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Entertainment Weekly
Linklater has hardly been a slacker this year. I'll take the tricky confrontational babble of Tape over some of the gauzier soliloquies in ''Waking Life,'' but either way, he's a filmmaker in love with the music of talk, and let's bless him for that.
Chicago Sun-Times
The writing, acting and direction are so convincing that at some point I stopped thinking about the constraints and started thinking about the movie's freedoms.
Boston Globe
Smart, unpredictable, and alive with the energies of actors who clearly are enjoying being stretched by their material.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A super-taut and superbly acted three-character piece.
San Francisco Chronicle
Hawke is the movie's revelation.
New York Daily News
An entertaining, post-modern mulling of the nature of truth, and whether truth is ever so fixed that it can be captured on tape.
Tape may not be a great movie, but it's a great demonstration of creativity within severe limitations.
Linklater keeps it lively with imaginative camerawork and razor-sharp editing.
New York Post
For all of Linklater's acrobatic camera moves, you never quite escape the feeling you're watching a barely adapted TV version of a somewhat gimmicky stage play.
The action is confined to a single set and atmosphere is appropriately claustrophobic, but the image quality is harsh and flat. This accentuates the oppressive meanness of Vince's hotel room, but makes for some unpleasant viewing.
Baltimore Sun
Despite its adrenalized actors, Tape is a tired return to the roots of the American indie movement's popular surge a dozen years ago. It could have been called "sex, lies and audiotape."

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