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Season 1

6 Jan. 1985
Episode #1.1
Mr. Pickwick, Mr. Tupman, Mr. Snodgrass and Mr. Winkle constitute The Corresponding Society of the Pickwick Club. The purpose of the society is to make reports of excursions outside London. At the stage-coach to Rochester they are accompanied by a charming stranger, who they invite for dinner at The Bull Inn, the first stop of the journey. When the others fall asleep after too much wine, Mr. Tupman and the stranger sneak upstairs to a ball. The stranger has no fine clothes and borrows Mr. Winkle's tail-coat. At the ball he insults a Dr. Slammer, who the next day wants...
13 Jan. 1985
Episode #1.2
When the duel is going to start, Dr. Slammer discovers that Mr. Winkle is not the man that insulted him the evening before. Back at the Bull Inn he finds the offender. It's the stranger, who is now identified as a strolling player, a person not worthy of a duel. Mr. Pickwick and his friends are invited by Mr. Wardle to his manor farm at Dingley Dell. In the morning they go out rook-hunting. Mr. Winkle's reputation as a good shot is immediately spoiled. Instead of shooting any rook, he fires an accidental shot in the arm of Mr. Tupman.
20 Jan. 1985
Episode #1.3
Mr. Pickwick and his friends happen to meet the strolling player again, who now identifies himself as Mr. Jingle. He is invited by Mr. Wardle to join the other guests at the manor farm in Dingley Dell. Mr. Wardle's sister, Rachel, who is a spinster, falls in love with Mr. Tupman. When Mr. Jingle finds out about this, he starts intriguing to win Rachel himself. He calumniates Mr. Tupman and elopes with Rachel, in order to marry her before her brother can stop them. Mr. Wardle, Mr. Pickwick and the others go out in search of the couple in London. At last a young man, ...
27 Jan. 1985
Episode #1.4
Mr Pickwick's lawyer, Mr. Perker, persuades Mr. Jingle to cancel the wedding licence if he gets 120 pounds in compensation from Rachel's brother, Mr. Wardle. Mr. Jingle accepts the money and rushes away from the crying Rachel. Mr. Pickwick is impressed of the helping Sam Weller and employs him as his servant. Mr. Perker is also engaged as an election agent in Eatanswill, and invites Mr. Pickwick and his friends to come and follow the election. At a party at The Den Inn Mr. Pickwick once again recognizes Mr. Jingle, who now calls himself Mr. Fitz Marshall. Mr. Pickwick...

 Season 1 

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