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Author: Spawn Devil from Vancouver, B.C.
1 July 2002

The first-ever SummerSlam extravaganza was headlined by a battle for supremacy in WWE. On one side, the `Megapowers' - Hulk Hogan and WWE Champion, Randy `Macho Man' Savage. On the other were the `Megabucks' - `The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBasie and Andre the Giant. DiBiase and his millions thought this match was in the bank with the announcement of the special referee, the notorious Jesse `The Body' Ventura. But victory was not to be, as Ventura was forced to make the three count when Hogan delivered his famous legdrop to earn the win for he and the Macho Man. Also, the Ultimate Warrior made history by defeating the Honky Tonk Man in 30 seconds to capture the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The win ended Honky's 18-month reign as IC Champion, the longest in WWE history.

The British Bulldogs battled the Rougeaus to a 20-minute draw Bad News Brown pinned Ken Patera Rick Rude defeated Junkyard Dog by DQ The Powers of Pain defeated the Bolsheviks The Ultimate Warrior pinned the Honky Tonk Man to win the Intercontinental Title Dino Bravo pinned Don Muraco World Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated the Hart Foundation Big Boss Man pinned Koko B. Ware Jake "the Snake" Roberts pinned Hercules Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage defeated Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase

Overall Mark: B-

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First Summerslam

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
7 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. The fabulous Rougeaus Brothers vs. The British Bulldogs 5/10

2. Bad News Brown Vs. Patera - Some Mistakes there :/ - 5/10

3. Rick Rude Vs. Junkyard Dog 5/10

4. The Bolsheviks Vs. OMG adaptation of Road Warriors- BLAH! 5/10

5. IC title match: Champ: Honky Tonk man Vs. The Ultimate Warrior - half minute match, Whohou! 4.5/10

6. Don Muraco Vs. Dino Bravo 5.5/10

7. WWF Tag Title Match: The Hart Foundation Vs. Two idiots with war paints, pardon, The Demolition Better match, but bad ending, idiots retains... 6/10

8. Big Boss man Vs. Parrot man - BBM continues touring the wrestling companies.. 5/10

9. Hercules Vs. Jake Roberts 6/10

10. Andre the Giant/ Ted Dibiasse Vs. Macho Man/Hulkinator 4.5/10

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The Mega Powers vs The Mega Bucks

Author: bh_tafe3 from Australia
12 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was the first ever Summerslam PPV show and what a fun night it was. Built around the ongoing war between The Mega Powers Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage and the Mega Bucks, this was an entertaining evening with a fun main event.

So let's kick things off with the Fabulous Rougeaus Jacques and Raymond taking on the British Bulldogs Davey Smith and Dynamite Kid in a fun tag match. Time runs out on this match and we have a draw. Boo. Let them fight. Let them fight! This was followed by Bad News Brown getting a fairly decisive victory over Ken Patera. Patera, a former intercontinental champion sadly had his bets days well behind him.

Next up we have the evil narcissistic Rick Rude taking on the Yunk Yard Dog. Rick Rude revealed a picture of Jake "The Snake" Roberts' wife on his tights as he was taking off from the turnbuckle. This brought an angry Roberts out to the ring and he was throwing punches from the cheap seats, needless to say the ref saw this and Rude picked up the win by Disquaification.

Next up we have a set up for the Intercontinental Championship match later in the night with the Honk Tonk Man telling everyone that he doesn't know or care who his opponent is ass he has been the IC Champon for over a year and will beat whoever challenges him. Mean Gene's about to tell him who his opponent is , but HTM tells him he doesn't want to know.

Next we have the Bolsheviks Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov losing to the Towers of Pain in a big man match. Brother Love comes out to do an interview with Jim Duggan prompting me to hit the fast forward button.

Next Honky makes his way to the ring microphone in hand daring his opponent to come out and face him. There's a long silence, the guitar music hits, the crowd goes wild and out runs The Ultimate Warrior. Honky looks mortified, tries to get out of the match, but it's too late for that. Warrior gets the win and so ends the longest IC Title reign in WWE history.

Next we get Don Maruco taking on Dino Bravo, a rematch from Wrestlemania IV. Bravo capitalises on a distraction from his manager to defeat Maruco.

This is followed by the now popular fan favourites the Hart Foundation taking on evil Monsters Demolition for their WWE Tag Team Titles. An din the end it was the Hart Foundation's former manager Jimmy Hart, now with Demolition, who cost the Harts the match slipping his megaphone to Smash who knocked out Bret Hart to get the pin.

Next up was a brief match between the Big Boss Man, a bad guy at this point of time, and Koko B Ware. Koko had his chances to win this one, but it was the Big Boss Man who overpowered his opponent to pick up the win. The next match saw Jake the Snake Roberts DDT Hercles to get the pin.

Which leads us to the Main Event of the evening Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, The Mega Powers with Miss Elizabeth taking on Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant, The Mega Bucks with Virgil and Bobby Heenan. All of the managers get involved, but Miss Elizabeth semi undressing herself distracts everyone long enough for Hogan to clear the ring and pin DiBiase for the victory. Hogan and Savage lift Elizabeth up on their shoulders in celebration. DiBiase is thwarted once again, the war nearly won. And the real question going forward: what was it going to take to stop the Mega Powers?

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More lukewarm than a sizzler . . .

Author: BobbyUK from United Kingdom
7 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here are the matches . . .

British Bulldogs v Fabulous Rougeaus: A match that is fast-paced and tough all the way with the Rougeau's probably looking their best at this point. Some highlights include Smith's cartwheel from a monkey-flip attempt, Dynamite Kid's scintillating snap suplex and move of the night is Davey Boy Smith's gorilla press of Jacques Rougeau onto the top rope. The match ends for an illogical time limit draw just before Dynamite Kid pins Jacques after a lovely double-team rocket launcher head butt move. It would have scored more if it wasn't for such a lousy ending. 7/10

Ken Patera v 'Bad News' Brown: Patera was a veteran heel in the WWF before an incident involving McDonalds made sure he went to prison for a couple of years. Unfortunately by this point Patera became a jobber to the stars though it wasn't quite the squash match I remember as Patera put on some offence before he got rammed shoulder first into the turnbuckle to be set up for Brown's Ghettoblaster. 5/10

Junkyard Dog v 'Ravashing' Rick Rude: Rude seems to maintain control for most of the match laying into JYD with forearms and a reverse chinlock and would climax (in a moment of creative writing genius) when Rude went to the top rope and pulled down his tights. Underneath were another pair showing a picture of Cheryl Roberts before he hit JYD from the top. This would bring a furious Jake Roberts into the ring to beat Rude up and cause the disqualification victory against JYD who wasn't impressed but accepted Jake's apology. This would be the unfortunate swansong of JYD who left the WWF just before Survivor Series that year. 4/10

The Powers of Pain v Bolsheviks: The Bolsheviks started with the obligatory Russian national anthem before Barbarian and Warlord (with one time only manager 'The Baron' who was Baron Von Raschke) charged to the ring and disrupted them. The match would end when Barbarian hit the flying head butt on Zhukov.4/10

Mystery challenger v Honky Tonk Man for the intercontinental title: Ultimate Warrior answers the call to wrestle Honky Tonk Man as Brutus is still recovering from an assault by 'Outlaw' Ron Bass and squashes Honky ending his ridiculous reign as intercontinental champion. 1/10 for wrestling, 9/10 for historical significance so gets 4/10.

Don 'The Rock' Muraco v Dino Bravo: The highlight of this match came from Bobby Heenan as he did commentary with 'Superstar' Billy Graham and Gorilla Monsoon. Muraco looked more confident than he did at Wrestlemania and wasn't as bad as I remembered it. The match ended when Muraco gets distracted nearly knocking the referee over when he picked Bravo up enough for Bravo to nail him with the side suplex and pin. This would be Muraco's last match with the WWF.4/10

Hart Foundation v Demolition for the tag team titles: Quite a good little match that showed Hart Foundation getting into the face side of things. Some highlights include the agility of Jim Niedhart, doing a dropkick during the match, getting slingshot to the apron by Bret Hart unto Smash and a double team Irish-whip shoulder charge. The match ends when Ax hits Bret with megaphone when he attempts a piledriver on Smash. The foreign object ending would dog the Foundation for the rest of their tag careers and the two tag teams would face each other exactly two years later. 6/10

Koko B Ware v Bigbossman: On his debut, Bossman looks very much out of shape but he will get more fitter as time continues. Koko this early on in his WWF career knows exactly what his role is and does it well over the next 5 years or so. Despite a valiant attempt, the match ends when Koko gets dumped over the top rope but hangs onto the turnbuckle. By the time he gets in the ring he gets hit with the Bossman Slam for the pin. Nothing special but Koko did his job. 4/10

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts v Hercules: This would be the last PPV to see Hercules heel for another 2 years. A funny spot is when Roberts blocks all Hercules punching offence and Hercules gets irritated and tries for a sucker punch but gets that blocked as well. 'Superstar' and Monsoon speculate that Heenan isn't with Hercules for the match. After a couple of attempts at the DDT, Jake eventually hits it and pins Hercules in a rare clean win for the Snake. 5/10

The Mega powers v Megabucks: The match starts when guest referee Jesse Ventura gains control by sending everyone out of the ring and changing the tag ropes for some inexplicable reason. Andre wasn't in the best physical shape for this match so Ted carried most of it. The match ends when Elizabeth goes to the ring apron and (what was considered risqué at the time) removes her skirt to distract Andre and Ted so Hogan and Savage could ambush them. Machoman drops the elbow on Ted and Hogan drops the leg on him afterwards for the pin. The commentators are teasing a heel turn by Ventura but actually remains impartial for the most part only showing hesitation by counting the last pin at the end. You can't help feeling that Savage was short-changed during his reign as champion because even at this point he is clearly overshadowed by The Hulkster. As things are, the Megapowers hit their honeymoon period here despite a touch of tag team awkwardness. 6/10

Overall, the event is okay but the booking seemed a bit haphazard. The constant advertising of the 'Leonard v Lalonde' boxing match doesn't help either. The commentating suffers without Ventura at the helm as Billy Graham is a poor substitute ending every sentence he says with 'brother' or 'man'. I used to hate this PPV but I have soften towards it since.

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WWE Summerslam 1988

Author: wrestlingsitewebmaster from England
25 June 2005

This is my favourite WWE PPV ever. It was just brilliant, I mean they promoted a boxing match during the PPV and the commentary team of Gorilla Monsoon and Superstar Billy Graham was just outstanding.

Match 1 saw The Fabulous Rougeou Brothers against The Dynamite Kid and The British Bulldog in a very good match. No one won because the time limit expired. Next up Ken Patera tried to defeat Bad News Brown, but to no avail, but this was a decent effort. Next up Ravishing Rick Rude defeated Junk Yard Dog via DQ when Jake 'the snake' Roberts ran down to ringside and wrestled with Rude! In the match Rude came off the top rope and showed his other tights of Roberts and his wife! The fans went nuts for Roberts!

Next up Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zuckoff tangle with Barbarian and The Warload. The Powers of Pain won a decent battle. Then we are treated to an interview with the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE history, even to this day as The Honky Tonk Man blables on about how he can defeat anyone. Little did he relise what was waiting for him!

The next match saw The Hart Foundation battle Demolition in a neat and good match. The Honky Tonk Man came out. Note: Brutus Beefcake was meant to wrestle him but for storyline purposes he had been attacked by The Outlaw Rob Bass. The all of a sudden The Ultimate Warrior's music hit! The fans went nuts and Warrior slammed Honky and took the 1-2-3! The fans went absolutely off their heads!

Next up Big Bossman battled Koko B Ware in a good match even though the result was never in doubt! Bossman won (obviously)

Then Jake Roberts defeated Hercules with the DDT!

Then the main event pitted Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage against Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant in a hard hitting match up. Hogan and Savage won!

Such a brilliant PPV, but it's sad to say that the following who were on the PPV are no longer with us:

British Bulldog Rick Rude Junk Yard Dog Hercules Andre the Giant Big Bossman Gorilla Monsoon Elizabeth (Randy Savage's manager) Joey Morella (Robert 'Gorilla Monsoon' Morella's son who was a referee)


Bulldogs/Rougeous - 9/10 Patera vs Brown - 7/10 Bossman vs Koko - 7.5/10 Warlord/Barbarian vs Volkoff and Zuckoff - 8/10 Warrior vs Honky - 7.5/10 Hercules vs Roberts - 7.5/10 Hart Foundation vs Demolition - 8/10 Rude vs JYD - 7.5/10 Hogan/Savage vs Andre/DiBiase - 8/10

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One of the best

Author: ( from Dallas
1 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


The main event was great, and I love the tradition they used to have of a tag team match in the main event. I wish they had kept that gimmick.

The match between the Bulldogs and Rougeaus was fantastic, but had the stupid ending made famous by the NWA/WCW: the time limit expires right before the 3-count. And they question the realism of wrestling! An interesting sidebar: The Bulldogs were fired because of a backstage fight with the Rougeaus.

This event featured the PERFECT ending to Honky Tonk Man's long, cheap title reign: The Ultimate Warrior runs in, clotheslines him, tackles him, and pins him. The fans' reaction inspired many pressings of my rewind button.

Jake the Snake and Hercules put on a surprisingly good, suspense-filled match. Hercules was always on the verge of stardom, but never quite made it. I was saddened to learn he had passed last month.

Finally, there's the Powers of Pain. If you keep up with my user comments, you will read much more about their mediocre careers. They made their pay-per-view debut with an unspectacular win over the jobber tag team of the Bolsheviks.

Good show, worth a watch.

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Author: Big Movie Fan from England
2 May 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The WWF has had some great periods over the years. The best periods in my opinion were 1987-1991 and 1996-1997.

SummerSlam took place in 1988. At the time Hulkamania was running wild all over the WWF. In the main event Hulk Hogan teamed up with the equally popular Macho Man to face the dastardly Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase (two of the top heels of the time).

(POSSIBLE SPOILERS)There was plenty of other action as well. The Ultimate Warrior took the Intercontinental Title from the arrogant Honky Tonk Man. Top tag teams Demolition and The Hart Foundation had a great match. The Big Boss Man made his PPV debut by beating up Koko B. Ware. And in another great match Jake Roberts faced Hercules.

Highly recommended event from a classic period in WWF history.

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