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Recap of WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1999

Author: wwe reporter from Vancouver, B.C.
30 June 2002

Match 1: Goldust vs. Bluedust Goldust started off the match by attacking Bluedust before he even had a chance to get his robe off. Bluedust was doing a lot of dancing during the match. Bluedust was even humping Goldusts' leg. Bluedust missed a moonsault from the top rope and Goldust followed it up with the curtain call and got the pin. After the match Goldust did shattered dreams. Winner: Goldust

Match 2: Bob Holly vs Al Snow Match was outside the ring with Al hitting Holly with a chair not even 3 minutes into the match. Holly hit Al with the fire extinguisher to the eyes and Al turned around and did the same thing to Holly. Match made its way to the back where Holly hit Al with a trash can and Al hit Holly with a phone. Holly picked up a big empty plastic beer cooler and hit Al with it. Al returned with mops and broomsticks over the head and chest of Holly. Match made its way outside of the arena into the parking lot area. Holly hit Al with a stop sign. Both men began fighting towards and eventually made their way to the banks of the Mississippi river. Both men tossed each other into the river. Both men hit each other with tree limbs. Holly ended up wrapping Al in a chain link fence on the ground and made the pin. Al really couldnt kick out seeing how he was literally pinned. Winner and New Hardcore Champ: Bob Holly

Match 3: Bossman vs. Mideon Mideon came to the ring with his eye and gave it to Lawler to watch while he wrestled. Both men started fighting on the outside of the ring early. Bossman missed a chairshot and hit the ring post. Mideon bit Bossman's fingers. Back to the ring and Bossman with reverse chinlocks on Mideon. Mideon with a clothesline and started biting Bossman in the head. Bossman with a big splash in the corner. Mideon falls flat on his face. The crowd started chanting "boring" for about a minute. Out of no where Bossman hit a sidewalk slam and got the pin. Immediately the whole ministry came out and surrounded the ring. Lights went out and Undertaker came out. Lights came back on and we saw the whole ministry attacking Bossman with UT standing in the aisleway watching on. The ministry carried Bossman to the back and that was the end of that match. Winner: Big Bossman

Match 4: Henry/D-Lo vs. JJ/Owen Before the match started Henry gave Ivory a rose. Match started with Henry and Owen. Henry made a clothesline and tagged Dlo in. JJ was tagged in and made a dropkick on Dlo. Henry got tagged back in and double clotheslined JJ&Owen. Debra starts making gestures to Henry. Dlo with a suplex on Owen. Owen came back with a insegury kick on Dlo. Owen & JJ making quick tags throughout the match. Owen hit a spinning heel kick and got a 2 count on Dlo. D-lo hit a powerbomb from the 2nd rope on Owen but couldn't make the pin. D-lo makes his way to the top and Debra starts to distract. Ivory comes over and Dlo has to seperate them. Meanwhile Henry press slams JJ but Owen comes in and hits Henry with the guitar in the back of Henry's leg. JJ locked on the figure four on Henry and got the win. After the match Ivory tried to rip Debra's clothes off but they got seperated by JJ, Owen, Dlo, and Henry. Winner and still tag champs: JJ & Owen Hart

Match 5: Val Venis vs. Shamrock Before the match started Val got on the mic and said "since this is Valentines Day he has a big heart on for you". Shamrock made his way to the ring and as soon as he stepped through the ropes the fight was on. The crowd was chanting Shamrock sucks alot throughout the match. Shamrock in control for the 1st 5 minutes of the match then Val finally hit a suplex. Val with a backbreaker on Shamrock. Val tosses Shamrock outside the ring and follows him and picks him up and rams his back into the ring post. Back in ring and Val with a camel clutch on Shamrock. Shamrock tries to fight back but Val rakes the eyes and keeps control of the match. Val working on the lower back of Shamrock. Shamrock did a move and had Val pinned but Billy wouldnt count to 3. Billy has been making slow counts in the match thus far anyways for both men. Val hit the fishermens suplex but Billy's slow count only made it to two. Val with a russian leg sweep on Shamrock then he begins to gyrate over Ken. Val to the top but gets tossed off by Shamrock. Shamrock with a spinning heel kick and then a huricanrana. Shamrock hits a belly to belly and hes in the zone. Shamrock applies the ankle lock submission but Ryan grabs Val's hand and pulls him to the ropes. Shamrock don't like that so he slaps his sister and then Billy Gunn. Billy didn't like that so he hit Shamrock, through him in the ring, Val rolled him up and Billy made a quick 3 count. Winner and New IC champ: Val Venis

Match 6: Kane/Chyna vs. HHH/X-Pac Before the match started HHH took his shirt off and wiped his ass with it and threw it at Chyna. Match started with HHH and Kane. Kane with several boots to the face but Kane misses an elbow and HHH tags Xpac in. Kane dominates Xpac then Chyna wants tagged in so Kane tags her. Xpac through Chyna into the turnbuckle and she fell to the mat. Xpac was about to do the bronco buster but Chyna moved out of the way. Kane comes off the top rope with a lariat on HHH. HHH went to suplex Chyna but she countered with a right hand and slammed HHH. Xpac tagged in and starts to work on Chyna's arm but she quickly tags Kane in. Xpac and HHH double suplex Kane. Chyna went to the top but HHH caught her and threw her on Kane. Xpac and Kane were fighting on the outside, Xpac got away from Kane and cleaned Shane McMahon's clock at the announcers table. Back in ring and Chyna with a running powerslam on Xpac. Chyna with a kick to the ribs of Xpac then gets a cheap shot in on HHH. Chyna then locks in a sleeper on Xpac. Xpac raises his arm after 2 and then suplexes Chyna. HHH tagged in and cleaning house. Its a free for all now as Kane and Xpac are on the outside of the ring and HHH and Chyna on the inside. Kane pulled HHH out of the ring when he showed signs of the pedigree. Xpac hits the bronco buster on Chyna. Shane comes in and clotheslines Xpac. Xpac chases Shane out of the ring. HHH is all by himself. Kane chokeslams HHH as he was about to attempt the pedigree on Chyna again. Kane rolls Chyna on top of HHH and the ref made the 3 count. Winners: Kane & Chyna

Match 7: Rock vs. Mankind 'Last Man Standing Match' The Rock starts off first beating on Mankind. Mankind allowing the Rock to hurt him (not fighting back). Match goes to the back. Mankind dominating the Rock. Mankind thrown into a barracade. Rock hits a suplex on the concrete floor! Rock hitting Mankind. Rock thrown into the ring steps. Mankind in the ring. Hebner begins count, Rock gets up. Fight resumes on the floor. Three suplexes on Foley by the Rock onto the floor. Rock begins his commentary while Mankind gets up. Calls Mankind monkey crap. Rock hits Mankind on the table. Mankind begins to fight back, sends the Rock into the ring steps. Mankind throws the ring steps into the ring, runs at the Rock with them. The Rock gets his feet up so Mankind gets a mouthful of steel. Rock trys to hit Mankind with a chair and hits the top rop. The chair bounces back and hits the Rock. Mankind begins to dominate. Rock into the announcer table. Mankind goes for a double arm DDT on the announcer table, the Rock suplexes him off onto the floor. Foley is out cold, Rock is in the ring. The Rock puts Mankind down and grabs a mic. Begins talking on it while kicking Foley. He starts singing "Smackdown Hotel." Mankind gets the mandible claw! Hebner out of the ring. Hebner is unconscious. Mankind stops the hold while the Rock is laying in the ring. Hebner back up. Mankind hits the Rock with a chair, the Rock gets up just in time. MR SOCKO IN THE ROCK'S MOUTH! Rock hits the rock bottom with Socho in his mouth. Hebner begins the 10 count. Both men grab chairs and hit each other at the same time! Both men are out. 10 count. Both men taken out on stretchers. Winner: No Contest

Match 8: Austin vs. Vinnie Mac McMahon took his sweet ass time before he got in the cage. SCSA got frustrated so he went out after him and chased him around the ring. McMahon jumped in the ring and blocked off the entrance on SCSA. Austin was on the cage and jumped off and he twisted his knee. McMahon came out of the cage and it turns out that SCSA was playing possum. SCSA began to choke Vince with the tv wires and then threw him over the announce table. SCSA then threw him into the steel stairs. Vince out of no where slams SCSA into the cage. Vince dares SCSA to come after him and SCSA chases him into the crowd. SCSA drags Vince back to ringside and then slams him face first into the cage several times after Vince was trying to climb the cage. Both men now climbing the cage at the same time and trading blows.Vince was at the top of the cage and SCSA slammed his head into the cage and Vince fell almost 20 feet on top of the announce table. Officials begin to call for paramedics. SCSA is in the ring now watching whats going on. Vince isnt moving. Paramedics put a neck brace around Vince. Howard Finkel comes into the ring and was about to say the winner of this bout but SCSA grabbed the mic from him and said thats bullshit. SCSA says the bell never rang and they were never in the ring and he aint about to let Vince off that easy. SCSA climbs out of the cage and chases the paramedics who are wheeling Vince off. He grabs the stretcher and shoves it into the cage and Vince falls off and SCSA is on the attack again. SCSA tosses Vince back into the cage. The bell officially rings and SCSA clotheslines Vince and takes his neck brace off. SCSA comes off the top of the cage twice with an elbow into the sternum of Vince. SCSA was about to win the match by walking out of the cage and turns around and sees Vince flipping him off. SCSA comes back in and begins to stomp a mudhole in Vince. Vince delivers a low blow to SCSA and throws him into the cage and Vince starts to climb. SCSA follows and dumps Vince off the cage to the mat. SCSA shoves Vince face first into the cage and Vince's forehead is busted wide open. SCSA was about to climb out again but came back in after he saw Vince flipping him off again. SCSA hits the stunner. Out of no where the Giant aka Paul Wright hits the ring and attacks SCSA. Wright picks up SCSA and slams him into the cage and the cage collapses and SCSA falls out of the ring and SCSA wins the match. Winner: Steve Austin

I really liked the cage match between SCSA and Vince MaMahon. Seeing Vince fall off the cage was just a riot. This PPV deserves a B-

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Happy Valentine's Day From The World Wrestling Federation

Author: Terryfan from United States
14 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It has been some time since I have review a Wrestling Pay Per View so since today is Valentine's Day why not review the Pay Per View World Wrestling Federation St. Valentine's Day Massacre: In Your House.

Now looking at the event again it was a decent show with the best matches coming at close to the end of the PPV with the two Main Events but not to say all the matches on this card were terrible but let's get on the review.

1. Goldust Vs Bluedust now I never wasn't a bad of Goldust so this match was more for a episode of Raw is War so skipping it won't hurt your feelings.

Rating 3 out of 10

2.Bob Holly Vs Al Snow for the WWF Hardcore Championship. I always enjoy hardcore matches during the Attitude Era because they were always promise to be something you'll never forget this match had Al Snow and Bob Holly fight anywhere and everywhere they could even in the banks of the Mississippi River so all in all entertaining match

Rating 7 out of 10

3. Big Boss Man vs Mideon not much to say about this match other then it story line with the Phenom.

Rating 6 out of 10

4. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrent with Debra vs Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown with Ivory for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

This is when the Tag Team Championship had some meaning to them, in my opinion Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrent during this time did the title justice. They work very well as a tag team. Plus this is actually a good match with the climax being a clever finish

Rating 8 out of 10

5.Val Venis with Ryan Shamrock vs Ken Shamrock for the WWF Intercontinental with Billy Gunn as the Guest Referee

This match was a good one to watch from start to finish, Ken and Val worked a good match with Billy as the Referee along with the infamous "Slap Me" quote.

6. Kane and Chyna vs Triple H and X-Pac. This match was formed after Chyna left D-X and join the Corporation following by Chyna getting in the middle of the cage match between Kane and Triple H on Raw.

This match was a good one as well with both teams having a long history with each other.

Rating 8 out of 10

7. The Rock vs Mankind Last Man Standing Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Now this is where we are getting better because Mankind and The Rock had just come off a I Quit match for the title at the Royal Rumble this one had a lot to live up to and lucky it did, plus the Rock did a little singing since the show was in Nashville, TN the Rock own the crowd before Mankind use his finisher on the Rock. Both men gave us a heck of a battle and didn't let us down.

Rating 9 out of 10

8. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mr.McMahon Steel Cage Match. Now here we are at last the main event. This match begin outside the cage as Stone Cold chase and beat McMahon up along with the infamous moment when Austin force McMahon to bounce from the cage to the announce table. Once they got into the ring Austin kept his word on what he would do for Vince McMahon also Vince wasn't going to let Stone Cold get the final word. This is also the debut of Paul "Big Show" Wight as he broke through the ring.

Rating 10 out of 10.

Overall the show last three matches were the main highlight for me but nevertheless a entertaining show if you like old school wrestling than check this out.

I give WWF St.Valentine's Day Massacre In Your House an 7 out of 10

Happy Valentine's Day

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Great main event

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
9 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. Goldust Vs. Bluedust - we started with match, that i Really don!t care about. Feud I would likely overpass. 6.5/10

2. Hardcore Title Match: Al Snow Vs. Bob Holly - Nice look in backstage and they ended at Mississipi :) Interesting. Bob won. 7.5/10

3. Big Boss Man Vs. MIdeon- Wow stiffy, boring as hell. Admit to crowd. That wrestling "miracle" shouldn't be on PPV. 4/10

4. WWF World tag Team Title Match: Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown Vs. Champs-Jeff Jarrett/Owen Hart - Champs retained. Owen still great. 7/10

5. WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Val Venis Vs. Champ-Ken Shamrock - Venis won by screw job. 7/10

6. HHH/X-Pac Vs. Kane/Chyna . Kane gave Chokeslam to HHH and let Chyna pinned him. 8/10

7. Last Man Standing WWF Title Match: The Rock Vs. Champ-Mankind - Mick Foley is one tough bastard, it's impossible what he is able to endure. Bulshit draw ending. Mick Foley after that all cannot stand after weak Chair shot? That is stupidity. They only did not want him to win over that candy as*. 6/10

8. Cage Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. Vince McMahon - McMahon put a solid show I give credit. Nice booked ending with Giant approached and broken cage let Austin won. 9/10

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Entertaining show

Author: bh_tafe3 from Australia
3 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, the two Dusts, Blue and Gold, collided Mankind and the Rock half killed each other, Al Snow and Hardcore Holly brawled into the street and Steve Austin booked himself a title shot at Wrestlemania in this thoroughly entertaining PPV, that turned out to be far better than the Wrestlemania show it was building towards.

THe story going in was that Mr McMahon, following his Royal Rumble victory, announced that he would not be cashing in his title shot at Wrestlemania. WWE Commissioner Shawn Michaels then stepped in and gave the title shot to Austin, the runner up in the Royal Rumble. Austin offered to put his title shot on the line for the chance to go one on one with Vince.

There was little clue that anything remotely good was going to come out of the night in our first match, which saw the battle between Goldust and The Job Squad's Bluedust. I never liked watching the Blue Meanie character, and was happy, even more than a decade later, to see him lose here in short fashion.

This was followed by a nice hardcore match between Al Snow and Hardcore Holly, who were both members of the JOB Squad. Holly and Snow were simply never more entertaining than at this stage in their careers. They both seemed made for cutting tough guy promos, smashing people in the head with stuff and wrestling in freezing water, all of which happens here, and Holly wins the title. Enjoyable spectacle.

Next match was another forgettable one with Boss Man taking on Mideon. Mideon had been a hog farmer in a previous gimmick, and here was a particularly useless member of Undertaker's ministry. I've never really had much opinion on him, positive or negative, as a worker. This was a short match, won easily by Boss Man, which was made to set up a Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Boss Man at Wrestlemania.

Next match saw Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett retain the tag team titles over Mark Henry and D Lo Brown. This was a match I struggled to pay much attention too, with the grim realisation that just three months later Jarrett was giving a heartfelt and incredibly moving pre-recorded tribute on RAW after Owen had fallen to his death prior to a match in one of the most horrendous tragedies in pro wrestling history.

Next match saw Val Venis defeat Ken Shamrock to win the Intercontinental Championship in a decent match with a rather vulgar back story involving Venis making an "adult movie" with Ken's sister Ryan, who was then mooned by Billy Gunn, who was the guest referee. RYan accompanied Venis to ringside, helped him make a ropebreak and then slapped him allowing Venis to get the roll up pin and win the match. Well Ryan was hot and Val's gimmick was a porn star. Didn't require a creative genius to work that storyline out.

OK, next match was from the brief period in time where Chyna had joined the Corporation, but Triple H and X-Pac stayed in DX. Chyna got Kane for a tag team partner. I seem to remember Kane had joined the Corporation under threat from McMahon to have him put into a mental asylum, but don't try to follow every angle at this stage in history. You'll either go insane or die laughing. Kane a Chyna win after a chokeslam. Not a terrible match.

NExt up was the big WWE title match between the Rock and Mankind. This was the fourth time these two had met for the Championship, with the results reversing each time. To try and settle things once and for all, they faced off here in a Last Man Standing Match. These two were always great together, whether as opponents or later as a tag team, and this was no exception. They have a long, brutal brawl which eventually ends in a double ten count following both men smashing each other with running chairshots simultaneously. So it looked like Mankind would be going to Wrestlemania.

Brings us to the main event of the evening which is the official first in ring meeting between Steve Austin and VInce McMahon with the #1 contendership at stake. McMahon gets absolutely pounded, takes one of the funniest bumps of all time, off the top of a cage and onto a table and then has to sit back and watch as his trump card, the Big Show, throws Austin into the cage so hard that the wall Austin lands on comes unstuck and swings him to victory. Finally Austin is going to Wrestlemania!!! But he would not be wrestling Mankind, who lost the WWE Title to the Rock in a ladder match the following night after interference from Big Show. The main event would be Rock vs Austin, and it doesn't get much bigger than that!

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