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Entertainment Weekly
A big, fat, juicy spitball lobbed, with mostly dead-on aim, at the teen-smarm clichés that have accumulated like so much earwax over the last three years.
Boston Globe
A clever satire that's layered like a breakfast club sandwich with sly in-jokes, sight gags, gross-out scenes, and, of course, requisite bathroom humor.
It is obvious that the creative forces did not take the film to seriously and if you do not, you just might find yourself laughing along.
Chicago Sun-Times
To spend 82 minutes watching Not Another Teen Movie would be a reckless waste of your time, no matter how many decades you may have to burn.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A raunchy romp through the peeping-Tomism, potty humor, raging hormones and social humiliation that are standard issue in the Hollywood high-school sex comedy.
New York Daily News
Occasionally funny but ultimately desperate comedy.
It can't help but fall prey itself to a final deadly genre cliché: Its soundtrack outsparkles the movie.
New York Post
Toomuch of the humor in Not Another Teen Movie is either lame (the school in the movie is called "John Hughes High") or lamely disgusting.
Baltimore Sun
Formless, feckless, mindless, directionless and at times stunningly humorless.
Miami Herald
The cleverness begins and ends at the basic fact that it is being done. Really, it would be much more fun just to rent one of the originals.
San Francisco Chronicle
Proves that it's possible to make a movie so tasteless and so crude that audiences don't laugh. This is worthwhile information. It means there's a limit.

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