology becomes more advanced, people can't help but leave electronic traces wherever they go.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator
Chris Plouffe ... Jason Rhodes

Season 4, Episode 4: Dead Wrong

8 December 1998
Criminals often attempt to change crime scenes to hide a crime. Forensics can detect how.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Scott Rollins ... Arson Investigator

Season 4, Episode 5: Lasting Impressions

1 December 1998
Sometimes killers leave behind unintentional traces, like shoe treads and fingerprints.

Jeff McBath ... Shoe Designer

Season 4, Episode 6: Women Who Kill

26 January 1999
Though women kill in less violent ways, they're equally as deadly as men.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Danny Scalf ... Russell Staggers

Season 4, Episode 7: Deadly Dealings

15 December 1998
Why some killers hire others to kill for them.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Kyle Humphrey ... Joyce Cohen

Ethan Marten ... Murderer

Season 4, Episode 8: Body Count

22 December 1998
Serial killers often get sloppy with each murder, leaving more and more clues behind.
John Feet ... Lt. Serano
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 4, Episode 9: A Taste of Poison

9 February 1999
Those who poison must first put their victims at ease and earn their trust.

Ethan Marten ... Tim Scoggin
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Jeff McBath ... Insurance Salesman

Season 4, Episode 10: Grave Discoveries

23 March 1999
The passage of time can convince people to talk and coupled with new technologies can help to solve old cases.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Scott Rollins ... Policeman #1

Season 4, Episode 11: Texas Rangers

30 March 1999
The history of the Texas Rangers.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 4, Episode 12: Bad Medicine

6 April 1999
How forensics can be used to crack drug rings.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 4, Episode 13: Unlikely Sources

13 April 1999
Some of the best clues com from the least likely places. Baffling crimes betrayed through evidence provided by insects, beer bottles and other seemingly meaningless objects.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 4, Episode 14: True Crime

27 April 1999
How forensics can be used to crack drug rings.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 4, Episode 15: Coroner's Casebook

18 May 1999
Two noteworthy coroners describe their job and its importance in solving cases.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: Remnant of Blame

5 October 1999

Season 5, Episode 2: Partners in Crime


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Season 5, Episode 4: Natural Witness


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Jeff McBath ... Medical Examiner

Scott Rollins ... Deputy Sheriff

Season 5, Episode 7: Broken Vows


Bill Bell ... Dan Remington

Season 5, Episode 8: Cold Cases


Gene Galusha ... Himself - Narrator (voice)

Danny Scalf ... Lt. Scott Mascher
Karen T. Taylor ... Herself

Season 5, Episode 9: Family Plots


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Season 5, Episode 14: Flames of Justice

4 April 2000

Jaysn Douglass ... Lance Wargo 2000

Tommy Hahn ... Forensic Expert

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 2: Trails of Evidence


Patrick Sean Green ... Michael Land

Jeff McBath ... Forensics Expert

Craig Sawyer ... Earl Don Baker

Season 6, Episode 4: Cold Blooded

17 April 2001

Mike Brown ... Todd Miller

Shane Callahan ... Michael Kinney
Bruce Cofdivari ... Policeman
Donna Dancel ... Sandra McNeil

Brian Dragonuk ... Detective Doug Lake
Jack Evans ... FBI Agent

Joel Haberli ... Forensic Scientist
Brent Hobin ... Farmer

Kyle Humphrey ... DCI
Lisa Neely ... Coroner
Ralph Priest ... Policeman
Abbey Rockwell ... Sister
Dale Spatz ... Mark Millbrandt
Jamie Thomas ... Sherrif

Season 6, Episode 5: For Love or Money

12 December 2000
Investigators use forensics to solve relationship tragedies.

Season 6, Episode 7: Invisible Death

2 January 2001

Jim Meisner Jr. ... Captain Johnson

Season 6, Episode 8: To Kill Again


Shawn Altman ... Neighbor

Season 6, Episode 9: Written in Bone

4 December 2000

Jaysn Douglass ... Forensic Detective 2000

Tommy Hahn ... Forensic Expert

Season 6, Episode 12: Dead in the Water

22 May 2001

Season 7

Season 7, Episode 1: Bloodlust

18 September 2001

Brenda Van Dorn ... Mrs. Gallagher

Season 7, Episode 2: Deadly Intentions

25 September 2001
Murder victims are often lured to their death by someone they trust, someone with "Deadly Intentions." Examples: a responder to a newspaper ad in Virginia; a "girl" that a Texas Aggie student met in an Internet chat room; and a California family member with an ulterior motive.

Season 7, Episode 4: Deadly Aim

28 August 2001

Tommy Hahn ... Dectective

Nanci Hernandez-Hall ... Lori Rainwater
Linda Young ... Murder's girlfriend

Season 7, Episode 7: Deadly Smile

18 December 2001

Tim L. Smith ... Medical Examiner (as Timothy Smith)

Season 7, Episode 8: Military Justice

Examining crimes committed by military personnel, including the case of a Marine Corps sergeant who reported his wife missing and found himself charged with murder; and a sailor killed with his own gun.

Season 7, Episode 9: The Unforgotten

Some homicide cases go unsolved for years. It takes diligence and cutting-edge technology to catch suspects who believe their crimes have been forgotten.
Shawn Altman ... Douglas Thames

Season 7, Episode 11: Tainted Blood

5 March 2002

Season 7, Episode 12: Proof of Innocence

19 March 2002
Three men wrongly convicted of crimes are ultimately set free by DNA analysis.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)
Robert Ruffin ... Crime Scene Investigator

Tim L. Smith ... The Coroner (as Timothy Smith)

Season 7, Episode 13: Drawing Conclusions


Rachel Brewer ... Lesha Hamilton
Karen T. Taylor ... Herself

Season 7, Episode 14: Stranger Than Fiction

10 September 2002

Tristan Jackson ... Detective Mattson

Brandi Price ... Series
Owen Thomas ... Homeowner

Amelia Zontini ... Maryanne Poleright

Season 7, Episode 15: Predators and Parasites

21 May 2002

Sam Edens ... Trucker

Kristen Hagen ... Victim

Brandi Price ... Series

Season 7, Episode 16: In the Camera's Eye

11 June 2002

Tommy Hahn ... Larry Kilgore - Victim
George Schiro Jr. ... Himself

Season 7, Episode 17: Wasted Youth

25 June 2002
Investigators dispute the innocence of teens involved in murders.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)
Tyler Reid ... Brad Hansen's classmate

Season 7, Episode 18: Collective Justice

24 September 2002
Two heads are better than one. When killers are cunning and truth elusive, a private think-tank called the Vidocq Society can provide investigators with fresh perspectives on cold cases.
Rachel Brewer ... Kerr Scott
Natalie Cassell ... Sallie Dillian
Jim Meisner Jr. ... Richard Walter

Brenda Van Dorn ... Sheila Bellush

Season 8

Season 8, Episode 1: Murder for Hire


Ian Holm ... Narrator (voice)

Dean Teaster ... Sheriff (as Dean West)

Season 8, Episode 2: Toxic Death


Jayce O'Neal ... Forensics Officer

Season 8, Episode 4: Betrayed


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Season 8, Episode 5: Elements of Murder

17 December 2002
Everyday substances reveal hidden clues that break a homicide case.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Leanna Chamish ... Susan Galloway

Season 8, Episode 7: Grave Secrets


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Tim L. Smith ... Detective (uncredited)

Season 8, Episode 8: At Close Range

When a victim is gunned down at point-=blank range, police often assume that an acquaintance is to blame, since it's less-likely for a stranger to commit an assault at close range. However, experience shows the most obvious suspect is not always guilty.

Season 8, Episode 9: Lethal Encounter

25 March 2003
In most cases, the killer and victim share a personal history. But when a victim is caught in a stranger's deadly grasp, a crime may go unsolved for years. It takes an arsenal of forensic tools to expose the killer behind a Lethal Encounter.

Season 8, Episode 10: Crimes of Passion

22 April 2003

Aaron Fiore ... Mark Boson

Nicole D. Hodges ... Timwanika Lumpkins

Larry Laverty ... Robert Brown

Brandi Price ... Series
Adam Starks ... Frat Member (as Adam Le'Andre)

Season 8, Episode 11: Material Witness

27 May 2003
A woman's estranged spouse is often the key witness in a murder investigation. When the body of a missing person is found and identified, family members and friends can provide crucial information to the investigation.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Carl Burrows ... N.Y.P.D. Detective

Greg Cool ... Doug Beamish, killer
Jim Meisner Jr. ... Custodian

Season 8, Episode 12: Marked for Death

17 July 2004
Plastic, industrial tie-wraps lead police to a killer.
Bob Featherer ... Lab Tech
Jim Meisner Jr. ... Mr. Morton

Kay Salem

Tim L. Smith ... JVH Supervisor (as Timothy Smith)

Season 8, Episode 14: Fatal Abductions

A woman is mysteriously abducted in Colorado, and it's not long before the police are investigating her murder.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator

Brandi Price ... Series

Season 8, Episode 15: Trial by Fire

19 August 2003
A charred corpse is found at the site of a house fire. When investigators determine arson caused the fire but not the death, detectives are set on a hot pursuit to catch a cold-heated killer.

Season 8, Episode 17: Forsaken Trust

25 March 2004

Keith Michael Gregory ... Detective (as Keith Gregory)

Luke Seven ... Witness (as Bryan Cabrera)

Season 9

Season 9, Episode 1: Hidden Obsessions

28 October 2003
The Great Miami River washes up a torso leaving investigators baffled by where the remaining body parts might be or if the person was male or female. Also, a passer-by stumbles upon a human finger in a dumpster behind a local pet store and calls 911.
Brian Imbler ... James Lawson
Kevin L Simmons ... Forensic Detective

Amelia Zontini ... Misty Greer (voice)

Season 9, Episode 2: Blind Trust


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Jenny Marlowe ... Roommate
Ed Easterling ... Trucking Company Owner

Darla Grese ... Tammy Lair

Season 9, Episode 4: Fatal Impressions


Robert A. Foor ... Christian Fuhr

Brandi Price ... Series

Season 9, Episode 5: Misplaced Loyalty


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Season 9, Episode 6: Silent Killers

13 March 2004
Police search for a 22-year-old college student whose car was found abandoned outside Philadelphia; 10-year-old boy missing in Illinois.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)
Natalie Cassell ... Helen Moore
Mercy Cherian ... Wife
Todd Farr
John Pierce ... Hollywood
Amar Singh

Todd Tetreault ... Pete Thomas

Brenda Van Dorn ... Medical Examiner
Melissa Wiehl ... Shopper

Season 9, Episode 7: Out to Kill


Season 9, Episode 8: Raw Greed


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)
Natalie Cassell ... Neighbor

Season 9, Episode 9: Murderous Attraction

A car plunged down an embankment in Jellico, TN and was engulfed in flames. When the fire was extinguished, investigators found a victim charred beyond recognition. But when coroners examine the DNA more closely, will they find a victim, or a look-a-like?
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Season 9, Episode 10: Broken Trust

13 November 2004
When several patients in a small ICU facility die, investigators turn to forensics to solve the mystery. One nurse is suspected of using a deadly dose of medicine to take patients' lives.
Mike J. Ferruzza ... Andrew Harris
Darrell Francis ... Orville Lynn Majors

John S. Howell Sr. ... Male nurse

Tim L. Smith ... Dr. Brian Andresen (as Timothy Smith)
Tom Sparx ... Second Detective (as Tom E. Ford)
Melissa Wiehl ... Medical Examiner

Daisy Jade ... Angelica's Friend (Episode 114) (uncredited)

Season 9, Episode 11: Killing Time


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Season 9, Episode 12: Price of Murder


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)
Scott J. Smith ... Donald Bradley

Season 9, Episode 13: Stolen Youth

12 June 2004
A 10-year-old girl is reported missing after she failed to show up at a friend's house after school. With few clues to work with, investigators turn to forensics to fill in the blanks and help them solve the case.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Season 9, Episode 14: Loved to Death

3 July 2003
A Russian woman is killed in her home; police search for a box whose contents may prove a man guilty of his wife's murder.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Darla Grese ... Maggie

Brenda Van Dorn ... Diane Smith

Season 9, Episode 15: Written in Blood


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)
Bob Featherer ... Lab Tech

Larry Laverty ... Family Member
Jay McCord ... Police Officer

Season 9, Episode 16: Critical Evidence


Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Season 9, Episode 17: Fatal Twist

A Virginia real estate agent misses an appointment and is never seen again. It's up to forensic experts to piece together evidence and find the answer to this story's Fatal Twist.
Mary Wadkins ... Carolyn Rogers

Season 9, Episode 18: Vanished


Christopher Allison ... Inmate
Kira Brown ... Lady on Train (voice)
Natalie Cassell ... Alice Isenberg

Anna Marie DeFelice ... Jessica Trott

Gabrielle Dennis ... Girlfriend
Jayce O'Neal ... Forensics Officer

Rodney Roldan ... Graveyard Worker

Unknown Season

A Federal Offense

28 March 2000

Absent Witness

13 May 2003

Audrey Harris ... Homicide Witness


22 March 2002

Tommy Hahn ... Crime Technician

Beltway Sniper

13 December 2002

Sommer Fehmel ... Cashier

John S. Howell Sr. ... Fbi agent

Brenda Van Dorn ... Linda Franklin

Blood Lust


Blood Money


Buried Secrets


Coroner Investigator


False Witness

10 October 2000

Grain of Truth

September 1998

Lucia Forte ... Gloria

In the Line of Fire

21 November 2000
A sniper is brought to justice through ballistic tests; a missing woman is identified through her dental remains; a semen sample is tied to a gunman.
Jim Meisner Jr. ... Detective

Left at the Scene

26 December 2000
Police use trace evidence and paint analysis to track a killer of gay prostitutes; a husband is linked to his estranged wife's murder by saliva and ink found at the scene.

Medical Examiner's Casebook



21 November 2000
Approximately 1.8 million Americans are reported missing each year. Some are runaways who find their way home, but others simply disappear. When foul play is suspected, investigators turn to forensics to find the missing.

Murder by Numbers


Patterns of Guilt

Examines the double murder of Jose Trias and Julie Gilbert* and the murders of Carrie Love by Jesse Pratt in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Susan Bauer*. *Victims' pseudonyms.

Presumed Dead


Random Targets

14 January 2003

Jonathan Soronen ... Mark Farrell

Renee Sweet ... Lynn Bonham (as Monica Sweet)

Scattered Clues


Scent of the Kill

November 2000
In May 1996, Ray and Fleta Holladay were worried about their daughter, Kathy Beadle. She had checked into a clinic in Toronto, Canada for cancer treatment. That was six weeks ago and they hadn't spoken to her since.
Marge Coleman ... Fleat Holladay
Jim Blount ... Ray Holladay
Jeff Hardison ... Tony Vick
Wade Brinkly ... FBI Agent
Suzan Negron ... Kathy Beadle
Tom Doherty ... Sheriff Hutchinson
Bob Caton ... Detective Lee
Denn Alaric ... Forensic Investigator
Peggy Reynolds ... Store Owner
Dorthy Boring ... Nanny
Kristen Henson ... Kid
Sierra Smith ... Kid
Kim Haywood ... Medical Examiner
Keely Berrios ... Hotel Clerk
Jon Greene ... Plainclothes Detective

Shattered Vows

A car crashes down an embankment in Northern California. Rescue workers scramble to save a couple trapped inside. Susan Moyer lay motionless while passenger Mitch McLees is barely conscious. An unexpected twist is revealed during a routine investigation.
Gene Galusha ... Narrator (voice)

Stolen Identity


Tainted Trust



8 July 2003

Web of Clues

The 'stars' of this episode are forensic entomologists who specialize in determining time of death by the development of insects found with the body. In Hawaii, a missing person case becomes a murder when a body wrapped in a blanket is found. An entomologist simulates conditions with a dead pig and watches fly development to pinpoint her time of death and convict her killer. In Tennessee, a dried-out wasp's nest in a dry skull helps identify a victim. William Bass, a forensic anthropologist, determines age and sex, as well as the length of time required for conditions to allow skull and nest to be there (at least 18 months). Searching missing teen reports are matched with jewelry found, and the victim is identified. Forensic entomologist Neal Haskell teaches lawmen how to observe and collect the evidence provided by insects. The last case involves a house in Indianapolis with three dead bodies in it (two of them mummified), bodies and surfaces covered with beetles. Haskell helps police unravel the STRANGE circumstances they had encountered. Last, we are reminded that many insects can provide DNA and toxicology on victims.

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