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Entertainment Weekly
There's piercing sadness, and fury, too, in this Everyman's isolation, and Cantet is singularly skilled at evoking the universal condition of such tragic ordinariness.
Rolling Stone
Recoing gives a performance that won't soon be forgotten. Neither will Time Out. It's a great movie.
Cantet has rich insights into this material, and brings them alive through sensitive acting and powerful filmmaking.
Wall Street Journal
Vincent is played masterfully by Aurelien Recoing, who gives him a sort of as-if anomie; this haunted hero is so detached that he may not realize he has no real life to be detached from.
"Human Resources" was a good, straightforward tale, but Time Out is better. It's haunting. It's like a poem.
Cantet's script and direction are flawless, and, matched step-for-step by Jocelyn Pook's mournful score, he builds the tension to near unbearable levels.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Skip work to see it at the first opportunity.
Baltimore Sun
If the movie has a flaw, it's that the working out of Vincent's psychology is too perfect.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This is a documentarylike film about a man who creates a castle in the air and then moves right in, the "Harold and the Purple Crayon" of the workplace.
New York Daily News
A well-crafted indictment of the dark side of the modern work ethic.
Chicago Sun-Times
I admire the closing scenes of the film, which seem to ask whether our civilization offers a cure for Vincent's complaint.

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