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This is an excellent comedy, and the fact that it's made by a filmmaker with even better movies on his resume is nothing to hold against it.
Woody Allen is good for his funniest screen romp in a while, thanks to a few evenly spaced standout scenes of laugh-out-loud intensity.
New York Daily News
A bouquet of snappy one-liners and disarming nuttiness.
Not perfect, and neither are life or the movies. But you'd have to be blind yourself not to relish its qualities or laugh at its barbs.
The movie is Allen's most successful in years, even if you don't see it as a self-made commentary on his own career. Credit goes less to the comic dialogue than to the razor-sharp performances of an excellent cast.
New York Post
A beautifully shot film with a funny French-twist ending.
A small film, but its ease and grace are virtues that can't be overrated.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It might not be good enough to make you laugh consistently, but Hollywood Ending looks good enough to eat.
Wall Street Journal
It's thanks to her (Leoni) that we stay tuned to Mr. Allen's comic premise long after it has gone from delightfully outrageous to off-puttingly preposterous.
Entertainment Weekly
For Woody, it's looking more and more like the end of his days of whine and neurosis.
Rolling Stone
Funny but perilously slight.

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