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1 Mar. 2002
Episode XIV
After reaching a time portal only to have Aku move it beyond reach at the last moment, Samurai Jack meets a wild man with extraordinary jumping skills. He offers to learn tribe of monkeys that raised the wild man how to defend themselves if they will in turn teach him how to 'jump good'.
8 Mar. 2002
Episode XV
Three scary stories. Jack enters the land of the magic worm to ask it to grant him a magic wish. At night, Jack meets a 'family' of cannibal robots who hunger for his magic sword. Jack tries to rescue a wish giving fairy from captivity by a greedy gargoyle.
15 Mar. 2002
Episode XVI
Samurai Jack is ambushed while he's sleeping and taken to the Dome of Doom. There he is given the name 'Two Sandles' and has to fight to the death for the spectators amusement.
22 Mar. 2002
Episode XVII
The Scotsman asks Samurai Jack for help him rescue his wife from the Keltic Master o' the Hunt who plans to devour her in the Castle of Boon.
29 Mar. 2002
Episode XVIII
Jack follows a path of destruction that leads to a group of Adamantium Ultra-Robots build especially to defeat him.
5 Apr. 2002
Episode XIX
On his journey, Jack happens upon his the place he once called home and begins to recall his childhood there.
12 Apr. 2002
Episode XX
Having been deprived of yet another gateway to the past and after almost losing his hat, Samurai Jack is unsure if he can still go on. Then he meets three mountain monks and joins them on their quest to climb the mountain of Fathoom.
6 Sep. 2002
Episode XXI
Jack follows a trail of stench in an effort to rid the land of this sickening smell. It leads him to a spire where a dragon suffers from a stomach ache.
13 Sep. 2002
Episode XXII
Aku hires the best hunters in the universe, the Imakandi, to track down Samurai Jack.
20 Sep. 2002
Episode XXIII
Aku unleashes upon Samurai Jack Demongo, who commands the essence of many great warriors who once threatened Aku.
27 Sep. 2002
Episode XXIV
While bathing, Jack's sword, shoes and clothing are stolen by what looks like a white rabbit. When Jack follows the culprit down a hole, he enters a strange underground realm like none he has ever seen.
4 Oct. 2002
Episode XXV
Samurai Jack joins 300 Spartans in their age old war against a mad mechanical beast.
11 Oct. 2002
Episode XXVI
Samurai Jack's sandals are run over and destroyed by three robot bikers. Unable to defeat them without protection on his feet, Jack tries out all the latest footwear from the world famous Foot Chalet. But none are adequate replacements.
18 Oct. 2002
Episode XXVII
Samurai Jack accidentally bumps into an easily irritated wizard, who turns him into a chicken. Before he can catch up with the wicked sorcerer, Chicken Jack is captured and forced to fight for his life in Creature Combat Club.
1 Nov. 2002
Episode XXVII
Samurai Jack enters a town where all the children have fallen under the spell of Aku's rave music and vows to release every one of them from Aku's evil grasp.
8 Nov. 2002
Episode XXIX
Samurai Jack boards a train in the new old West and finds himself cornered by bounty hunter Ezekiel Clench as well as a beautiful filly named Josephine.
25 Oct. 2002
Episode XXX
Aku leads Samurai Jack towards a graveyard where the undead do the evil shape-shifter's bidding.
15 Nov. 2002
Episode XXXI
Aku releases the minions of Set who were trapped in ancient Egypt and orders them to destroy Samurai Jack. Luckily Jack knows his way around the pyramids from when he was a boy.

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