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Season 4

10 Feb. 2007
Ill Suited
After Bonnie tells Kim that cheerleaders should date athletes only, Ron fears that Kim may dump him and joins the football team; Professor Dementor seeks a way to overcome Kim's new indestructible battle suit.
10 Feb. 2007
The Big Job
Kim and Monique try to convince Ron of the benefits of having a job, while Señor Senior Jr. breaks Shego out of prison to help him get an evil gift for his father's birthday.
10 Feb. 2007
Trading Faces
Who's framing celebrities for high-profile crimes? Kim and Ron are on the trail of a shape-shifting thief!
10 Feb. 2007
The Cupid Effect
It's Valentine's Day and Ron has to scramble when he suddenly remembers he has a girlfriend this year! But worse is on the horizon. Wade's got a crush on Monique?
17 Feb. 2007
Car Alarm
Motor Ed busts Shego out of prison (leaving Drakken behind) to help him pull off his "most awesome" plot. Meanwhile, Kim will do anything to get a car of her own... even let her brothers build one!
24 Feb. 2007
Mad Dogs and Aliens
Ron's having "letting go" issues when he has to pass on the role of the Middleton Mascot to Kim's brothers. Kim learns that a green-skinned, energy blasting woman just broke Dr. Drakken out of prison... but it's not Shego?
3 Mar. 2007
Grande Size Me
Incensed by Mr. Barkin's assertion that fast-food is unhealthy, Ron goes on an all Bueno Nacho diet.
17 Mar. 2007
Clothes Minded
Kim is forced to look for new mission wear when Club Banana discontinues her usual ones. Meanwhile, college applications are at the door and Drakken is working on a new scheme.
7 Apr. 2007
Big Bother
Ron's parents adopt a baby, and Kim and Ron are summoned to Japan to stop Lord Monkey Fist from acquiring an ancient weapon.
14 Apr. 2007
Fashion Victim
Camille Leon impersonates Kim to steal the designs for Club Banana's fall fashion line; Ron and teacher Mr. Barkin's acrimonious relationship continues outside school when they find they are also co-workers at Smarty Mart.
28 Apr. 2007
Odds Man In
Ron becomes obsessed with calculating the risks involved in his and Kim's activity, while a consultant both improves Drakken's success in villainy and enables him to become a cupcake mogul.
5 May 2007
Stop Team Go!
The villainous Electronique turns Shego's formerly heroic brothers evil, but Shego herself winds up turned from evil to good, resulting in her joining the faculty at Middleton High and becoming Kim's friend.
19 May 2007
Cap'n Drakken
Kim's class trip to the beach gets a change in destination when Mr. Barkin books them to Ft. Mystic Cove Haven, a historical re-enactment town where all modern technology is taboo. Dr. Drakken finds a genuine pirate treasure chest, with a genuine pirate ghost inside!
17 Jun. 2007
Mathter and Fervent
When Ron needs to interview a hero for a school assignment, he and Kim travel to Go City to see Hego and wind up in a confrontation with the Mathter, a mathematically minded villain.
23 Jun. 2007
The Mentor of Our Discontent
Ron is assigned to be the life coach of Artie, Martin Smarty's bratty son; Frugal Lucre joins Dr. Drakken in a plan to steal a universal remote control with the power to control an army of robots.
1 Jul. 2007
Oh No! Yono!
Kim and Ron begin to suspect that there's something unusual about Ron's adopted baby sister, Hana. Meanwhile, Monkey Fist enlists the aid of an evil entity known as The Yono to hunt down the Yamanuchi School's secret weapon, "The Han."
28 Jul. 2007
Clean Slate
Ron struggles to help Kim remember how to fight crime when an experimental device erases all her memories.
11 Aug. 2007
Homecoming Upset
The Homecoming King and Queen are Ron Stoppable and... Bonnie Rockwaller?!
12 Aug. 2007
Chasing Rufus
Separated from their owners, Rufus and Debutante, Camille Leon's hairless cat, must work together to find their way home.
12 Aug. 2007
Nursery Crimes
A rash of stolen pacifiers puts Kim on the trail of an evil nanny.
1 Sep. 2007
Larry's Birthday
Obsessed with his inability to steal Kim's indestructible battle suit, Professor Dementor sends his henchmen to kidnap "that boy who hangs out with Kim Possible but doesn't look like he belongs with her." But instead of Ron, they end up with Kim's nerdy Cousin Larry, who she reluctantly agrees to distract while the rest of the Possible family prepares a surprise birthday party for him. To make matters worse, Larry is convinced that his kidnapping is a role playing game, and is oblivious to the dangers that he's facing... or could cause, while under Dementor's custody.
7 Sep. 2007
Graduation: Part 1
As Graduation Day approaches for Middleton High, Drakken fumes that he's due for a win, Ron panics at the thought of all the changes to come, and Kim tracks down the source of mysterious markings appearing in fields all over the world.
7 Sep. 2007
Graduation: Part 2
Dr. Drakken, Shego, Ron and Kim must work together to save the world.

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