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Very funny.
MovieAddict201621 August 2005
I'm a big fan of "Saturday Night Live," I'll always watch it, even though the recent years (mainly 2004 - 2005 -- since Will Ferrell left) have been awful.

"The Best of the Clinton Scandal" is self-explanatory - it's a collection of skits centered around the infamous Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky sex scandal back in the late '90s.

Not all the skits are great but a lot of them are very funny. One in particular - with frequent "SNL" host John Goodman playing Linda Tripp - is one of my all-time favorite "SNL" sketches, so its inclusion automatically makes this best-of show a solid seven. The inclusion of even funnier stuff rounds out to about an eight in my opinion.

There's only so much of the Clinton scandal gags you can take before it's not funny anymore (ditto with George Bush and in particular the whole pretzel-choking incident - man, those skits got old FAST) but if you're in the right mood you'll find this a good way of spending about seventy minutes of your time.
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