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Harry Brown Review | You Know What the Best Way to Get the Damn Kids Off Your Lawn Is? A Woodchipper

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Because I only know the charming older version of Michael Caine, it's hard for me to remember that he actually was at one point Michael Caine, Beater of Ass. It's like Alec Guinness -- he's always going to be Obi Wan Kenobi for most people, but when you watch Bridge on the River Kwai or Kind Hearts and Cornonets, you realize just how fucking amazing of an actor he actually was. The most I'd seen Michael Caine kill up to this point was a shark and a gay playwright Superman. And I forgot how dangerous an old man can be. Daniel Barber's Harry Brown is the oldest of action flicks -- the vigilante/vengeance flick. The stuff that sends roidmonkeys from the WWE straight to DVD. It's such a simple premise: Someone you care about is beaten badly or killed, so you track down the criminals that perpetrated the
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Trailer: Harry Brown

Michael Caine stars as vigilante Harry Brown, an elderly ex-marine and widower who looks to avenge his best friend's brutal murder by doling out his own form of justice. In the tradition of Death Wish and Taken, Harry Brown already winning praise, promises to be the Brit's  answer to Eastwood's Gran Torino. Written by Gary Young (Shooters, The Last Drop) and directed by first timer Daniel Barber the film will also star Emily Mortimer, Iain Glen and Amy Steel.
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'Melrose Place' recap: Mommie Dearest?

It’s week two and the mystery is gone…maybe. It seems Melrose 2.0 has rushed to a few reveals in the second episode without letting characters, and their seedy pasts, reveal themselves more slowly. Oh well, Melrose Place was never about subtlety. In addition to seeing more of Auggie’s abs (thank you, opening shower scene!), we also learned more about his post-aa bedroom romps with Sydney and about a pre-sobriety bar fight in which his then-girlfriend died and Auggie killed a guy in self defense. The other big Sydney revelation in this flashback-rific episode was that Violet had told Sydney she was her mother. If it’s true, that’s not exactly a shocker (they’re both redheads, and Violet had stolen that photo of Sydney in the first episode). But I’m hoping that the theory is just a little too neat – maybe Sydney’s denials will turn
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