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MPAA Rated PG for mild sci-fi action

Sex & Nudity

  • Contains infrequent very mild sex references
  • A late-teens girl wears a skimpy Hawaiian top showing non-pronounced cleavage.
  • A little girl tells a young adult boy that her sister likes his butt, as she has written in her diary.
  • Stitch woke up in the kennel naked.
  • In the final "Burning Love" song scene, Stitch steals one of Nani's bras from the laundry and ties it to his head.
  • Morbidly obese people are seen in photographs with no shirts on.
  • Stitch forcefully kisses an old lady at a hotel. She screams loudly.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains mild fantasy violence
  • The aerial battle sequence at the very end of the movie might be intense for some younger kids. The original air plane sequence was cut due to 9/11.
  • Realizing laser guns are trained on his genetic material, Stitch spits at a guy to make the lasers shoot at him (and they blow a hole in the wall). The guns then fire at Stitch, as do several guards, but he manages to escape.
  • Upon landing on Earth, Stitch is promptly run over by a semi-tractor trailer truck, but since he was genetically designed to be super tough, he is no more than knocked unconscious and he loses his guns.
  • Lilo pounces on Mertle, and strikes her in the face with her fist. The struggle between the two goes on for a few seconds before they are pulled apart. It is later revealed by Mertle that Lilo bit her (though no bite marks or any glimpses of her being bitten are shown).
  • A rather slapstick scene where Jumba and Pleakley try to ambush Stitch and end up destroying Lilo & Nani's house. If one watches the deleted original version, they will find that is more violent and was deleted due to how dangerous the antics were.


    • Some aliens react with disgust when Stitch says something (presumably obscene) in an alien language, but it is unknown, probably he is just babbling.
  • Stitch says a gibberish phrase, to which Jumba in shock replies, "leave my mother out of this!"
  • Lilo calls her sister "stinky".
  • Girls bully Lilo, calling her "crazy" and "freak". They also mock Stitch, calling him "ugly".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • None
  • Some miscellaneous people appear to have tropical drinks, but there's no indication of whether they're alcoholic or not.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Contains mildly intense action sequences
  • Stitch's initial appearance (a small monster with sharp teeth and wild eyes) might be unsettling and maybe even scary to very young kids. He almost violently escapes from a high security prison transport spaceship.
  • Stitch is a very dangerously mischievous creature, who attempts to destroy everything he sees.
  • Stitch appears to be drowning in the ocean in one scene. David saves him, and he comes out okay.
  • Nani is heartbroken at the thought of losing custody of Lilo.

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