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a pretty good event

Author: OzzyCash from Nashville, Tennessee
1 March 2001

In match one Al Snow takes on Marc Mero in a pretty good match, match two sees the Nation taking on Flash Funk, Savio Vega, Goldust, and Flash Funk in another good match, match three was a match that saw the future of 2 of the WWF's biggest stars today in the year 2001 back in 97 as Rocky Maivia took on Triple H, In match 4 Furnas and Lafon took on the Bulldog and Owen Hart which wasn't bad, and in the main event Bret Hart won the Fatal 4-way beating out the Undertaker, Vader, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Overall this is a very good event and should be seen if you haven't.

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Author: Big Movie Fan from England
7 May 2002

In Your House Final Four has a place in my video collection. I usually rent WWF videos and will only buy if they are really good events. Final Four was.

Al Snow took on Marc Mero in a decent opening match whilst Flash Funk,Goldust and Savio Vega had a reasonable match with the villainous Nation of Domination.

The last three matches were superb. Future WWF champions Triple H and Rocky Maivia had an entertaining match in which they gave 100 percent. Top tag teams Davey Boy Smith & Owen Hart and Furnas & Lafon had a pretty good match.

The main event blew me away. It featured four of the WWF's top stars of the time engaging in a free for all match with plenty of action and plenty of violence.

Buy this tape for the main event alone.

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The main event is fantastic!

Author: callanvass from victoria b.c canada
26 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Live from Chattanooga, TN

Attendance: 6,399

Your commentators are Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross

Marc Mero (W/Sable) Vs Leif Cassidy

Mero wins with the shooting star press. This match was disappointingly average. I expected a lot more from this match and was actually quite excited when I saw this was the opener. It's nothing special.


Goldust, Flash Funk & Bart Gunn (W/Marlena) Vs Farooq, Crush & Savio Vega (W/The Nation of Domination)

The Nation of Domination win after Crush nails Bart Gunn with a legdrop in the back of the head. This was a below average match that featured a lot of mediocrity in it. Goldust was barely in the match, and the only thing resembling excitement was Flash Funk's high- flying moves.


Intercontinental Championship

Rocky Maivia (C) Vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Rocky wins with a back suplex with a bridge after Goldust distracts Hunter. They gave us a decent match, but let me tell you something. This is not even close two what these two are capable of in the ring together. Both were still in the learning stages of their careers and hadn't even scratched their potential. It's also notable for being Chyna's debut


Tag Team Championship

Owen Hart & The British Bulldog (C) (W/Clarence Mason) Vs Doug Furnas & Phill Lafon

Furnas and Lafon win by DQ. This was an entertaining match with some fun shenanigans from Bulldog and Owen. With all the bickering and arguing they do, they're kind of like the Odd Couple.


WWF Championship (Fatal Four Way)

Bret Hart Vs The Undertaker Vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Vs Vader

You can win this match by pinfall, submission, or throwing somebody over the top rope. It's also no disqualification. Bret Hart wins the title, last eliminating The Undertaker. Bret Hart and Sycho Sid have a staredown after the match. This is one of the best brawls you'll ever see! It's literally non-stop action from start to finish. You rarely get a chance to breathe. It's one of the most exciting matches I've seen in a while.


Overall, this is an above average PPV. The main event is awesome, but it also has a couple of good undercard matches as well. I definitely recommend you give it a watch.


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Great Main Event in the 2 hour- PPV

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
3 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. Marc Mero Vs. Leif Cassidy - Mero clearly defeated Al Snow. 6.5/10

2. Bart Gunn/Flash Funk/Goldust Vs. Faarooq/Crush/Savio Vega - Another victory for Nation of Domination. 6.5/10

3. WWF Intercontinental Championship: Hunter Hearst Helmsley Vs. Champ-Rocky Maivia. - I never liked Johnson, this time he won, by the help of Goldust. 6/10

4. WWF Tag Team Title Match - Doug Furnas/Phillip LaFon Vs. Champs-Owen/The Bulldog - Interesting, when Bulldog turned on Owen, then helped him and then again. 6.5/10

5. WWF World Heavyweight Final Four Title Match : Bret Hart Vs. The Undertaker Vs. Stone Cold Vs. Vader - Very well chosen Main Event with good direction. 9/10

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One of the Great In Your House PPVs

Author: bh_tafe3 from Australia
15 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Rock had an early PPV meeting with Triple H, a legendary ECW Tag Team took on a legendary WWE Tag Team and Steve Austin wrestled in his first ever PPV Main Event at this absorbing show that would prove to be one of the best In Your House PPVs ever.

The Night started off with Marc Mero and his lovely off sider Sable defeat Leif Cassidy in a passable opener. Mero was starting to struggle in his WWE run at this point, while Cassidy would later find some success as Al Snow.

Next up saw the unstoppable "Nation of Domination" Faarooq, Crush and Savio Vega defeat Bart Gunn, Goldust and Flash Funk in a decent match. The Nation were an early attempt at a major heel stable in 1997, but would later be demoted thanks to the success of the New Hart Foundation and DeGeneration X.

Next saw the rematch between Rocky Maivia and Hunter Hearst Helmsley for the Intercontinental Championship. Rocky had beaten Hunter for the title not long before, and they have a decent match here. Rocky wasn't quite there as a performer at this point, and while Helmsley had some great matches later, he was still developing too. Rocky won and retained his title.

Next up saw the former New Japan and ECW Tag Team of Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon fail to win the Tag Team belts from Owen Hart and the British Bulldog after their manager Clarence Mason got them disqualified at the end of a good match. Furnas and Lafon had some decent matches in the WWE, but never really got over and quickly moved on before the year was out.

Finally came the main event with Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Steve Austin and Vader in a four man Battle Royal with the winner to named WWE Champion. The title had been won by Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble, but an injury to Michaels had forced him to forfeit the belt, meaning this match which was originally scheduled to be a No.1 contender's match became the title match instead. It was decided that the winner of this match put the title on the line against Sycho Sid, the man Michaels had defeated for the title, on RAW the following night. The match started fast and furious and had some great brawling. The Undertaker was in a rivalry with Vader at this stage, while Hart had been in a long and heated rivalry with Austin. Austin was the first man eliminated. He stuck around to cause trouble though and was responsible for Undertaker eliminating Vader a short time later, and also helped Hart get the win clotheslining The Undertaker over the top rope.

Hart's fourth WWE Title reign would not be a long one, Steve Austin interfered in Hart's title match with Sid the following night and cost him the title. They would meet in arguably the greatest match of all time, certainly the best seen in North America, at Wrestlemania 13.

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Author: reigunyu from North Carolina
8 January 2004

For a 2 hour PPV its DECENT. There is nothing worth watching on the undercard besides the scorching tag team match,The main event is a real show stealer. This was a decent pay per view, only because of the main event and how it leads up to Wrestlemania. I would recommened this event just because of the main event but other matches are good on this card too!You should also check this video out to see when Triple H & The Rock first fought on PPV, its pretty good...if you want to see before they we're big stars! Vader is the star of the main event match in possibly his last great American match.

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