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Best films of the noughties No 9: Time Out | Catherine Shoard

Loosely based on the true-life story of a white-collar family man who went spectacularly off the rails, Laurent Cantet's perceptive drama was made in 2001 but couldn't be more pertinent today

Jean-Claude Romand was a wealthy, white-collar Frenchman; married with two children, he worked as a doctor for the World Health Organisation in Geneva. Or so he said. In fact, he'd never graduated from medical school, or held down a job, and lived off savings he'd weaseled out of his parents, in-laws and mistress, to whom he'd promised huge returns on covert investments. About to be found out, he opted not to confess, but to kill his entire family, dog included, then burn his house to the ground.

Two brilliant works of art have emerged in France from the tragedy. A gripping, slippery memoir by the novelist Emmanuel Carrère, The Adversary, based partly on his correspondences with Romand in a
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Kidman Takes Time Out To Celebrate Sister's Birthday

Kidman Takes Time Out To Celebrate Sister's Birthday
Nicole Kidman took a break from filming new movie Australia on Sunday night to host sister Antonia's 37th birthday party. The actress, joined by husband Keith Urban, booked Sydney's North Bondi Italian Restaurant for the family gathering. The couple turned up with Nicole's mother Janelle and went out of their way to help Antonia celebrate her fist birthday since splitting from husband Angus Hawley three months ago. Actress Nicole used her star power to book the entire restaurant, which doesn't normally take bookings at all, to celebrate her sister's big day. It was payback for Antonia, who organized her big sister's 40th celebrations last month.

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