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Better than the Kings

Author: tedg ( from Virginia Beach
15 August 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers herein.

Standup is hard. So hard to be really funny instead of steering into the lazy blue zone. These women do. You might find it funny if you don't know its all about class -- funny isn't about laughing.

So hard -- if you are African American -- to not do the fatally patronizing: Black people are (fill in the blank with stereotypical behavior). All the Kings relied on this heavily. Only one of the Queens (the last) does, I suppose that makes this better.

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Gay/lesbian slurs

Author: Donny Hathaway (donnylutz) from Minneapolis, MN
15 August 2005

As a gay man, who has several gay friends who have also seen this picture, I absolutely LOVED Queens of Comedy, and absolutely ADORED Monique. She is a can't take everything so literally. She is a gay-rights activist! Her latest venture was the first ever plus size beauty pageant! Lay off Monique, she's extremely sweet and friendly.....her standup is just that, it's funny and on the edge, that's all. All the gay guys I know adore her and laugh insessintly at her one gay slur.

As far as the other ladies, Ms. Givvens is hilarious, Laura Hayes is funny but a little outdated with her material, and Summore is funny, she's just not my type for stand up...


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Overall This was funny...BUT...

Author: res07lla from Los Angeles CA.
10 December 2002

I really enjoyed this show. Almost all of the ladies were hilarious! The only one i took issue with was Monique, I just didn't see much talent there! Though occasionally she would say something funny, her dialogue consisted mostly of swearing (Which I have nothing against!) and very little real talent or actual material to cover herself. Kind of like when we were kids and cursed so we could appear grown up. Monique seemed to cuss to cover up a true lack of talent! i could have also done without her Prejudiced remarks! A true comedian will have to talent to be funny not at the expense of others! If it weren't for her performance (And I am ONLY basing this on her performance!) I would have given this show a 10. Instead I give it a seven.

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Lighten up

Author: jmichie from United States
23 June 2005

Mo'Nique was hysterical and my gay friends quote her so-called "anti-gay slurs" daily. Worth seeing unless you want only Politically Correct Comedy. Thought police to the rescue! This movie is quoted amongst my friends with nearly the same frequency as Desperate Living (John Waters). Parts were slow but the great lines were absolutely great lines and worth at the very least renting. Unfortunately, I can't find any of the memorable quotes I will just have to rent it again, and this time write the funny lines down! I liked it even better than Kings of Comedy, but I typically think women are funnier. Also, check out Ellen DeGeneres HBO stand up routine. Very funny.

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HILARIOUS on some parts and DULL on others!

Author: Anthony Coleman
9 July 2015

Doing stand-up comedy alone itself is a hard task to achieve. But doing so being a woman is an even greater task. Therefore, i give these women a hand for the achievement of giving the audience a good laugh!

Laura Hayes was the host and comedic interval between each comedians segment. i enjoyed her performance and laughed although her jokes seem to tend more to the older individuals in the crowd. overall i still found her story about her grandchildren and the rock, and her family oriented ordeals hilarious!

Adele Givens seemed to be the most censorsed of the 4. With that being said she still managed to make me laugh and the audience seems to adore her knowing her catch phrase "Im such a f***kin lady!" I personally don't think her performance was the strongest but she still made me laugh here and there.

Sommore was by far my favorite act. She did not hide anything , she was herself and talked about what a lot of us are afraid to talk about which is SEX. hell, if men can do it why not women? but what what i loved most about Sommore was how animated she was. She exaggerated every joke she told with facial expressions, body movements, etc and had me choking on my drink. Her jokes definitely are not for your Christian mother who attends church Sunday-Thursday to be watching. But other than that who doesn't love hearing hilarious truths about sex?

Mo'nique was the biggest disappointment in my opinion. The first half of her segment is her cliché usual, degrading skinny women and promoting obese women. its tired and old now. we get Mo'nique! skinny bitches are evil. her next half of her segment was really sexual, similar to sommore's but didn't have that same fire to it. it actually was kind of gross, i mean who wants the image in their head of Mo'nique doing anal sex? YUCK.

But overall i give these women a round of applause, they did their thing!

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what a comedy

Author: tshepho55 from South Africa
2 October 2006

Maaaan!that was the most funniest thing i have ever seen babe, all the ladies were very good and i had to watch it repeatedly thats how good it was. but for people who think that cussing is wrong then i would suggest that you skip this one cause they use foul language at its best, and to some extend there is the truth in what they say. i have never seen humor used so much to tell the truth, and the truth being that people don't want to hear the hush reality thats out there, now the queens of comedy will bring it where you are and as a result you cant substantiate why you are an ignorant person. if you are a person looking for complete humor this comedy is for you anything else out of that category then you can go searching somewhere else...............guys enjoy this one OK....peace

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A different approach, however, the same message and the same results!

Author: peneem152 from United States
11 March 2006

I had the opportunity to view Queens of Comedy on TV, on 3/11/06 on BET. The comedy that these ladies brought out and the delivery was excellent, however, I would like to suggest that these ladies rethink the constant use of profanity. I'm just saying... All of these ladies were funny, real and down to earth, however, it seems as though they were competing among themselves as to who could use the most profanity. So unnecessary. I feel that this hindered the "flavor" of the jokes. Women, of all ages look up to the ladies with the Queens of Comedy. I suggest in keeping it real use more positive aspects of life in their material. I would love to communicate with these ladies directly. If that is possible, my email is; Thank-you. Muriel

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"Queens"? Hardly!

Author: xavrush89 from Illinois, U.S.A.
21 February 2004

Adele Givens set is almost always worth watching, and you can see how much the audience loves here. Laura Hayes is appealing personality, but her routine about grandchildren and coming from a large family was nothing that I hadn't heard before and funnier. As for the other two, they manage to detract from the goodwill Givens built up in her set. Mo'Nique earns plenty of sympathy for her crusade against skinny women, but the rest of her humor isn't funny enough to justify, and she manages to talk about anal sex and include an anti-gay slur all in the same breath. Would you like it if a white gay man used the n-word in reference to YOU, Mo'Nique. Sommore is definitely the worst and apparently assumes that no women in the audience are lesbian with her ignorant comments. I understand a couple of the the men in "Kings" are even more ignorant, which is why I haven't bothered to see it, but I did see this one for Adele. It's too bad she didn't have better support from the likes of Renee Hicks, Wanda Sykes, or Thea Vidale.

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**** FUNNY !!!! ****

Author: Cassa Carranza ( from San Francisco, California
8 September 2001

ALMOST as funny as "Kings of Comedy" Sommore and Adele Givens were absolutely wonderful. I could definitely watch this over & over. I heard they had all different material when they were at the Paramount in Oakland. I just wish they would have made more than one video!

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Funnier than the kings!

Author: Tiffany ( from California, USA
5 May 2001

Oh, this movie was hilarious. Non-stop laughter. I lost my breath I was laughing so hard. I reccomend anyone that has seen "The Kings" Check this out, it's much funnier.

Miss Laura, Adele Givens, Sommore and Mo'nique are dynamic, and you will not regret seeing this.

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