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It's the most tension-producing movie out there right now -- in the best way, it's almost unbearable.
One of those movies that starts like a house afire, catches you firmly in its narrative grip and then suddenly blows itself out, not really going out with a whimper but with a big, bad, ludicrous bang.
Entertainment Weekly
There's only one place that a movie like this one can possibly be heading, and that's to a demagogic blowout of violent, femme-power payback. Enough gets there by way of far too many tedious detours.
Philadelphia Inquirer
At this point in her career, Lopez can clearly bend the universe -- but no amount of bending can make Enough anything more than formulaic.
Enough is Apted at his most commercial, and, unfortunately, his least compelling.
Charlotte Observer
Delivers the kind of vengeance fantasy women unhappy with their husbands may want: Vicarious satisfaction, however clumsily delivered, is better than no satisfaction at all. Just be sure to stop by the lobotomy clinic en route to the theater.
Too much. The hackneyed story about an affluent damsel in distress who decides to fight her bully of a husband is simply too overdone.
Chicago Sun-Times
It's surprising to see a director like Michael Apted and an actress like Jennifer Lopez associated with such tacky material.
New York Post
One of those "Lifetime"-esque horror stories of evil husbands in the suburbs.
New York Daily News
This particular script is deplorable. It's a pure cribbing of Ron Bass' screenplay for "Sleeping With the Enemy," which was no prize itself.
Rolling Stone
Say the word, girl (Lopez), the next time you're offered one of these barrel scrapers: Enough!

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