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8 Jun. 2008
While on suspension, Goren takes a deep undercover assignment hoping that it will help him get back on the job. Meanwhile, Eames investigates a triple homicide which turns out to be related to Goren's case.
15 Jun. 2008
While being taped in his car, by the police, committing blackmail, celebrity gossip columnist T.K. Richmond, is killed by a bomb planted in the headrest, and triggered by pushing in his cigarette lighter. Detectives assume, at first, that the murderer must be one of Richmond's blackmail victims, since Richmond has a habit of blackmailing celebrities to keep their stories out of the paper. When they realize the bomb's signature resembles not only the plot of a movie, still in production, but an actual unsolved bombing, Logan and Wheeler turn their attention to the ...
22 Jun. 2008
Young lovers Woody Sage and Avery Hubert, both married to spouses twice their age, run away together and vanish mysteriously before reaching their destination. Kathy Jarrow Sage, a former police detective and old flame of Captain Ross, reports her husband's disappearance and asks Major Case to help locate him. Detectives Goren's and Eames' first impression is a carjacking gone bad, but they soon figure out that he was not only alone, but the carjacking might just be a cover to buy time. When Avery's parents, who were expecting her and Woody, report them missing, Goren...
29 Jun. 2008
A Sri Lankan political activist visiting New York City is the victim of an assassination attempt, but the mastermind turns out to be a very unlikely person.
6 Jul. 2008
Please Note We Are No Longer Accepting Letters of Recommendation from Henry Kissinger
Goren and Eames discover that three shooting victims are connected by both the same murder weapon and the waiting list at a prestigious New York City pre-K school.
13 Jul. 2008
The host of a cable-access rock and roll talk show is found murdered in her home. The investigation soon focuses on the relationship between an aging rock star and the woman's son, who had just joined his band.
20 Jul. 2008
Vanishing Act
A popular magician disappears right before the conclusion of a death-defying stunt, and is found dead in a blade box at an old mentor's show on Coney Island.
27 Jul. 2008
Ten Count
Shortly after winning a prize fight, a boxer is killed in an alley while trying to play peacemaker in a bar quarrel. During the investigation, Logan discovers that the confrontation may have been staged.
3 Aug. 2008
The suicide death of a high school student from a prestigious academy turns out to be a homicide. Goren and Eames soon uncover connections in his death to a classmate he had a crush on, as well as her mother, who teaches at the academy.
10 Aug. 2008
Neighborhood Watch
The investigation into the death of a sex offender who was harassed by local police becomes more complicated after sources in the NYPD and the DA's office suggest, contrary to the evidence, that it may be the act of a serial killer.
17 Aug. 2008
Last Rites
Logan goes to war with an ambitious A.D.A. planning to run for Attorney General, after a deathbed confession to a priest reopens an investigation into a 16-year-old case where she may have prosecuted the wrong person for personal gain.
24 Aug. 2008
Goren's brother is murdered, and his old nemesis, Nicole Wallace, appears to be the killer. However, could an even more sinister criminal mastermind be involved--perhaps even Goren himself?

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