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Stop Re-Writing History

Author: tgm98 from London, England
8 September 2004

I found it fascinating to see, that in the international duel for the first man to exceed Mach 2, it was the tea drinking, useless Brits who were the first to crash out.

Re-wind 5 years from the film's making (2002), back to reality and October 15th 1997, when British RAF pilot Andy Green drove, the British designed and built, Thrust SSC to Mach 1.015 on Black Rock Desert. He still remains the only man to officially break the sound barrier on land.

At the same time as Thrust SSC's desert testing, Craig Breedlove was in the same desert attempting to break the sound barrier in 'Spirit of America' but had to limp home after his ill handling, underpowered car fell over at the end of a high speed run.

The film 'Landspeed' does not reflect this reality in any way, and insults a great British achievement, in this definitive display of bad sportsmanship. If America wants to bask in the glory of great achievements, it should achieve them, not rely on Hollywood to alter people's perception and ultimately re-write history.

As for WW2 films such as U571, this is extremely insulting, as Hollywood completely undermines the British and allied navy forces who risked their lives to capture the entact Enigma machine, so that we could defend our merchant navy from the 'wolfpacks' and prevent Britain from starving.

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Found a little more background to the film....

Author: cyberent from United States
16 January 2006

I saw this film on the Sci Fi Channel and thought the storyline was horribly corny and the acting was tragic at best. By the way, did anybody catch some of the names in the end credits? Obviously the film makers didn't take themselves too seriously. But being a car guy, I was intrigued with the cool designs of the cars so in my typical nosey fashion, I had to research some of the sponsors and logos listed. So I stumbled across an auto racing forum that the designer of this film (David) and his friends had posted some comments about: An interesting insight to the behind the scenes difficulties they had making this film, budget and time being the obvious factors. However, it seems the main car was built full scale car and all the other cars are partial sections with the obvious CGI embellishment. He also seems to be quite knowledgeable about racing which is perhaps why he was hired for the job. Looks like he also enlisted some help from Craig Breedlove's design team too. Before reading these comments, I would have given this film a 4 but having had a little more insight now, I give the film makers credit for trying to achieve much more with little resources.

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Okay,so not an Oscar contender

Author: PtownB5 from United States
3 April 2005

This movie has a LOT of flaws- the plot is thin, the graphics are toe-cringingly cheesy in some parts and there was an accuracy issue, but let me just say this: There was something warm and natural about some of these characters that was so nice to feel and see.(alternately there were a few characters that were so wooden it was hard to watch them) It made me want to know them, the elite little "gang, not a club" of race car drivers that devote their lives to the love of the game. Another review mentioned it wasn't very realistic that competitors of a 50 million dollar prize would go to strip clubs and scooter race with each other, but that didn't strike me as unrealistic, that was the nice part of the movie- the warmth of their camaraderie. I figure that's worth a little something...some of the actors, particularly Billy Zane, did a great job of warming their characters in spite of the some of overly cheesy lines and plot.

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Surprisingly Good!

Author: Alan Smithee from Anaheim, CA
2 August 2002

I was actually very surprised by this obviously low budget movie. There isn't a great story, but the characters are interesting, and the ensemble cast reminds me of something Altman would have done in the 70s, or maybe something Alan Rudolph might do. Billy Zane is a little hard to take sometimes, but I found myself liking his smart ass character. While the film is about something serious, and the racing scenes are well done, it does not take itself seriously. It has a light tone that I found refreshing. The script is the weakest link, here, and it seems as though the director and the actors ad-libbed the dialogue (and if they didn't, then I have to credit all involved for being so natural in front of the camera) but the story is a bit on the cliche side. Trust me, it doesn't matter. It's a fun ride, despite some flaws, and there are a couple of people here to keep an eye on. First, the direction is quite good. One would have thought a racing movie would have to be chaotic, like "Fast and the Furious", you know, "MTV style", but this movie feels like old fashioned moviemaking, and it works. Mr. McIntire should be doing bigger movies, and will, I think. Secondly, Scott Wiper, playing the sort-of-dumb pilot is VERY good. He looks to have directed a film, as well, and I will have to check it out.

Biggest complaint is about the crappy DVD. It has NO letterbox, NO extras, nothing. Good little movie, great cast, a lot of fun, and actually pretty intelligently done, too. Rent it.

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Who are those guys?

Author: (jamesv) from Silicon Valley
23 May 2004

The plot hails from the formulaic "underdog makes good" (or bad) scenario that we've seen in Elvis movies, hayburners and the endless series of Eyaaaaaa!!! epics staring old kickboxing champions. Now add a production budget that even Roger Coreman would walk away from. Seem like a recipe for another snoozer?

Guess again Pilgrim. Somehow, somewhere, somebody made a major slipup.

Some cunning devil snuck great dialog as well as improbably playful and uncharacteristically good scripting in these scenes. The editing ain't bad either, even if you get to see the same dust trail over and over again.

I haven't been this surprised since Freeway.

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Worth Watching

Author: shthpns2sheryl from United States
26 September 2005

This movie is a great sleeper.If you are looking for handsome men and lots of testosterone this movie is for you! They seem to have fun at every turn and it shows in their performances. Personally I think newcomer Scott Wiper makes the movie worth watching. He is the sexiest actor by far that I have seen in years. Between Scott's Sex Appeal and Billy Zane's antics this is worth taking 2 hours out of your busy day. Even my 7 year old daughter loved it. She thought the cars were awesome! This movie is a good choice for the family - lots of action and adventure without a lot of foul language. Make some popcorn (or have a glass of wine) and enjoy the show. I hope more people watch and include their comments.

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Classic Movie

Author: daren fishwick from London, England
18 September 2003

Fantastic budget movie, with excellent subject matter. UFO's special effects team have really done landspeed justice. As others have said before, it would have been nice to see one of the big studios pick up this film. Personally I thought Billy Zane performance was excellent in this movie.

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The best movie on Landspeed Records evah!

Author: mak52 from Lynnwood, WA
24 October 2003

Of course maybe that's just because it sits pretty much alone in the category. Low budget, bad script, questionable physics explanations, and inadvertently mocking the very thing you are supposed to be honoring are all there. Try and find "The Mission" BBC documentary video on the Thrust SSC actually breaking Mach 1. Much more drama and coolness.


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Not the bad... Bad, but not that bad.

Author: bigitalsausage from United States
14 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yeah, this movie had a small budget. I mean, the soundtrack was really corny. The special effects were really cheap-looking. The cars were all digitally animated. The crowds were probably taken from an airshow in Arizona or something. The script, the script was terrible complete with holes everywhere you look. Acting, pretty flat from most of the actors, if they were actors. I don't think the Asian guy had a single line.

So what was good? I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I liked it. I think theyvrealized just how corny it was while making it, because it seemed like Billy Zane just wasn't taking it seriously. His lines were so sarcastic and mocking to the storyline that I was captivated by how he was getting away with it.

I mean, are we to believe that all these guys, the top six "landspeeders" from around the world, hangout in crappy motel bars, have scooter races, got to strip clubs, and go camping together? And the whole championship, $50 million to the winner? Why would they put up 50 million if they hadn't even see the car hit (what was it) Mach II.

What can I say, I've probably watched it on replay on Encore about four or five times so there is an entertainment value to it. If you got some time to kill, like an afternoon playing hookie from school, I say watch it.

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Great Plot, wished a major film producer made it though..

Author: athomas1 from Oklahoma
8 July 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why couldn't someone like Spielberg or Zemeckis have picked up on this theme? This is the ONLY film out there that deals with the topic of land speed records. Instead, we are treated to this straight to video delight.

Ok, the cars were really cool and it had decent special effects, but the acting was a little cheazy. I'm guessing that they tried to mold the lead character after Vin Diesel's Dominic in Need for Speed, but Zane is no Diesel.

They did the right thing in releasing this straight to video. It might have been a great network or cable movie. Minor spoiler......One of the characters makes a remark about flying the B2 Bomber in desert storm. Anyone who followed the war as close as I did knows the B2 didn't see any action until the Bosnia incident, unless he was hinting toward some top secret mission in which he commited treason and should have been shot on site.


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