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Season 1

7 Jun. 2002
World-saving cheerleader Kim Possible can do anything! ...Except ask Josh Mankey to the school dance.
7 Jun. 2002
Sink or Swim
It's Ron's chance to take charge when a tire blow-out strands the entire cheer leading squad at Camp Wannaweep, the origin of most of Ron's phobias.
7 Jun. 2002
The New Ron
Innocent suggestions have disastrous consequences when Kim convinces Ron to get a new haircut... and Ron convinces a billionaire recluse to try and take over the world!
14 Jun. 2002
In Kim's first encounter with Dr. Drakken, she must retrieve an experimental robot tick that Drakken has rigged to explode.... but first she has to escape detention with Mr. Barkin.
21 Jun. 2002
Kim's school ski trip looks bleak when her parents volunteer as chaperons. Ron seeks to capture a picture of a snow monster, but instead meets a strange woman called DNAmy.
28 Jun. 2002
Bueno Nacho
Kim must take a job at Bueno Nacho to save for a fashionable jacket.
12 Jul. 2002
Number One
Competition is in high gear when Bonnie challenges Kim for head cheerleader and Kim is paired with a professional secret agent from Global Justice.
19 Jul. 2002
Mind Games
It may not be Friday, but things get freaky when Kim and Ron switch bodies!
2 Aug. 2002
Attack of the Killer Bebes
Kim's loyalty to Ron is tested when he wants to join the Cheer Squad. Meanwhile, evil robots are capturing top scientists, and Kim's dad is next!
16 Aug. 2002
Royal Pain
Kim's efforts to run for school council president are setback when she has to bodyguard a spoiled prince.
23 Aug. 2002
Coach Possible
Kim takes over coaching her brothers' soccer team, but her hyper-competitiveness means that she may be the only one playing! Senior Senior Junior plots his first evil scheme... but why does it look more like he's setting up a disco?
6 Sep. 2002
Pain King vs. Cleopatra
An ancient Egyptian talisman which can give its wearer supernatural strength is stolen from a museum, and Kim and Ron battle the now-supersized thief at a pro wrestling match.
13 Sep. 2002
Monkey Fist Strikes
Ron's monkey-phobia is tested when he and Kim help Lord Monty Fisk recover a mystical monkey idol.
11 Oct. 2002
October 31st
Trying to get to a party to see Josh, Kim bails on both her parents and Ron for Halloween.
1 Nov. 2002
All the News
Kim and Ron expose TV stuntwoman Adrena Lynn as a fraud; Ron's sensationalized profile of Kim for the school newspaper results in quarterback Brick Flagg asking Kim on a date, which she is reluctant to go on.
15 Nov. 2002
Kimitation Nation
Kim must contend with Kim-wannabees copying her missionwear while battling evil Kim clones made by Dr. Drakken.
27 Dec. 2002
The Twin Factor
Dr. Drakken steals a mind control device from a secret lab, and Kim has to babysit her brothers during her mission to stop Drakken.
10 Jan. 2003
Animal Attraction
Kim gets caught up in a fad called Animalogy which purports to be able to help her find her soul-mate, while Señor Senior, Sr. plots revenge on the billionaires' club which expelled him.
7 Mar. 2003
Monkey Ninjas in Space
Kim tries to convince her father that she's too old for the Junior Rocket Boosters. Monkey Fist attacks the Middleton Space Center when an ancient prophecy tells him that he will be "unstoppable."
25 Apr. 2003
Ron the Man
Ron starts questioning all aspects of his manhood when he learns that his rabbi never signed his bar mitzvah certificate.
16 May 2003
Low Budget
Kim must confront her retail snobbery when a mission incident forces her to buy discount pants from Smarty-mart. The diabolical, yet thrifty, Frugal Lucre hold the Internet hostage for one dollar... from everyone in the world.

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