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All About the Benjamins has: flash, cash, and enough videogenic eye candy to make ''Miami Vice'' look like ''Little House on the Prairie.''
Miami Herald
It's fun to watch the stocky, scowling Ice Cube and skinny, jittery Epps play off each other; they click on screen.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
This is a movie fantasy, folks -- like James Bond, without the smarm and martinis.
San Francisco Chronicle
The strange case of a movie that clunks in every possible way but the ultimate way -- it entertains.
Such overkill might seem like an asset to teenage boys (and those who think like them). The rest of us are better off not wasting our Washingtons.
Unfortunately, the home-run performances of Cube and Epps are handicapped by inept and illogical action sequences.
Entertainment Weekly
Something puddles to nothing in this relentless Miami sun.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Ice Cube possesses real screen presence, and it's a shame to see him squander his talents here. He and Epps made me laugh in "Next Friday." They made me squirm here.
New York Daily News
Those who need little more than a car chase, gunplay, pretty girls and a solid soundtrack will be entertained. And Ice Cube fans won't be disappointed. Everyone else may want to think twice before shelling out hard-earned dollars.
New York Post
Director Kevin Bray, whose clichéd style betrays his music-video roots, devotes far too much time to the mechanics of the illogical plot.
Baltimore Sun
Strings of four-letter words are a poor substitute for dialogue, and it's not until the movie is almost over that someone realizes there's no reason, other than assumed macho posturing, for Cube's character to go after these bad guys so hard.

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