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Season 1

12 Apr. 2002
On the Road
Clare Pettengill arrives in Glasgow from Cincinnati and, in order to meet new, intellectually minded friends, establishes a book club whose members will discuss a new work each week. The group comprises local Janice, Dutch Fist and Swedish Dirka ,the wives or partners of top footballers, the taciturn wheelchair-bound Kenny, who is writing a book of his own, pretentious upper-class Barney, who turns down Clare's offer of sex and laddish Rab. They are not exactly what she was expecting but they are at least a book group.
19 Apr. 2002
The Alchemist
The footballers' ladies are clearly dissatisfied with their menfolk whilst, on the phone, Clare lies to her mother about her non-existent social whirl. In a book-shop she tries to converse with Rab but he is too busy eying up the men. Kenny attracts a female admirer at the swimming bath where he is a receptionist but he is not interested. At the group meeting at Dirka's Fist confides in Clare that the book under discussion 'The Alchemist' has inspired her to leave her Bart ,so she sleeps in Barney's spare room. The group never gets to review the book and Clare shares ...
26 Apr. 2002
Magical Realism
Kenny is writing a book in which his character shares a mountain cabin with a beautiful woman who looks just like Fist whilst Clare is also writing a novel. Her central character is an American student smitten with her professor - who resembles Barney - though Kenny keeps intruding. Kenny 'accidentally' bumps into Fist who is intrigued to learn of his endeavour, as she tells new flatmate Barney, who lusts after her. At the group meeting most of the members are intrigued to know if Fist is sleeping with Barney but Clare and Barney almost come to blows over discussing '...
3 May 2002
Bedtime Stories
Barney comes to see Clare to apologize but is high on drugs and collapses. She summons Kenny for help though Kenny is puzzled by Fist's interest in him and confides in Barney whilst Clare decides to 'save' Barney, not that her efforts are appreciated. Janice goes to a talk by thriller writer Martin Logan and, after she has impressed him by analyzing his work, they go for drinks and end up having sex, a fact she broadcasts at the group meeting. Rab, on the other hand, does not tell her that he has started a gay affair with her husband Jackie, who has engaged him as his...
10 May 2002
Dark Alley
Janice is hosting the group's discussion of Martin's book 'Dark Alley' but the evening starts badly when Jackie helps himself to the buffet before taking Rab off for a players' social evening. Martin hides upstairs to listen in on the group's opinion of his book, which takes a while to start as Janice's lavish buffet becomes the object of discussion. Eventually Martin makes himself known as he is irritated by what he sees as the general misunderstanding of his writing. Kenny's diplomacy smooths things over and before he leaves Martin agrees to look at Kenny's book to ...
17 May 2002
A Little More Living
Clare and Kenny continue with their novels though both find the other intruding on the plot. Kenny however is beginning to entertain fantasies involving both Dirka and Fist whilst in reality both women are out to seduce him. Clare is visited by Lachlan, Barney's brother, who tells her that Barney has died. They hit it off and are soon in bed with each other and Clare's phone call to tell Kenny saves him from having to choose between Dirka and Fist when both get skittish with him. Janice is depressed because Martin is returning to his ex-wife and confesses her affair ...

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