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BEWARE, the director is blowing his own horn here.

Author: vyruss from Athens, Greece
7 March 2005

This guy is a probable nobody who has elevated himself to self-proclaimed cinema god status! He is posting all over the place as StarCastle99, StarCastle999 and endless other permutations, heaping praise on the great Oscar, Emmy, and every other award-winning director Don Barrett.

Regardless of the director's behaviour, unfortunately, Mr. Barrett's contributions to the Space documentary genre are almost pitifully unwatchable. Why? Cheap 3D rendering passed off as "real footage", brooding orchestral music in the background (an idea ripped off from the truly excellent, older documentary series COSMOS), awkward editing, what else do you need to hear? Stay away from this.

Also be very careful when reading Barrett's self-aggrandizing comments.

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Plot a course for Earth. Warp 9... ENGAGE!!!

Author: Will Hakim (rydethltng@aim.com) from Fullerton, CA. USA
23 June 2013

Granted the graphics are a bit sub-par. But I can't think of another reason why it deserves less than an easy 10/10. Why aren't there any other reasons, you may be wondering...

...Oh yeah, it's Patrick 'friggen' Stewart.

Men want to be him and women want to f**k him.

My guess is that Mr. Stewart's agent asked for a huge sum of money (as I'm sure most if not all celebrities have little to no control about salary negotiations between production company/investor/talent). Thereby leaving the Director and art crew with a severely limited budget relying on visuals to convey a brief look at the target object in space. All shots that involved animation weren't made the focal point in the first place (people, spaceships, spacefrogs lol). It's about where we are going and what's out there not how we are gonna get there.

I also couldn't help but focus on his enthusiasm and knowledge. Sure, some was script, but 40+ minutes is a lot to memorize. He obviously knew what he was talking about. Segmented or not, his monologue's were lengthy

My conclusion:... I found it as Edutaining as Rachelhawk did... well, maybe not as much as her in her 20's. hehehaha But she is correct about everything. Not overwhelmingly intimidating to the point of college level astrophysics, but still educational. It might not be as visually appealing to an adult, but a child would totally find it interesting (I know I would as a 10 yr. old). One day that child is gonna connect this documentary with Star Trek and then his imagination will really take. Can we say "Future Astronaut" folks. Just as many former Astronauts have credited in the past.

"PHEW" finally done with my rant. =)

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I liked it!

Author: rachelhawk71
20 October 2007

Okay, maybe it isn't the best or the most educational video of it's kind. Maybe it's even a little bit cheesy. But I loved it! Back when I was in my 20's, my best friend bought this video at a discount somewhere, and we used to watch it all the time (it was particularly good at 4:20, if you know what I mean). I adore Patrick Stewart's voice, and the computer generated animation was very pretty, and the music just added to the mood. Are there better, more educational works of this kind out there? Sure. But this one is a nice introduction for those who are perhaps not as smart as the average bear. It would also be a great introduction for kids. Or for stoners! I'm just saying, it's approachable and easily understandable. It's nicely general. And again, it's visually appealing. Someone said it was like a music video and I agree in that it has that kind of entertainment factor. :) It's edutainment, folks! Fun movie.

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A must own video for anybody who has ever looked at the sky

Author: StarCastle99 from Las Vegas, NV
27 May 2002

From Here to Infinity is a voyage that takes the viewer to the very edge of the known Universe. It is actually a long form music video to which Patrick Stewart's considerable presence as host and narrator, gives life and meaning. When originally released, this title won Best Video of the Year Awards from TV Guide and Billboard Magazine. It's Director, Don Barrett, has also received three Best Video awards from the American Film Institute. His 1990 documentary, The Voyager Odyssey is listed as the 6th Best Documentary in "The Greatest Movies Ever Made" published by aol Time-Life Warner.

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