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Classic Holiday 80's Memory From a Child of The 80's

Author: Daniel Olson (space86) from Blaine, Minnesota
27 September 2002

I was 7 years old when this special aired back in 1985. I remember racing home from a Fast Food Restaurant so I would not miss the Christmas Special starring my favorite Action Figure He-Man.

I loved the show,and still have it on VHS when I had taped it the night it aired. I have just transfered it onto DVD and will have it to watch for the years to come.

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Perfect fun for 80's kids.

Author: SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain from United Kingdom
12 December 2011

He-Man and She-Ra join forces to stop their respective galleries of rogues, as well as Transformer rip-off villain Horde Prime. After a convoluted way of joining our world with Eternia (not as bad as the live- action movie) a pair of Earth Children are lost over the Christmas season. If they spread the message and joy of Christmas it could ruin Horde Prime's plans. The twins bounce between heroes and villains, before ending up with Skeletor, but surely such an evil villain as he will be immune to the warmth and happiness of Christmas. It's a lot of daft fun that brings in weirdos such as the Manchines. With the mixture of fantasy fairies, sci-fi soldiers, monsters, medieval knights, and giant robots, it's certainly trying to cover all of its toy potential bases. The message really is in the right place, acknowledging that presents can be fun but are not everything, and that not everybody celebrates Christmas. It's the importance of its message that we should focus on. If you're an 80's child, you'll really want to see this.

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He-Man and She-Ra is at it again!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
2 May 2003

This is very good little animated movie of My favorite animated heroes!Though there isn't a ton of Skeletor and Hordak's henchmen but the two big time villains show their stuff quite well!Its really a different He-Man and She-Ra story but if you like them then is a good one to watch!

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A cheese-tastic but charming classic

Author: Ocean_Breeze from USA
24 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is an annual tradition for me to watch this every Christmas. Granted, I was only a year old when it came out, but since I have it on tape, I can watch it again and again. Yes, it is a little cheesy and would probably best appeal to a 10-year-old, but it still tickles my fancy to see this.

***SPOILERS*** Although it is HE-MAN'S and SHE-RA'S Christmas special (and even combines the two shows and its respective characters), it basically surrounds Orko, He-Man's annoying creature sidekick, and as per usual, Orko somehow manages to screw things up, in this case, by hopping aboard a rocket ship that was built to keep an eye on Skeletor. After the ship is accidentally launched and crash lands on Earth, he meets two young siblings who've lost their way home, Miguel and Alicia, who in turn, give him a crash course in Christmas, something people on his planet knew nothing about. After returning back to kingdom Greyskull with them, Lord Prime tells Skeletor and Hordack (She-Ra's enemy) to kidnap the children and bring them back to him so one of them will be handsomely rewarded. The children get acquainted to the friends and family of the superheros, but are soon under attack again. Both villains try to rise to task (amid some bickering and sabotages), but Skeletor, in a real out-of-character role here, actually grows fond of the children while in possession of them and saves them both from his rival and his boss. The children gets home safely and the holiday (as well as the superhero twins' birthday days prior) is celebrated without incident.

While I probably can never rank this holiday special up there with the likes of the Charlie Brown Christmas or Frosty the Snowman (which can be enjoyed at practically any age), I certainly would never count this one out, and while it is a bit maudlin and perhaps even overdone, it is still a favorite of mine and will always remain dear to my heart and a bright spot and cherished memory of my childhood.

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Campy He-Man Christmas fun for everyone

Author: amesmonde from Novelist of The Final Version
1 December 2015

Two Children become lost when they go to find their family's Christmas tree, befriended by Orko they set about to bring the goodwill of Christmas to Eternia.

In 1985, in the hight of this popularity came this hour shy Christmas special. Filmmation's offering works just like the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and its spin-off She-Ra episodes. Even though a commercial for the twist waist & power punch action toys it also had some great stories and morals to share, this is more of the same. Naturally there's the recycling of the same cells but there's plenty of new footage including cute children, a puppy and Adam dressed as Santa Claus.

When Alisha and Manuel visit Eternia their goodwill attracts the unwelcome attention of Horde Prime and Skeletor. The tale switches between planets and this special has a mix of fantasy elements synonymous with both shows - fairies, soldiers, monsters and (also thrown in are Transformer-like) robots.

Amongst the action set-ups there's some nice writing from Don Heckman and Bob Forward with plenty of sugary cuteness and animated visual treats. Look for Orko's nod to Ghostbusters. For fan's it bridges Earth to Queen Marlina, there's the on screen mix of Eterniain and Etheria characters and Skeletor's transition from super villain to reluctant nice guy. After Hordak orders Skeletor to kidnap the kids there's a great scene where they explain Christmas to Skeletor:

Skeletor: Tell me more about this "Christmas."

Miguel: Well, it's a wonderful time of the year. Everyone has lots of fun.

Skeletor: You mean they get in fights?

Miguel: No, no - they have fun!

Skeletor: Fights are fun. I like fights!

Miguel: And you give each other presents.

Skeletor: And when you open them, they explode, right?

Miguel: No! They're nice gifts.

Skeletor: Nice? Doesn't sound like much fun to me!

Priceless. Today, 30 years later directors Bill Reed and Ernie Schmidt offering may have trouble keeping up with the pace and style of contemporary cartoons but it's a heart warming story, fitting for the seasonal period, complete with some catchy songs and all the regular character favourites (voices from legend Alan Oppenheimer, John Erwin and Linda Gary to name a few).

While possibly not the best Christmas cartoon, that prize is up for debate, it's still has great nostalgic value and is great viewing for children.

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The Vidiot Reviews...

Author: capone666 from Canada
1 December 2011

He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special

Hanging with 1980s cartoon characters is really awkward since they're always trying to sell you their old action figures or one-hour holiday specials.

Therefore, it's no wonder that the children in this animated movie are ill at ease spending their first Christmas with He-Man.

When the wizard Orko magically transports a spy-ship from Eternia to Earth, he meets two small humans who got lost while looking for a Christmas tree.

When Orko later returns to Eternia, he brings them and their Christmas spirit along, which intrigues Orko's friends: He-Man and She-Ra.

However, Horde Prime fears good cheer, so he orders his underlings Hordak and Skeletor to kidnap the earthlings.

With both He-Man and She-Ra's supporting cast present, as well as a lighthearted Skeletor, A Very Special Christmas is a holiday feast for fans of all ages.

Unfortunately, on Eternia, the only meat served during Christmas dinner is My Little Pony. (Green Light)

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So so bad that it's GREAT!

Author: liddygally
5 September 2010

Okay, if you actually watch this seriously you'll think it's rubbish.

BUT if you watch it for all the unintended(?) jokes and campiness, you'll probably laugh til you cry like I did!

No, it doesn't really deserve 10/10 when you take an analytical look at it, but for overall fun and light-heartedness I'll give the movie its dues. Besides, it's generally harmless... well, maybe. View for yourself and judge.

Like many of the B-grade cartoon movies, it's made for ridicule (and shameless promotion of the tie-in toys), and I'd say it hits the mark on both these counts very well.

So if you want to watch a hilariously bad movie with friends for all-round enjoyment, don't go past this one.

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It's worth watching the first 30 minutes of stupidity just to see Skeletor's actions at the end.

Author: njdimic
22 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A friend, recently, gave me a tape with this flick, and while he gave it to me he also gave me a look that said "Be afraid! Be very, very afraid!" And he has a point! Stupidity is in fact a word that can describe the first 30 minutes of this film. But then again, this is He-Man we're talking about, and THIS IS a Christmas special. Two sh*ts not a gold make, but another sh*t. But - the main thing about this cartoon that you shouldn't miss at all is somewhere at the end, when Skeletor fights the Christmass spirit and tries to remain good, and eventually he saves the day, which makes him say the immortal line " I'm glad that Christmass comes only once in a year." (or did She-Ra said that?). Trust me, if you're a true He-Man fan, and especially Skeletor fan, you should watch this cartoon just for that one scene. Overall, it's got a basic dose of stupidity for a Christmass cartoon but it still have that old He-Man charm that will make your Christmass great.(well, if you're in that kind of stuff)

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One of the worst holiday specials of all time.

Author: James Sims from Taiwan
12 December 2010

*Sigh* Why was this nonsensical episode made?! It had a stupid story, annoying songs, and it this episode lacks the masculinity of the great show (The Masters of the Universe). Also, where the hell is the action?! The children are bland annoying and they make me vomit. We also have the "black mage from Final Fantasy"...err...I mean Orko who keeps annoying us. Skeletor used to be so evil, but in here, he's a wuss. Sure, it may not be as bad as the Star Wars Holiday Special, but I still urge you to stay away from this atrocity! Final Verdict: Another one of those wretched Holiday Specials. If you're looking for a good He-man episode, then watch the first episodes instead!

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Just because you CAN make a He Man Christmas Special doesn't mean you SHOULD!

Author: The_Film_Cricket from Birmingham, Alabama
22 December 2003

It is just my opinion but I believe that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was television's first infomercial. It was, you have to admit, a day-in day-out 22 minute commercial for crappy plastic dolls. The animation, used over and over again, makes up about three feet of film and the scripts are best suited to lining the bottom of the birdcage. So what other explanation could there be?

The show was five colors of stupidity thanks to the unremarkable minds of the once powerful company known as The Third Rei . . . er uh . . . I mean Filmmation. To us students of animation, Filmmation did for cartoons what the federal government has done for education, cutting costs until there was nothing left. The studio cut costs by recycling the same cels over and over again. The effect is that characters repeatedly move and talk in the same patterns in every episode and rarely moved or spoke outside a designated set of eight specific body movements. For a similar effect, check out CSPAN.

The show wasn't exactly Shakespeare. I imagine that the scripts weren't discussed in a board room so much as they were conceived in the elevator on the way to the second floor. The stories revolved around He-Man's attempt to thwart the latest evil plan by Skeletor, a muscle-bound mench with a skull-face who none-the-less had expressions. Skeletor's plans ranged from kidnapping to fist fights to book burning (that's not a joke) and they usually got snuffed out by some lame dialogue and a sword fight. The last two minutes of the show were toddled out with some lesson extracted from the day's events. Sometimes when the show presented little more than 22 minutes of fighting, the lesson was given to the old standby - Say No to Drugs?

Even with all this feux ingenuity flapping about at Filmmation the show never-the-less became an enormous hit, lasting three years and selling millions of crappy plastic dolls.

In 1985, in the midst of this popularity came an idea so staggeringly stupid and unbelievable it still stuns me even today - the studio turned out a Christmas special. Not just a Christmas special, but an Hour LONG Christmas special complete with dumpy cute kids, a puppy, a phallic-shaped spy cam and He-Man dressed as Santa Claus. But wait it gets worse.

The story begins when He Man's comic relief sidekick Orko accidentally gets beamed to Earth during a test of Skeletor's new spy satellite. Orko manages to get back Planet Eternia, but brings along two Earth children, Alisha and Manuel. Now, Alisha and Manuel fit right in on Eternia because neither have anything interesting to say, both perspire cuteness and we the viewers just want to strangle the sugary sweetness right outta both of them. Oh, and they brought their cute lil 'ol puppy along with them and he's godda widdiw swedder on! Awwwww, *hack* *cough* *gag*

It was probably not by accident that the two are brought to the planet Eternia just at the same time that Earth is gearing up for the commerce assault known as Christmas time. People of Eternia have no concept of Christmas and why should they even worry about it, they don't even have a mall?

Now, as goofball as this may sound, Horak and Skeletor don't like this Christmastime nonsense and so Hordak orders Skeletor to kidnap the kids so he can do away with them. Alisha and Manuel are so nauseating that my heart welled up a wan hope that Horak would succeed (Hey! Leave me to dream). If he had then I would have been spared a this jaw dropping exchange:

Manuel: `Christmas is lots of fun. We get presents and we do a lot of fun things.'

Skeletor: `You mean you get in FIGHTS!'

Alisha: `No we do FUN things.'

Skeletor: `But fights are FUN.'

Pick your jaw up, you're going to ruin the carpet.

Into this chaos comes a whole batch of new characters, my favorite of which are the Monstroids, knee-high little cyber-cuties that look like mech-rejects from Rainbow Bright. They have blue faces and they fight pretty well (as well as they can with only five cels of animation) and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Filmmation was using them to parade their new toy line.

Skeletor's heart (pause) melts just a bit when he begins to carry that puppy and and dog licks his face. From this bit of germ-spreading exchange, he learns the true meaning of Christmas so much so that he wants to send the kids back home instead of sending them to Hoard Prime. Hordak attempts to grab the kids and pull them onto his spaceship but Skeletor zaps the ship with his staff (the one in his hand) and sends the ship hurtling into the cosmos. The kids go home with all kinds of new toys from Eternia and promply send their parents into a catatonic shock. I know the feeling, I'm still feeling the effects myself.

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