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Ghouls galore

Author: Sheldon Aubut from United States
21 October 2001

A wonderful imaginative and fun Halloween story. Of course one must suspend belief for a while, but it is worth watching. Christopher Lloyd is his usual manic self, and brings life to what would be a typical zombie/monster movie without his energized performance.

When 12 year old Danny Walker moves to his Patriarchal home town in Minnesota he finds that the town does not celebrate Halloween, and things are not quite what they appear to be.

An enjoyable movie that may be destined to be a Halloween classic.

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This movie starts out really fun, slows in the middle, but makes a comeback in the end.

Author: bensentl from United States
5 September 2005

Growing up in a small town in the Great Lakes Region, made this movie a lot of fun, as I was reminded of fun times in my hometown around Halloween. This is a movie dominated by Christopher Lloyd, who takes over the minute his character is introduced. If you enjoy this actor in movies like Back to the Future or his time on the classic TV show Taxi, you will probably enjoy this movie also. Lloyd's character is a bit eccentric, and the interaction between he and his Grandson makes for a lot of laughs. There is also the classic big bully, picking on the underdog little kid, who must overcome his fears in the end. The movie starts to drag about 30 minutes into it, but when the zombies, spooks and ghouls come out to play, the fun kicks back into gear. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys sitting with the kids and watching a fairly wholesome family show.

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This is a great movie for getting into the Halloween spirit.

Author: chocolatcheez from Canada
28 October 2005

I am a Halloween fanatic and this is defiantly my favorite Halloween movie. The small town atmosphere definitely brings it together and there's a little humor and a little gruesome part, although you don't see it. I only have one problem with the deceased Curtis Danko because he looks way too fake. I have enjoyed this movie since it came out because of the way it puts me into the Halloween mood and is a great way to get ideas for any decorations, party ornaments or just an exciting film to watch at home or with friends. I think R.L Stine definitely pulled this one off.

This is a great family movie thats enjoyable for almost any age.

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Very nice and entertaining!

Author: Sean Richard McCarthy ( from United States
22 November 2001

I get a kick out of R.L Stine's stories, despite the fact they are written for young children, and watch them all. I expected this movie would be geared for the same audience. However, I was especially curious about this one because is was a full length movie (most are 60 minutes or so). I have to say that I am quite impressed with this! I believe this is the most creative story (movie) I have encountered by him! In the beginning it is a bit silly, but soon becomes very interesting! It keeps you wondering (and that is a great quality)! It is silly, funny, touching, romantic (trust me), and even scarry!

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very nice, well written

Author: bulbamew1
28 October 2001

This was actually a very nice movie, Christopher Lloyd making it even more so. He does wonderful acting and is my favorite at comedy other than Will Friedle.

The plot was very well written, even though it followed the traditional Goosebumps storyline. Except for leaving you hanging at the ending, like most of R.L. Stine's books do. (I HATE that!)

Overall, very nice, well written.=)

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Better than Halloweentown by miles!

Author: Kitty Pryde from Canada
17 February 2006

I remember seeing this with my younger brother near Halloween night a few years ago. To be frank, I was pleasantly surprised. I had expected something boring, dry, and lacking a good script and characters, just like Halloweentown did, but I ended up sitting there at the end sitting at the TV screen with this dopey big grin on my face. Finally, a movie from family channel with a PLOT! Sure, the zombies aren't exactly terrifying, but this is a kid's movie, not Dawn of The Dead. It's always nice to see a dark little movie with a cheery ending once in a blue moon, and this one is that movie!

The only disappointing thing in this movie was the fact that Curtis Danko only said one line, and that they didn't show him before his death for very long. Otherwise, GREAT movie.

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Great.. for kids, that is.

Author: Angela (BellaMorteGhoul) from Saxon, Wisconsin
18 October 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** *Possible Spoilers?*

As a teenager, I don't often watch movies made for kids. But as my little brother sat watching this one, I couldn't help sneaking a peek at it. The cute little 8th grade goth kid with the crazy long black hair and safety pinned tie was WAY too adorable. He was THE coolest kid in the whole movie, although the storyline was a little.. mature for 8 year olds. I was sad when I found out that he dies, and even sadder at the end when I found out the truth. I think the end when the statue is unveiled is one of the best parts, although I was tipped off at who it was earlier in the movie. If you want a good Halloween story, but not all the blood and guts... and a cute goth boy too.. I recommend this one.

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Enjoyable film for the kids around Halloween

Author: TransAtlantyk from Warszawa, Polska
11 January 2012

This is one of those films where you need to review it as if you were a child watching on it on the screen. Adults are jaded and kids enjoy much simpler things in that magical childhood haze. If you are an adult you will watch this film and won't really think much of it however it does possess a nice Halloween atmosphere and Christopher Lloyd is enjoyable enough to watch. The plot is ridiculous and the ending is equally absurd but the children will love it and might even get a nice child-like fright out of the whole thing.

It is appropriate for children, a concerned parent should of course watch the film themselves first but there are not many things which one would find offensive to a sufficiently old enough child. Cook up some popcorn and watch this one with your child. Don't be surprised if you find it to drag a little but the little ones will be fascinated.

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perfect Halloween movie

Author: kai ringler from United States
23 March 2010

i just absolutely love this movie.. Christopher Lloyd does a great job in this one, as Uncle Fred. Apparently 20 years ago or so the town experienced such a horrible incident that they don't celebrate Halloween anymore.. a kid Curtis Danko got killed and the town now fears that his haunted soul will come back and haunt or kill them if they celebrate Halloween,, enter Uncle Fred what a comical character, that humongous stack of pumpkins was just hilarious , and that haunted house was just something that i would like to live in ,, all the decorations and such, would just make for a wonderful Halloween, this movie is great to watch anytime of the year, but of course probably much better at Halloween . The acting is pretty good , the decorations and costumes are wonderful also, thumbs up to this one.

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Halloween's spirit - Christopher Lloyd!

Author: Bob from Estonia
26 August 2006

Such huge rarity for today's time - film with Christopher Lloyd in a leaging role! With the beginning of a new millennium this great actor all less often and less often gives to us pleasure the game, even more often appears on TV in films which are almost unknown a wide audience. To me has carried, I have seen this film.

In a role come back from that light of the grandfather - zombie it is simply delightful. It always ideally accepted such unusual, little bit devil roles - madwomen, maniacs, envoys of a hell, and, on the contrary, representatives of paradise. In this film Lloyd's by game it is possible to enjoy simply - explosive, bright, comical and touching simultaneously game - a stream of transformations, the rubber mimicry so favourite by admirers, uncontrollable splashes in emotions and mad shine in opinion of. As it is a pity, that such roles come across recently to the actor so seldom and as it is insulting, that the general public cannot see it at cinemas.

Excepting Christopher Lloyd's tremendous game, pluss and minuses of television statements are peculiar to film all - the small budget and economy is visible on everything, and especially on special effects, a make-up, suits, a place of shootings... However, it is possible to consider it simply as reserve - yes, special effects far are not ideal, and the script limps, and game of many children leaves much to be desired, - but all fascinatingly, cheerfully, interestingly and very much in spirit of a Halloween - informidable horrors and a kind fairy tale. Separate thanks for the ending, it has appeared unexpected enough and thus touching. And Christopher Lloyd's statue in the ending as if symbolizes merits of the great actor before cinema. In general, the excellent family comedy to look in its evening before a Halloween - lovely business, and during any other time it is possible to look with pleasure at Christopher Lloyd's game!

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