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10 Jan. 2003
Animal Attraction
Kim gets caught up in a fad called Animalogy which purports to be able to help her find her soul-mate, while Señor Senior, Sr. plots revenge on the billionaires' club which expelled him.
7 Mar. 2003
Monkey Ninjas in Space
Kim tries to convince her father that she's too old for the Junior Rocket Boosters. Monkey Fist attacks the Middleton Space Center when an ancient prophecy tells him that he will be "unstoppable."
25 Apr. 2003
Ron the Man
Ron starts questioning all aspects of his manhood when he learns that his rabbi never signed his bar mitzvah certificate.
16 May 2003
Low Budget
Kim must confront her retail snobbery when a mission incident forces her to buy discount pants from Smarty-mart. The diabolical, yet thrifty, Frugal Lucre hold the Internet hostage for one dollar... from everyone in the world.
18 Jul. 2003
Naked Genius
When it comes to school, Ron has a new trick (literally) up his sleeve when a secret project gives Rufus a super-genius IQ.
25 Jul. 2003
Grudge Match
Kim helps her father recover a robot stolen from the space center.
1 Aug. 2003
Two to Tutor
Shego is hired to teach Señor Senior Jr the finer points of evil. Kim finds that there's something Ron can outshine her in when they both have to take Home Ec.
8 Aug. 2003
The Ron Factor
The top secret organization, Global Justice, believes that the secret to Kim's success is Ron? No, seriously... Ron?!?!
15 Aug. 2003
Car Trouble
Could it be possible that there's something in the world that Kim can't do? It certainly would seem that way when she and Ron struggle with Middleton High School's driver's education course, and doesn't help when she realized Bonnie passes with ease. In the meantime, a self-driving sport utility vehicle built with artificial intelligence named S.A.D.I. seeks Kim's help in finding Dr. Freeman, her manufacturer who has just been kidnapped by Drakken so he can force him to perfect his army of destructo-bots.
22 Aug. 2003
Rufus in Show
Rufus goes undercover at a dog show as a "Peruvian Hairless."
22 Aug. 2003
Adventures in Rufus-Sitting
Kim & Ron recover a computer chip from a sunken ship to prevent it from being stolen by Shego, Duff Killigan, and Lord Moneky Fist. But when Ron goes on vacation and leaves her to take care of Rufus, he accidentally swallows the chip which activates it, spawning three separate plots to kidnap him by the aforementioned villains.
29 Aug. 2003
Job Unfair
Drakken plans to conquer Canada by using a weather machine to unleash an ice storm; Kim has to spend Career Week working with the new school janitor.
5 Sep. 2003
The Golden Years
Dr. Drakken tries to brainwash young people by broadcasting a signal to their MP3 players, but taps into hearing aids instead and recruits an army of elderly people -- including Kim's grandmother.
12 Sep. 2003
To impress his new girlfriend, Zita, Ron cheats at the on-line game Everlot. But this earn him the wrath of the Wraithmaster, who traps Ron inside the game!
3 Oct. 2003
The Fearless Ferret
Determined to prove that he can be a hero without Kim, Ron takes up the mantle of a retired crime fighter.
7 Nov. 2003
Ron is selected for a student exchange program to Japan, but there may be something more sinister afoot. Kim and Monique's friendship is tested when they start crushing on the same boy.
14 Nov. 2003
Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles
Drakken's shrink ray misfires, turning his pet poodle into a 50-foot colossus.
14 Nov. 2003
Day of the Snowmen
A major blizzard hits Middleton, with an excessive amount of snow and wind,... and rampaging zombie snowmen.
5 Dec. 2003
A Very Possible Christmas
After receiving what he thinks is the most "badical" Hanukkah gift from Kim during Christmas, Ron offers to return the favor by making his Christmas gift a break from saving the world so she can spend time with her family. In the process of doing so however, he ends up getting stranded at the North Pole with Dr. Drakken while trying to stop him from yet another plot to take over the world. Not knowing where her sidekick is, Kim goes on a desperate world-wide search for his return, with some unexpected help from her family.
19 Dec. 2003
Queen Bebe
The Bebe robots are back and now moving faster than the eye can follow! Kim begins to feel overwhelmed by her multiple commitments.

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