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Season 6

6 Dec. 2005
Heist Fear Factor
Fear Factor begins its sixth season with a million dollar heist. First the teams must make it through one of the highest and fastest helicopter stunts ever all while trying to retrieve a set of keys for the final stunt. Then, they must crawl through a vent system filled with rats, spiders and fire. Finally, the duos will have the chance to steal up to one million dollars from a sunken armored car. A new twist to the show this season features host Joe Rogan traveling all over the country challenging people to "Fear Factor" stunts right in their own home for the chance ...
13 Dec. 2005
Blind Date Fear Factor: No.1
Flying Boat Flag Snag, Crab Dump Escape, Dual Ice Box
27 Dec. 2005
Crane Cannon Launch/Trash Scavenger Hunt/Heli Body Drag
This episode featured four pairs as teams. First, it's the human cannonball. As a truck drives along a pier with a crane hanging off the side, one team member hangs from a crane and then into the water they light the fuse to giant cannon. Their partner is shot out of the cannon and into the water, swim to a boat and clip a flag to a flagpole. The team to finish fastest chooses team to be eliminated. Next, it's a trash can buffet scavenger hunt. Teams dig through dumpsters and barrels to find items. The team to match four items fastest would win a four-day trip to Las ...
3 Jan. 2006
Psycho Fear Factor: Part 1
Buried Alive, Rat and Snake Water Escape
10 Jan. 2006
Psycho Fear: Factor Part 2
Psycho Shower Rescue, Hearse Slide
17 Jan. 2006
Psycho Fear Factor: Part 3
Eat Carmel Spider, Exploding Room
24 Jan. 2006
Heli Platform to Platform Jump, Barber Shop, Container Launch
This episode features four co-ed pairs competing as teams. In the first stunt, both team members leap back and forth between two platforms hanging from helicopters with each person transferring up to 10 flags from one platform to the other and then jumping in the water. The three teams to get highest flag total will advance to the next round. In the second stunt one team member is seated in a barber chair and their partner spins them. When the chair stops, they have to get whichever haircut their head was pointing to. There are six haircuts they can get. Teams would ...
31 Jan. 2006
Ledge Piggy Back, Mother's Kitchen, Under the Semi Sunroof Escape
7 Feb. 2006
Freaks vs. Geeks
Chair Launch Heli Partner Pluck, Alligator Frog Box, Quad Off Pier
13 Jun. 2006
Reality Stars: Part 1
Demolition Derby, Swamp Course
20 Jun. 2006
Reality Stars: Part 2
Houseboat Rescue, Submerged Bug Box Escape
27 Jun. 2006
Reality Stars: Part 3
Spider Dive, Car Crane Collision
11 Jul. 2006
Family Fear Factor
Four families (mother/daughter or father/son teams) compete for $50,000 in four stunts. (Light House Zip Line, Electric Fish Bike, Dr. Doom Target Swing, Car Maze)
18 Jul. 2006
Military Fear Factor
Male/Female teams from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines compete for $50,000 in three stunts.
25 Jul. 2006
Fire Fear Factor
Four teams compete for $50,000 in three fire-related stunts.
1 Aug. 2006
Burger King Viewer's Choice
Four teams consisting of the winners of the Burger King Online Promotion compete for $50,000 in three stunts of mud, dogs and a hanging bus.
8 Aug. 2006
Young vs. Old
Four teams consisting of two younger and two older teams compete for $50,000 in three stunts of elevated tug-of-war, roaches and intestines, and driving onto a moving trailer.
22 Aug. 2006
Disaster Fear Factor
Four teams compete for $50,000 in three stunts of hurricane force winds and water, cockroaches, and flash floods.
29 Aug. 2006
Blind Date Fear Factor No. 2
Four guys pick four girls to be their partners and compete in three stunts of underwater rescue, Fear Factor picnic and being dragged under a train for $50,000.
5 Sep. 2006
Farm Fear Factor
Four teams compete for a $50,000 prize in three stunts of collecting pig parts, finding chickens and being dragged behind a tractor.
6 Sep. 2006
Ex Factor
Four teams of ex-couples compete for a $50,000 prize in three stunts of trust and balancing for flags, scooping scorpions and a driving challenge.
12 Sep. 2006
Celebrity Fear Factor
Eight celebrity stars compete in three stunts for $50,000 in prize money. Stunts involve removing flags while being dunked, being trapped in an isolation chamber and driving through a crash course in a vehicle.

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