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Season 1

2 Jun. 2001
Dog Day Afternoon
Chloe finds a book from Amazon on how to train dogs and discovers that she can train men with it.
2 Jun. 2001
Siblings in the City
Chloe decides to start a column in her school paper about dating.
9 Jun. 2001
The Color of Money
When Riley and Chloe have no money for a concert they're dying to go to, Larry surprises them by buying three tickets! But when school fundraiser money goes missing, Larry is the immediate suspect.
16 Jun. 2001
There's Something About Riley
Larry gets his friend, Tony, to persuade Riley that he's datable. But the lovefest stops quickly when the Carlson's house is threatened by a fire.
23 Jun. 2001
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Riley's run-in with a Gothic girl over class notes forces the girls into a temporary identity crisis!
30 Jun. 2001
You've Got Mail
Jake finds out through reading Macy's private email that she wants to meet up with an old high school sweetheart.
7 Jul. 2001
Manuelo in the Middle: Part 1
Riley and Chloe snag Teddi and Manuelo for Career Day at school to take the place of their parents, who would have been embarrassing. Meanwhile, Macy's simple oversight of Manuelo in a family picture makes him so upset that he quits.
14 Jul. 2001
Manuelo in the Middle: Part 2
While the Carlsons search for Manuelo throughout Malibu, Larry finds the new chef at Neptune's Net! But Manuelo makes Larry keep this tricky secret from the girls.
21 Jul. 2001
True Lies
Chloe and Riley sign up for elective classes in cooking and sewing, and quickly find their skills are less than perfect!
28 Jul. 2001
Tedi's Burnout
Teddi's craving for onion rings makes her quit modeling altogether! Meanwhile, the girls' debate project puts them on different sides of some very serious issues.
5 Aug. 2001
Teacher's Pet
Larry accidentally deletes Macy's tax returns...but upon apologizing, finds himself helplessly in love with her! While Macy tries to break up with Larry nicely, Jake has to fend off affections from Miss Westmore, the girls' teacher.
5 Aug. 2001
Rules of Engagement
When Riley and Chloe realize that they like different schools at the college fair, they try a trial separation. But with the girls apart, life is difficult for everybody!
15 Dec. 2001
The Breakfast Club
When Travis gets detention at school, Chloe tries desperately to get in trouble, too. Anything to spend time with him! But Chloe's plan turns awkward when everyone else gets in trouble but her.
5 Jan. 2002
The New Guy
Chloe becomes angry with the new guy, Lennon, after he keeps "stealing" the last blueberry muffin at the News Stand. But even more annoying for Chloe is the fact that Lennon is a student at her school!
12 Jan. 2002
The Massage
A great massage gets Riley obsessed, and Macy soon gets a similar awesome treatment.
19 Jan. 2002
Riley's New Guy
Riley has to deal with some pretty nasty rumors when date details are spread around school. Meanwhile, Chloe can't do enough to get Lennon to fall for her.
26 Jan. 2002
The Wheelchair
Todd sees Riley in a wheelchair and assumes she is forced to be in one, just like himself. Meanwhile, a date between Macy and Jake turns into a house party gone wrong.
2 Feb. 2002
The Job
Chloe and Riley get jobs as waitresses at the News Stand, their favorite hangout. But they quickly pick up that customers are rude! How long will these after-school jobs last?
9 Feb. 2002
The Flat Tire
Riley and Chloe start driving lessons and all seems to be going well...until it ends in grand theft auto!
2 Mar. 2002
The Volunteer
When Chloe "adopts" a new grandmother, Riley tries her luck with the elderly. The luck turns sour though when Riley keeps losing her potential grandparents to the great hereafter.
9 Mar. 2002
Trading Places
When Chloe and Riley team up with Larry for a school project, he ruins their first attempt. Naturally, he tries to redeem himself by constructing a high-tech weather station.
16 Mar. 2002
Riley and Chloe's idea to enter a "battle of the bands" competition looks nerdy when they realize their options for bandmates.
30 Mar. 2002
Waiting for Gibson
Riley and Chloe's screenplay-turned-benefit performance gets the girls in way over their heads! And Mel Gibson might not be happy about it...
4 May 2002
Sweet 16
Riley and Chloe skip out on an opportunity for their own Sweet Sixteen party...but are they convinced it's a bad idea?

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