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Mr. Showbiz
This is slight stuff, but the legions of budding Scorseses and Kevin Smiths might actually learn a little something, and they will certainly enjoy a chortle or two -- even if it is at their own expense.
Village Voice
An Indiewood spoof that's more winning than anyone who wasn't a close friend of the director could possibly expect, R2PC satirizes not only wannabe auteurs but also that overworked genre, the faux documentary, while functioning as a credible study guide for Filmmaking 101.
New York Daily News
If you want to make a film, this is a great place to start. But if you just want to watch one, it's more of dead end.
Hugely smug and annoying.
The intentionally self-conscious style of R2PC is a little hard to take sometimes because the movie is trying too hard to be funny.
New York Post
A pointless, wincingly snide exercise.

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