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Rich people have nice houses
Opion8d6 June 2002

Cribs is another show on Music TV(aka MTV) that has nothing to do with music. Except sometimes they show you musician's homes. But that's ok because it is above average compared to the rest of MTV's shows. It's just a show that shows us the inside of celebrities homes.

Once they devoted a whole episode to Mariah Carrey's large penthouse. It was great but it made me realize Mariah is really crazy. But she's so rich her house makes her look sane almost. Her closet was the size of my room (maybe bigger). And she had a whole room devoted to her shoes.

Sometimes Cribs is quite entertaining. Sometimes the houses are so beautiful (like Mariah's). Sometimes the celebities houses are just scary (Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie come to mind). But if you're interesting in the inside of the rich and famous's homes than you'll love Cribs.

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There's more to Cribs then just cribs.
ColonelFaulkner23 July 2009
Cribs is great. It goes some way to satisfying people's voyeuristic tendencies to want to see how some obscenely wealthy people live and shows off the sort of assets that most people can only dream of.

I love this show, checking out great houses, cars, toys and gimmicks and also gaining an insight into the sort of psyches that some different celebrities have. The arrogant, the humble, the rude and the polite, the tasteful and the tacky.

Some critics seem to dislike this show, perceiving it to rub it in the faces of the 'have nots', but like my favourite muso currently doing time in the big house 'T.I' says perhaps some people need to "stop worrying about what you 'ain't got and start being thankful for what you do got".

It also goes to illustrate that money doesn't buy everything, it certainly doesn't buy class or taste and the fact that some people who apparently 'have it all' really don't. They may have the Bentley and the rest of the cars in the garage but it's not enough, still so desperate to differentiate themselves even further from their peers by having a one off customisation as though it gives them extra validation as a person. Some voids or inadequacies will never be filled or covered over by any amount of money or material wealth. On that level it serves as an interesting insight into the human character, almost akin to a modernised 'Trading Places'.

Unfortunately it's a shame that such a show seems to espouse that being a rap star or a pro athlete is the only way to make it, a point I see recently commented on by President Obama addressing the NAACP. I'd love to see a few other professions represented, though they possibly mightn't have the same appeal to the target audience.

There are plenty of laughs to be had too at all the recently well heeled who have to have the obligatory grand piano in the house but no idea how to play it. Some of those featured are great and some are dicks but it's always interesting.

The best houses and characters featured are always those with some semblance of a personal touch to them and their surroundings. Usually they're also the wittiest and most comfortable in their surroundings too. Too many of the rest appear to be trying way too hard and look fish out of water foolish in some of their surroundings.

Trashy and unimportant cribs may be, but the only show on MTV worth catching for sure.
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Not worth my time, or anyone else's for that matter
man-myth-legend18 January 2003
I am appalled by the fact that MTV even has a show like Cribs. It's like "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" but its aimed at musicians and their lavish homes. I get very annoyed at the fact that musicians will walk around the inside of their homes, saying things like, "This room is dedicated to all my SHOES!". I find it insulting. They are allowed to flaunt all their expensive and luxurious possessions to the general public. It's almost as if the musicians are saying "Look at what I have and you'll never afford it!" MTV should be ashamed of themselves for garbage like this. It's crap like this that makes me never want to watch a substandard network like MTV again....
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Great show!
mscinnamon8 May 2005
I enjoy Cribs as do other members of my family, including my 4-year-old nephew. The "haters" look at it as celebrities flaunting their possessions and proclaiming "look at what I have and you'll never get." I'm sure there has been a celebrity or two featured in Cribs who watched Robin Leach back in the day and imagined themselves basking in that type of wealth. I guess if I had come up with an entertainment gimmick or been athletic, I could be a featured celebrity on the show. Since I'm not gifted in that way, I won't hate on the ones who are so fortunate. I just hope they are grateful for what they have amassed and remember their fans and to take charge of their own finances.
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Junk TV?
rohan_g25 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
MTV Cribs has to be one of the coolest shows on television. Yes it is junk TV, and like junk food, it is highly addictive. As someone who is 30 plus, I should be watching VH1, but Cribs is the only show worth watching on MTV.

The premise of the show, you get to tour the homes of the rich and famous. For those who want to know the eating habits of the god-like celebrities, you even get an inside look into their fridge. WOW!!!.

I really don't know why I love MTV Cribs, it might have to do with the funky camera angles, or the dubbed music. Who cares, it is different and cool, yet it makes you feel a little younger.

By the way, I also recommend MTV boiling points.
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interesting and inspiring
ambitious_delicious28 April 2005
i wish there were more releases like this. Its awesome to see the wealth and opportunity that is available for us as people living on this world. in regards to the last comment, i more see it as "this is what i have... and this is the level that you could be". i find it inspiring, as well as interesting to see what successful and forward-thinking people enjoy as a lifestyle. to watch it and say "this is what i'll never have" goes against the point of any entertainment, and is indicative of the personality of a negative and never-to-be-successful viewer. i happen to love seeing into the lives of people who have done well for themselves.
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