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Why I love… comedian and actor Mo’Nique

Her jokes can be uncomfortable, but then they come from uncomfortable situations

Do you remember that TV channel, Trouble? In the late 90s/early 00s, it was a colourful graveyard for American teen and young adult shows of the recent past, repackaged for young British eyes. It brought me TV shows no other channels would have thought to – and is how I came to watch The Parkers, and fall for the comedian and actor Mo’Nique.

The Parkers, a sitcom about a mother and daughter attending college together, was a nice break for Mo’Nique, now 48, but it was hardly her first outing in the business. She was doing stand-up before the siren call of TV, and if you haven’t watched her (filthy, hilarious, repeat: filthy) sets, particularly her turn on The Queens Of Comedy, I urge you to. Her jokes can be uncomfortable, but then they come from uncomfortable situations,
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Classic Black Comedy on Xfinity On Demand™

When you hear the name Richard Pryor, you know you're in for laughter on a legendary scale. This month, Xfinity On Demand™ features the work of this late comedic genius, as well as films featuring fellow stand-ups Chris Rock, Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey and more. Check out the synopses below. "Bustin' Loose" - After violating his probation, unskilled burglar Joe Braxton (Richard Pryor) is given a second chance when schoolteacher Vivian Perry (Cicely Tyson) hires him to drive a bus for special needs kids. "The Original Kings of Comedy"/"The Queens of Comedy" - The two films feature performances from some of the best Black comedians working today, including Cedric the Entertainer,...
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Producer Walter Latham Launching YouTube Channel To Feature Rising Stars

YouTube is in the TV business, in case you didn't get that memo. Producer Walter Latham (The Original Kings of ComedyThe Queens of ComedyMartin Lawrence Live: Runteldat) is launching his very own YouTube channel, called Walter Latham Comedy. Making its debut on July 7, the channel will iinclude never-before-seen content from Latham's already existing library of work, as well as content from film and TV franchises of the past 10-12 years, and some new content, including: the aforementioned series he produced, as well as P. Diddy's Bad Boys of Comedy, Latin Kings of Comedy (featuring George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez and Cheech Marin),...
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Girl's Best Friend: The Importance of Being Yourself

In the hit concert film "The Queens of Comedy," comedienne Sommore jokes about men coming with warning labels. She goes on about how great it would be if you could read a man's warning labels, much like a prescription drug bottle, to discover his side effects before dating him. The premise of the joke is that men are rarely completely honest about who they are at the beginning of a relationship...
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Two 'Queens' take seats on MGM's 'Plane'

Two 'Queens' take seats on MGM's 'Plane'
Queens of Comedy stars Mo'Nique and Sommore are in negotiations to join the cast of the Jessy Terrero-directed urban comedy Soul Plane, which MGM is distributing. Additionally, Godfrey Danchimah, best known for his current series of 7UP commercials, is also negotiating to come aboard the project, which goes into production late next month. Soul Plane, which the studio picked up as a pitch from writer-producer Bo Zenga and writer Chuck Wilson, is about Dakwon (Kevin Hart), a young man who parlays a $600 million lawsuit into his own urban airline. During the maiden flight, the Hunkee family, headed by Tom Arnold, is mistakenly rerouted from another airline and put on the airline's maiden flight only to find they are the only white people on board.

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