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The New York Times
Though finally overwhelmed by a preening lassitude, Hotel is never less than fascinating.
Chicago Sun-Times
Most audiences will find it baffling and unsatisfactory. Those who are open to its flywheel peculiarities may find it bold, funny, peculiar and delightful.
Figgis still deserves credit for taking more artistic chances than a dozen ordinary directors.
If you're ready to roll with Hotel and take what it gives you, there's some rich entertainment here.
Surprisingly enjoyable, even if you'd hesitate to call it a complete success. Indeed, Figgis expects you to sit back and roll with the pleasurable moments.
New York Post
Long stretches of Mike Figgis' film are jaw-droppingly pretentious or painfully dull... Nevertheless, there are clever, funny, erotic and visually beautiful moments scattered throughout the film.
Chicago Tribune
Hotel might be best described as the art-house version of "Cannonball Run."
A train wreck of a film whose chaotic, partly improvised story and too-tricky mix of film stocks, image sizes, split-screen effects and color/B&W footage overwhelm some phenomenally beautiful sequences and a memorable performance by Saffron Burroughs.
New York Daily News
Much talking, much sex, much to-do about nothing.
Despite the bits that work brilliantly, the movie as a whole really only works as an experimental curiosity.

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