About a Boy (2002) Poster


Plot Keywords

friend boy
single mother imaginary son
single father bullying
song dating
school slacker
directed by several directors three word title
british comedy slow motion
truth circle selfishness
anger maturity
round table discussion being cool
playing pool ambulance
godfather baby
baby seat department store
peter pan complex teenage crush
boy girl relationship upside down image
overhead shot duet
mcdonald's restaurant earphones
computer urine
applause breakdancing
santa claus tambourine
cd absent father
stoned granola
rain shopping
supermarket extramarital affair
infidelity unfaithfulness
adultery cheating
velcro pet rescue
fear charity
soup kitchen following someone
watching tv break up
park fatherhood
motherhood trust exercise
group therapy ferrari
liar lie
football reference to the spice girls
classroom class
islington england hair salon
haircut music therapy
teacher suicide note
bathtub letter
reference to haley joel osment inner dialogue
rejection storytelling
rap music schoolyard
lip synching sex
boyfriend girlfriend relationship new year's eve
hit on the head aquarium
eating food
reference to jon bon jovi tears
crying father son relationship
surrogate son freeze frame
flashback surrogate uncle
unemployment singer
reference to michael jackson reference to madonna the singer
peer pressure teasing
held upside down self centeredness
superficiality montage
penis two narrators
voice over narration love
loneliness child's point of view
urban setting womanizer
redemption playboy
fear of commitment coming of age
bachelor family relationships
suicide mentor
amnesty international intergenerational friendship
man as island guitarist
guitar christmas
friendship thirty something
mother son relationship vegetarian
london england age difference
singing talent show
swinging single immaturity
bully depression
living off royalties suicide attempt
based on novel

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